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Great to see you. Ebony was telling me all about a conversation she had with you. So looking forward to catching up there as well. Ethan can see the hand up. Great. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. So David said, do we have percentage data? Do I have data? Do I have facts on the percentage of people that convert that had an account auto created and don't know? Because literally, we ran it from day one with creating a free account. Now, if I had my time and we still do it, we still have our 20 free leads thing going on. We still have our whole sales team bringing in sales for Comet. So we still do it that way, man. But because we've now got four people running Comet and what have we got? Nine people in White Label Suite in four months because it's just gone crazy. So our whole team's focus has moved over to White Label Suite, but we still have sales going through Comet, which is awesome. If I had my time again and I jump back in there, would I create a free account? No, not necessarily.

Yeah, that's kind of what I was getting at. In case somebody held up on setting it up. It only takes two minutes to set an account up while you're on the phone with somebody.

If I had my time again, would I do it the same way? No, we did it that way because we thought it was cool and because I'm a geek and I set it up to work and it worked and it was freaking amazing. And then we just took off. And when we shared it with the GHL community, everybody took off. So if I had my time again, would I do it the same way? Probably not. And Melbourne, that might be a real great reason for you to get a refund on that 697 if you're still on the call. Because this is the way I do it, David. Knowing what I know now and being in a slightly different position, I would go like this get you 23 leads, just simply get them in the calendar with me. And then on a sales demo, I would showcase the whole thing and then I would offer a free trial if they were hesitant. Right. And the reason I say it like that is because I asked this question on a call a little while ago. Like, show of hands, who was overwhelmed when they jumped into GHL?



Every single person on the planet. There's not a single person that I've met that said, yeah, man, it was so easy. It came to me like water. I was like, Dude, I jumped in there and I didn't even know what to click on. It was so freaking huge. So what's the point of giving someone a free trial without also giving them a roadmap to follow? Like, I actually feel like, again, I'm just knowing what I know now, David, a little bit more, how would I do it differently? I'd still do the 23 leads thing because that's just a conversation starter. I've never seen anything like it. It prints money. It's amazing. It's a conversation starter. Right? So 23 leads, amazing. When do you want to book in? Thursday, 07:00. Fantastic, man.

See you then.

And then when I'm on the call with them, I'm going to talk to them about the 23 leads. And then I'm going to say, but 23 leads are useless without actually having a system to be able to use it. This is our system. This is how it works. And I'd go for the sale. I'd literally go for the GHL sale right then, because that's what we're all here for. And only if I got hesitation would I create a free trial. And I'd do it with them there on the call. Like, I'd literally say, okay, give me five minutes. And I'd be like, okay, cool. I've got an account set up for you. Here's your email. Let me put those leads in your account. Put it with a snapshot like, okay, so you've got a deployed email sequence ready to go. Let me cheque in with you in a week. And I would use the free trial as an objection overcomer rather than a door opener. So that's probably not what everybody wants to hear right now, but that's the truth. If I had my time, again, I wouldn't do it as a free trial. I literally did it because I could.

And then we took off so quickly that I didn't have time to go back and change my mind.

Yeah, to me it's stronger than having because kind of like when you're selling cars, if anybody ever sold cars, you have somebody interested in the car and.

Then you detach them, let them take.

It for a weekend.


And then they buy.

Yeah, right.

Auto create, then they're overwhelmed.

Yeah. So think about that.

That's just the way I look at it. So anyway, I just thought I'd ask you. Overwhelming data saying it was better than I go through the painful thing of setting that up.

Yeah, right, exactly. If you're selling cars, and especially cars these days. So, yeah, sold cars in my life, loved it. But if I was selling cars these days, people are still going to be overwhelmed. Especially you put them in the driver's seat of a Tesla and they've never been in one before. Somebody replied to me that it felt like driving an iPad, which I thought, okay, cool. That's an interesting way to look at it. But again, somebody walks into the dealership, you haven't qualified them, you don't know what they're looking for, and you literally just walk out with a whole bunch of keys and say, here's a car, take it for a drive. They're going to go, I don't even know what I'm here for.


So exactly the same metaphor. So, David. Hopefully, that helps. I would literally just say, yeah, if I have my time. Again, the 23 leads is the thing that people are responding to. Get them on a call, get them in your calendar and talk to them about GHL and their business and then give them a free trial on the condition that you do a follow up call with them in a week and give them some training and that kind of stuff as well, I think would be ten times more effective.


I don't have data. I have only what I would do differently in the circumstance.

All right, thank you.

Hey, man, I love that question. Thank you so much for asking it. I really appreciate it.

All right. Jump.

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