Lead Credits When Do They Expire

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That. So Calvin says, when do the lead credits expire? Do they expire on our anniversary or at the beginning of each month? They sign. They expire on the anniversary of your sign up.
So you sign up on the 13th. You've got the whole, you know, up until the 13th of the next month to use your thousand. And then they'll reset to zero and move forward. And so people will say, oh, but I paid for it and I didn't use it. It's just like net Netflix, guys, with Netflix, you can sign in and you can watch 24 hours of movies for 30 days until your next rebuild comes in.
But if you choose not to watch 24 hours of movies for 30 days, well, you still pay the same. It works the same with us. You get 1000, up to 1000 every single month. We invite you to use them, get in, run some searches. Even if you're not ready to send the email, drop them into a campaign, then you've got them.
You don't have to mail them this week, this month, this, whenever. Just use it. Gutter it now. Like, let it go. Six months now.
I've got 6000 people on my campaign. Watch me. Upload that to a Facebook custom audience and push Go on it. So go and get your leads and make sure you're taking advantage of that every month so they expire on that anniversary date.

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