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Button, and we'll get into it. So when you're looking for people that have got a particular interest, the best search method is on the LinkedIn search, on the people search. So let's go across to the let me do a quick screen share here, and we'll come across to the leads tool, and I'll show you what I mean here. So I'll just grab my login and we'll jump right in. So the cool thing with the people search is that you can be pretty specific. And specifically when you're looking for people that are doing a type of investing, you'll be able to find them based on what they talk about in their profile. So the way the people search works is it's looking for any words in the bio of the person and in their history. So if we go in here and as an example, if you're looking for me, you would find me under entrepreneur, under software company owner, under father of two, under black belt taekwondo. These are things that I've put in my profile. People tend to put things that they're proud of into their profile. So using that as the guide, we can do a people search.
So let me just come over here in the demo people search, and we can go like this. I'm looking for a CEO property. Let's try a few different things here. Property investor. Now, we might actually get CEOs of investment companies with that search, but let's see how we go. So CEO, property investor, let's have a look at a particular location and see what we get, and we'll start to see what we can find here. So Luke is a CEO of a company called Link Logistics.
All right.
And he's popped up. Sorry. He's Link logistics, real estate. So let's have a look at how many of these are real estate. ActiveCampaign. Okay, well, I know ActiveCampaign is actually a competitor to GHL in a lot of ways. So Samir is the president of ActiveCampaign and is also interested in property investing. So I could come across to Samir's profile.
All right.
He's an investor.
All right.
So I'm on the money there. Now I can send Samir a message. I can reach out to him with multiple different points of contact and see if I can start up a conversation with Samir. So I've got a lot here that our property investment companies, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but now I'm starting to get sort of origin investments. JW Group I can start to see a few things there. Now property investor is going to get that, I guess. CEO of property companies. Okay, so how do we find them? With kind of different wording, we might say something like CEO property enthusiast.
All right.
And again, we'll probably have different people there's. Samir again. Now we're starting to see the people. Architectural Group net Zero Analysis and Design Corp. Lakeland Exteriors okay, so we've got a few different ways there. So Kyle, the best way to identify those people is going to be to try and play a little bit with the different terminology around the investments, right? So we might be looking at CEO property CEO startup property portfolio. People might say something like growing property portfolio, let's see if we can get that. So now, again, we're starting to get a few different people here. Anthony, founding and family and managing partner of trade group Worldwide LLC, and something in his profile says about growing a property portfolio.
So that might be a way to go. Kyle, does that help? And again, just play with the different words. When we're booking bot people with that kind of specificity, try and say that fast. Just play with the different search terms to make sure you're kind of getting the right people. And if you Walt, to double cheque, just head on over to their profile and just have a bit of a scan. What are they into? What are they talking about? Bottom line results. Okay, active investor in new business ventures, growing a real estate investment portfolio. We're pretty much on the money, right? So I would say that would be a great connection. So cheque a few. See here's the way that the people search works, it's limited. I've got ten results in the whole of Chicago, and we do that very specifically for a reason, because every single result, whether you get an email address or not, is going to use a credit. We use extra. We have different credits for the people search than we do for the the main lead search. But what I'm saying is just do a test, go and scroll, have a look.
Are these the right kind of people? If you're happy with what you're getting, then you can just click on that Load More button and you can just like load more, load more, load more, load more, and just keep going. All right, so run the search first and cheque and just make sure that you're getting the kind of results that you're looking for when you're happy that you have, just load them up. And with the people search, one of the things that's important to know is you do get a lot less email addresses with the people search than with the industry search. And in fact, when you run that search as a starting point. So in the search screen here, if I choose a people search, it says expect very low email address count. This is LinkedIn profiles, one search credit per result. So what I encourage you to do is what we call a multitouch approach. Sometimes it's called the Agoji sequence. And what it means is reaching out to people on multiple platforms.
So Kyle, would I be right in saying that in this particular case, in this scenario, you don't need 10,000 people to get your email. You need 50 people who are the right people with the right message. So doing what we call a negotia sequence is a long and involved process that you really only use when you're reaching high level people and it's literally just touching them on multiple fronts. So send a message on LinkedIn, all right? Look up the company on the search here. Grab an email address of just someone and send out I'm trying to reach whoever it was Michael or whoever that guy was. Sameer or who was it? Yeah, Michael. So I'm trying to reach Michael. I've sent him a message on LinkedIn. Can you please forward him this email kind of thing? Pick up the phone and drop a message in. Send a handwritten postcard. Literally multitouch. Look for him on Facebook. Message them on Facebook and do it over a period of time. Don't call on the day. LinkedIn on the day, message on the day, Instagram on the day. Like, do an Instagram message today, a LinkedIn message tomorrow.
Email, then followed by a call, followed by a Facebook post and another email to follow up kind of thing. There's a video I did on the Agoji sequence. I can drop in the link if you'd like, but that's pretty much it. It's a structured approach to a multitouch. Reach out to the right people, people at the right time. So, Kyle, does that help? Hope it does. Give me a thumbs up or just let me know that that was helpful.
Yeah, it does. Thanks, Walt. I appreciate that.
You're welcome, bro. Thanks so much. And thanks so much for dropping in. I saw you on the call on Wednesday as well, so really appreciate you coming in. Getting the knowledge, man. Cool. Let me click.

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