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To respond. That question is I set all five of my domains up currently without any subdomains on Lead connector. I spoke with a rep on Zoom from high level, and they strongly suggested I add a subdomain in front. It was quite a process adding all five. I just want to confirm that I should do this before proceeding.
Zach the reason why is, is what we call the MX Record. And and here's how it works. If you set up a domain, so let's say it's ABC one, Two, and you set the MX Record, which is what you need to do to make LC email connector work, what that means then is the MX Record is on ABC One, Two Three. If you then want to actually create an inbox, you want to go to G Suite, you want to register a new G Suite account. You want an inbox for One, Two three. You want Fred at ABC? One, two, three. John at ABC. One, two, three.
Marianne at one, two, three. You can't do it because you can only have one set of MX Records per domain. So if you want to use that domain as an actual communication domain where you've got lots of staff and lots of people have got inboxes, therefore you need Outlook, or you need G Suite, or you need a place to create all those email accounts, then yes, use a sub domain. Because the reason that set up like that is then you can have example LC, ABC one two connected to your lead connector mail system and you can then go off and create an MX record for just ABC one two three on your Outlook or your G suite or whatever. And then you can have all your staff with their own email account.
So the question is, do I need to or don't I need to? Depends on what you want to use it for. If you only want to use that domain just simply for cold email, and you can't ever see yourself adding staff members and having multiple versions of that domain, don't need it, man. But if you do want to have multiple people, have that email. So I've got sales at and communication at and support at.
If I've got multiple people and I'm using that as a full on inbox, then yes, set up a sub domain, hopefully, hopefully that helps. So if you're just using it for cold email, no subdomain needed. But if it's an actual business that you're going to have multiple email at accounts, then you will need a subdomain, hopefully that helps.

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