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Strategy question. I've been using high level for a year and a bit now. Obviously decided to jump to the top on the 497 because it was a Black Friday deal, right? And why not? But I don't really have any sign ups. I've got some agency income, not much and just sort of a bit of a shiny syndrome type of guy like for me to get distracted. But I do need to start making some money too. What would you recommend for somebody that has just upgraded the SaaS and it's on the wide level of suite plan as well. What would be the fastest way to generate some SaaS sign ups or some income doing these tools?

Great question. So I've answered this before and I hope this answer gels well with you. I called it my back to the wall, gun to the head method, right? It's like, okay man, I'm bleeding money and I need some money now. And I've got this amazing freaking thing in front of me. What do I do? So my answer is low hanging fruit. Right? So right now, best use of your time again, in my opinion. And dude, everything that I can give is only what I would do myself in the same circumstance, right? So you know for a fact that GHL is freaking amazing and it's just a matter of getting to talk to the right amount of people. So what would I do? Gun to the head, I need money right now. I would make a list of the low hanging fruit. So who do I know that owns a business? Who do I know that is around me? Who have I done business with? And I always used to say, take out your credit card statement and look at the businesses that you've done business with in the last two weeks and go and speak to them.

Right? So I don't know. There's a car cleaning company, there's a landscaping company, there's a guy that I don't know, look at the people that you spent money with and use that as a door opener if you don't have a ready existing group of contacts that you can reach out to. So I would reach out to these people and I would legitimately offer to do their install for free, right? So I'd say, look, I need to get some runs on the board. I need to actually create a bit of a reputation in this space. I know you're, you, you know me. This is what we can do. I'd love to do this for you for free and give you an account for the next six months. Again, it's not going to cost you anything. Don't give them the lead system. Let that be an upsell. I'm going to give it to you for free, and I want to get it set up in exchange for a testimonial, in exchange for a testimonial that says this is the best thing. So glad I caught up with vet. Wow. This system is freaking incredible. Right? And then this is going to take some time, it's going to take some of your time, but it's going to pay you back.

So I would grab literally one or two only. It doesn't need to be more than that. People that you can work with, a, so you know what they're asking you, and B, so that you can get those testimonials. Then next thing that I would do is, as quickly as I possibly could, get into some business groups. Right? What's the one that everybody knows?


And I thank you. B and I get into some business groups just purely, again, to meet some business owners. They all respond to shiny object syndrome in those kind of groups. B and I itself is freaking expensive. And is anybody here in BNI? Is anybody a member of a chapter of BNI?


OK, cool. Didn't want to offend anybody or ruffle anybody's feathers. What? I didn't I love BNI's business. Like, what they do is awesome. And I know heaps of good friends who make a shit tonne of money from BNI only as their only source of income, which I can't believe, but they they charge about in Australia, it's about one $800. And what I didn't like about BNI was that it is very, very forced in terms of you don't get any leads until you bring leads to me. Right? So it's like, hey, have you got anybody you can share? You're like, yeah, I met this guy down the road and he had a pulse, so he might be a good lead for you. You have to submit leads before anybody will give you any. So, knowing that, I've got a good friend in Australia who set up his own business network and quickly grew to, like, 60 members in a couple of weeks, where he just took the pedal off, he now runs that chapter. He's got no intention of creating anything bigger than that, but he gets so much business out of those 60 people that it's ridiculous.

And he just created his own they meet for breakfast once a week. Everybody pays their own way. And he created his own business network. I would get into a business network as quick as I could. And that doesn't have to be physical, it can be digital. So get into a digital business network. So just type in whereabouts are from, VIT? Like, where's hometown?

At the moment, I'm in Czech Republic, but most of the time, normally I'm in Australia, in Canberra.

Okay, cool. All right, so, hey, man, I'm most of the time in Australia too. And right now, I'm next door to you in Romania. So, hey, dude, nice to see you. With a white Christmas just like me. So in Australia, in Canberra, like, literally, just type into Facebook, canberra business group enter and you'll see, like, tonnes of them. Join them, be a nice guy. Get popular. Now, all of that said, Walt, you haven't even mentioned the 23 leads thing. No, I haven't because those things getting that traction running and then start to run your 23 leads. So your 23 leads is something that can run in the background and again, gum to the wall, you know, need money. Now what would I do? Those would be the steps I would do. So I would first of all, get a couple of testimonials because putting those into an email sequence, putting those on my website is going to convert more business for you for the rest of your life. It's worth doing and it's also worth doing so then you know what you can and can't do. And what do I mean by that? I suck at website design.

Terrible designer. I am the world's worst website designer. However, it's something that a lot of people ask for and you've certainly got to be able to do funnels and that kind of stuff within GHL. So you need to know where your strengths are and that first kind of client will help you define that as well. So get a couple of clients under your belt. Do it for free in exchange for a testimonial would be my advice. Get into some business groups and make connections. Very best thing you can do in a business group is be the helpful guy, right? So somebody asked a question about, I don't know, let's keep it on par. Somebody asked a question about building an email database. Don't be the guy that says, hey, here's my booking link and here's, here's how you can do it. Be the guy that says, oh yeah, cool. There's a whole bunch of tools you can here's a whole bunch of information and articles you can write. Be the helpful guy. And then every now and again, just like dropping a thing that says, hey, by the way guys, I've got a tool that can help you generate some leads.

If anybody would like to have a look at it, let me know and just, just let that be the natural drop, right? And then yeah, run the 23 leads. And in terms of running the 23 leads, I think probably the best thing that you could do at starting point is define who is your market. Because 23 leads is again, for us, I can only speak from personal experience has been the thing that completely changed all of our lives and now changed all of our staff lives as well. It's been amazing. But if you don't do it right, you could end up with a whole bunch of people on your database that you don't want. And the best thing to do is think about who am I going to service? Am I going to service automotive dealers? Am I going to service business coaches? Am I going to service real estate agents? Am I going to service who? Who am I going to service? And then set your 20 free leads up in that space and start to get some calendar bookings. That would be my kind of one, two, three steps. What do you recommend?

Does that resonate with you?

Yeah, no, that's pretty on point. Yeah, thanks for that.

Cool. That sounds good.

Yeah, I definitely appreciate that. My other question is tech.

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