How to fine tune the results in Leads Search

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And let's go through. So Ono's question was looking for specific types of businesses, but worried that we're getting the wrong kind of businesses in the search results. So how can we get better searches? Ono, talk us through and what you got going on.

Okay, I'll share my screen so you can see what yeah, sure, absolutely what I'm talking about. Let's get rid of Chris. I basically went and I searched through and I'll go to centres, all, so I actually go to all. So these are fairly good, but this I'm not sure whether it's okay. So the search was for a business coach. Okay, so this was the search term, the highlighted part. And I searched in London, UK, and these are the results. So leadership is fine, connect training. So this one is okay.

But yeah, let's think about why does that pop up? CSV vanhire. Come on, man, that's not business coaches. But think about why it's a coach. Somewhere in the business description is going to be the word business and coach. And that's popped up in the results.

My thought on this is it's either business or coach. It's not both. I'm trying to find a way to refine my search so my results are more accurate.

Yeah, great question. So I actually did this exact same search with another client yesterday live on a call, and I'd invite you to do this as well. This turned out some amazing results. Funnily enough, it was in London as well. So you might want to go somewhere else for this particular one. But choose a campaign and try this. So type in the word growth consultant and then choose a location. When I did this with our client yesterday, the results were completely spot on. So again, it's thinking about how do businesses refer to themselves, like what do they put in their own business listings and website information and metadata and all of that kind of stuff. So this will get you business coaches.

I'm just thinking this may get you some banking stuff as well, but okay.

It's just a matter of changing your search terms to make sure that you've got the different results coming through. So the trouble I guess, is that we can't pinpoint and say, not these ones, not these ones, not those ones, but fine tuning those wordings will be a definite help.

I'm wondering, like in Google, if I put a plus in here, it should search for those two terms specifically combined. Or if I do this in Google, but will this work in that specific?

Give that a run. Like choose a different location right now and see if we can see what.

We get for let's see. Why not? Why not?

No result.

Okay, that's fine.

One street. I think probably that would have been lucky. Let's give that a shot. There we go again. That's probably now keep that same location. Keep that same location and take the inverted commas off because I'm just trying.

To figure out why is the map not updating?

Zoom out. You'll probably see it.


There you go.

Yeah, I just want to see because it's easier to see the results.

Now take Android to Comet. Hat off and let's do it again, that same search. And remember, we've got one result before and now we've got a stack of them. So what is that telling me again? It's telling me that that specific term growth consultant was only relevant to that one company. But when we took the inverted commas off, we got a whole bunch more in there. So changing your search terms, changing the way that the searches are run is going to be the one is what's going to get you the different results.

Let's see.

There you go. So that would probably be the same as what you had before, I would say, because it's both of those words appearing in the business listing somewhere.

The difference is that this way it can appear anywhere within the text. So as long as the word growth and the word consultant is in the text, it will pop up. If you put it in inverted commas, it has to be adjacent words.

Yeah, I get it. So, yeah, the way to get different results is going to be based on the way that you're specific keywords.

This answers my question because I was looking at how do I actually use the search methodology of Google in here and it works the same.

Perfect. Thank you, sir, that's a really great one. I appreciate.

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