How To Customize Emails For The Best Results

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Let's answer it. So, Joey's, question there is, what's the best way to tailor the kind of out of the box email sequences so that we can target in on business coaches and consultants? The answer to that will be the same no matter if you're asking me about real estate agents or people who run deep sea fishing charters, okay? The number one way to tailor the email message that you're sending is to solve the biggest problem that they have. Okay? That's how to get the attention of the person you're trying to reach. One of the best pieces of marketing advice that I've ever been given was to ask yourself about the client. What keeps them up at night? All right, here's a person. They're a business coach, they're a dance instructor. It doesn't matter what they do. What keeps them up at night? What do they struggle with?
So if you can ask that question, it's going to be different for different niches and different spaces in different worlds. So for business coaches, what keeps them up at night? All right, I can tell you, because with Comets suite, our niche where we found our space is business coaches. So we've got dozens of them on our client list. Some of them are getting 65% open rates, by the way, on their cold email, which is spectacular. The thing that keeps business coaches up at night is the good ones, anyway, is so many people need me and yet I can't get my message to them. So guess what? One of my top performing email subject lines to our business coaches work. So many people need you, how do you reach them? Question mark. All right, again, guys, regardless of the niche, if you can answer that question before you put a line on a page, what keeps them up at night? What do they worry about? And then the second piece of that question is, how can I enter into the conversation they are already having in their head?
Subject line, so many people need you. How do you reach them? Body of the email. I know, as a business coach, the main thing that you want to do is get your message in front of people and you want to help them. They need you, but they don't even know that you exist. This is the conversation that's going on in that person's head.
Spin it around. What is a real estate agent? What keeps them up at night? How the bloody hell am I going to hit my sales target this month? I don't even know if I can knock another door or do another letterbox drop because I'm dead tired and I haven't got any listings.
That's the problem. That's what keeps them up at night. Answer that. Enter the conversation in the head. I know, as a real estate agent, you're struggling with getting listings, and you just want the people in your neighbourhood to know that your services are out there. If you can do those two things, ask yourself what keeps them up at night, all right? And then enter the conversation that they're already having in their own hand. That's how you can get responses. Now, guys, you might get the very best open rates in the world, you might get the very best click through rates in the world, but you will only ever get a percentage. And word up your clients about that. Word up your clients about that and play it down. Don't promise 60% open rates, okay? Talk about split testing. Talk about that. We're going to optimise it. Make sure they're we're going to talk about three months worth of campaigns that we find out which one works, because it might take you a little bit of time, even with GPT-3, to get the message that you're trying to get to sync with the people that are reading it.
So hopefully that helps. Joey.

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