Do I need Pabbly and How to get a client to pay for it

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Go with it. So my technical question is about Pabbly deciding. I haven't sort of signed up to it yet. I've used make and I've used Zapier. But I know that you guys recommend Pabbly. Why would you recommend Pabbly over the other ones?

Well, only because they had the one time deal. So Zapier was where I grew up. I've never used make. I grew up with Zapier. Love Zapier. Absolutely thought it was the best thing ever and then started having, I don't know, 20,000 things running every month. And my bill was $147 a month and then it was like $229 a month. And I was like, holy duly, it's getting up there. And I just kept adding more and more and more stuff to my Zapier account. And then I saw Pavilion and I was like, okay, cool, so I can spend I think we bought the top plan, whatever we've could buy. It was like $1,000 10,000 things a month and nothing more to pay. And I went, yeah, sweet, I'm all in. So why do I recommend Pabbly? Purely for me, it was a financial decision. It was like way cheaper. One time cost, no monthly. Why not? No brainer. Do you need it? No. Do you need it at all? No. But if you know make and you know Zapier, I strongly suggest that and I've said this out loud before, you could build $100,000 business and just use Zapier, right?

And David, I love your question about do you have data? I can give you data. The reason I say that is because a friend of mine in Queensland, he's an electrician, they have 20 different vans out there, like people doing electrical stuff. So it's a reasonable size small business. I think he's got like 50 employees, something like that. And he paid somebody $25,000 to automate the process from Invoice to their accounting system and their stock control and all that kind of stuff. And I said, oh, wow, that sounds amazing. Do you want to show me? And they opened up Zapier and I went, Interesting. So I have data about the fact that you could build $100,000 business just using Zapier. So if you know it and you can see a use for it, then it's an awesome tool. If you don't have a use for it right now, don't spend the money because you already know make. You already know Zapier. Spend the money. When you get to the point where you say, I've got a client who's willing to pay me, right, if my Pabbly account is going to cost me $697. Like Melbourne just said a few moments ago, I would not sign up for Pabbly if I was short of cash until I had the client that I had charged 997 to set up an automation for them.
And then I just said, Sweet, man, thanks. They just pay for my Pabbly for the rest of my life. If you know make and you know, Zapier, you don't need Pabbly. And when you want to buy Pabbly, it'll be the right time because you'll have clients that need you to set up automations for them. Simple stuff. Like, again, real fact, real data. Good friend of mine who run an Internet marketing business was down at a local doctor's surgery. And I don't know if you guys have been to a local GP recently. I cannot believe that you go to a GP and the first thing they give you is a clipboard with a pen and paper, and you sit there and you fill in. My name is my details are this, this is so what happens next? I give that to the person that sits behind the desk, and they put that into the computer. And I'm like, really? Honestly, in today, you're telling me that typing errors, really? Why don't you just put it on an iPad and somebody can put that in? And again, I get real friend went down to a doctor's surgery and said, here's an app.
And it was literally just a form on a page. Like, honestly, you could do it in GHL. Here's a form on a page with their brand at the top. You can get your patients to put their details in and zero data entry and zero errors, and they charge the surgery $10,000 for that. Like, you don't need Pabbly, but there's plenty of opportunities to make money with automation tools. So, again, hopefully that helps you, bro.
Yeah, thanks. Here, if I can just add to that the reason I'm looking into publish, because last three days, I've been building a reputation, Bolton, onto a high level, and I'm looking at open AI for things like responses to Google reviews. And I've noticed that there's nothing that creates a trigger when somebody submits reviews. There's nothing for that in high level, so that you can do other things. So that's why I've noticed probably does have a capacity to trigger based when somebody submits Google review. And I assume that you could then hook it into high level and then hook it into AI.
Here's how you do this. You price that service at 4997, $5,000, right? And then you say, but I need someone to help me get it set up for the first time, and I'm willing to do it for nine nine seven. Right? And there's your Pabbly payment, right? If it doesn't work, I'll give you your money back, right? But somebody who says, look, this is a $5,000 service because legit, that's a $5,000 service to use AI for your Google responses. And that's freaking brilliant, man. Get somebody else to pay for your Pabbly, go out to market, get a buyer, use that money to pay for Pabbly, and then you'll have the best of both worlds. I love it. You're in Czech Republic right now?
Yes, I am. Yeah.
And that's a cool set up. You go back there, this is like home office number two. You got the podcast going on. You got the Mac mini and play, man. You got everything ready to rob. I'm borrowing my brother in law's office building, and I'm borrowing somebody's desk. So I'm like desk copying between all of the different staff. This person in this office finished at 03:00 P.m., and this call started at 04:00 P.m.. So I was like, sweet. I'll use your desk for the day. We'll see how we go. But it looks like you got to set up, man. It's looking good. Thanks so much for jumping on, man. I appreciate it. Thanks. Good to see you.

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