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You answered a couple of my questions already in regards to choosing a provider. I tried Mailgun, ran into a lot of issues around spam, and then I tried sending Blue, and again, same thing, they marked me as spam user. I don't know, for some reason I can't use it for transactional emails. So I heard you mentioned earlier here, I can simply use my Zillow account, but when it comes to transactional emails, maybe for clients in the future, I guess two questions. Number one, any idea why I'm being marked for spam for these providers? And number two, which do you suggest for client use if I'm having Chris issue?

Yeah, great question. So, 100%, I'm going to stand on LC email because you're using GHL. GHL have got a vested interest in making sure that your emails get delivered and they're really working hard on the LC emails. So when you reach out to Mailgun, we've had a warning before, so we've got, I don't know, 300 clients or whatever. We had one client that got a warning and we reached out, we responded to the warning, we just said sorry and that was it. Like, oh, no problem. And we, we were like re enabled straight away, nobody else we've ever had a problem with. There was one person in the group that got like straight away, no, your account has been suspended, you can't do anything, see you later. And they tried doing that I'm sorry, won't do it again thing. Sorry, you banned, you're out. And they had to go back and get another account. So it was like, just grab another domain, register another email, hi, I'm now over here, and no issues. But apart from those two, again, we had somebody had a warning, they said sorry was re enabled. The thing is, it's volume as well.

We say to people, 50 emails a day per domain, right? The reason we say 50 emails a day is because nobody here is going to listen to that, right? Everybody at some point is going to go, yeah, Walt's not looking. I just did in the dial up 75, you know, give it a hundred. Yeah, I've done it myself, right? We ran a client campaign who said, I've got 14 days until my event. How am I going to deliver 2000 emails in 14 days if I'm starting out at ten per day? I need you to deliver all my emails in 14 days. And we have you got email addresses that you don't care about? And she said, no. I said, well, we're going to need some. So we literally just registered five new domains that we just knew we're going to get blacklisted and we just pumped as many as we could through. So I've done it. Volume is one thing that's going to trigger the flags, Mohammed. So if you send in ten a day and you're getting responses and you're warming that email address up properly, you're not going to have an issue, but 100% in terms of where should I go and how can I make this something that's stable.

I'm going to stand on LC email in terms of transactional email. Again, using LC email integrated in the back end of GHL means you've got two people that will help you solve an issue. You've got Mailgun and you've got high Level. LC email is Mailgun, so high level will be working with Mailgun trying to get any issues solved. Transactional emails. I'm going to send a Mail gun from, again, personal point of view. I just opened up our Cold email database there just a few moments ago. We still use postmark. Again, literally because I came into GHL using Postmark as an email marketer having great results. We still use it if it gets blocked, shut down at any point in the future, I will probably just go with Mailgun. I might turn around and get another Postmark account, I don't know, but I probably just go with Mailgun. LC Email in terms of transactional emails, it's going to be LC email all day, every day. In terms of the others, there's no difference really. Just making sure that you set your emails up properly and warm them up properly. You're not going to have any issues.

But let me go all the way to the other end of the spectrum. One of the ones that you don't have a school teacher with a wand ready to whack you is G Suite. It's $10 a month per domain. And again, if you turn on G suite and you verify G suite, and you set up G suite as an SMTP sender, and you add the credentials into GHL and you hit send on 15,000 emails, on day one, you're going to get blacklisted even from Google. It just automatically flags. It's just not what it's built for. But if you get G suite, turn it on, verify it, add it to GHL, and send 20 a day, 50 a day, warm it up properly and responding and all that kind of stuff, then it's your own. Like you don't have a schoolmaster that's going to send over you like Mailgun saying you're not allowed to send that content. It's just an email address. Any email address, any sender that you abuse is going to shut it down. So just keep it as low volume early as you possibly can. Make sure it's a dialogue email. So run those conversational emails as your first ones and do your Dmarks and do all that sort of set up.

One of the things I forgot, if Millie is still on the call, one of the things that definitely helps with responses is setting up MX Records as well. So MX Records is not just relying on the GHL inbox to be your port of call, but if you actually want to set up a G Suite account where you've got an inbox that you can read emails you can send emails from G suite. Sending up an MX record for that as well is not a bad idea. But that's best case. Like, you might have just got unlucky, Mohammed. It might have got a flag. They might have looked at the email and going, oh, dude, this guy is just hitting the spam traps, or whatever. The only thing I can suggest is spend $10, get a new domain and go. Again, you might have just got unlucky, bro. But again, if you're doing things slowly at start and warming it up, you shouldn't have any troubles.


Yeah. It's weird because I kind of got stopped at the starting line before sending out any emails, it automatically was saying there's an issue. So I think I'll just try before.

You send out any emails?

Yeah, I haven't sent out any emails. I got an email saying we couldn't verify you or something along those lines and you've classified you as spam.

I don't know, I don't have the.

Email up right now. What was the domain

Oh, really? Okay, that's weird. I got a similar thing when I registered a domain when we were trying to set up white level suite, and the domain was something like, and I immediately got a message that says, you cannot send email. This is going to be hang on, this is what we want to use the domain for. It took a month to get the domain approved because they were like, this is going to be an address that a spammer uses And we're like, we just want to sell software, right? We just want to sell software without a brand so anybody can get their password. It took a month. In the meantime, I think we got what do we get? or is what we ended up with, but yeah, I've had that once, but that sounds like it shouldn't have happened. Unsure. Don't know. That's completely unfair. Again, spend $10 to go and get another one and give it a shot. Don't forget net, IO, biz, whatever. So if the brand name is important and that brand name got stopped, chuck in net, biz, whatever, and give it a shot. We do name extensions comet suite, mail comet suite , direct comet suite , connections comet suite , whatever.

So we just add an extra word onto ours as well, just for our cold email.

Got it. Cool. All right.
Thank you so much.
Cool, man. Thank you so much for hanging around. I'm sorry it took me so long to to get to the question, but hopefully that's helpful.

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