Why does leads stay logged in even on non buyers sub accounts

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Record button here. The reason is that the leads programme.

Is actually opening up in what we call an iframe.

So you'll know that when you added that link onto your menu, one of the options that you could tick was.

Open in an iframe inside of the.

Inside of the programme. So what that means is that frame.

Of the of the programme that you're.

Looking at is actually a completely separate website. And let me show you what I mean.
So I will mean these are not connected high level accounts?
No, they would not be.
No. I completely understand where you came from. Let me show you what I mean. This is our branded version of high level, so we call our branded version Comet. So let me just come over here and jump into, I don't know, any.
Sub account will do.
So in sub account number one, in.
This particular GHL instance, I've got my.
Leads tool right here and I'm logged in and I can see my ones demo people. 472 results. I can see that right there. But cheque this out, if I come across to even somebody else's, completely different company, and let me go with our guys from Impact School, because I was working with them last night, so I.
Know my logins will work.
This is a completely separate company, right? I don't even own this GHL instance. And I'll let that load and I come down to their version of the Leads tool, and guess what? It's still logged in with me demo people at 472. The reason is because this frame that we're booking bot is its own website. We can literally open that up. So this is looking at a website.
Inside of GHL, and that website hasn't.
Changed because I'm logged in. What that means for you, Christina, is that no matter which company you're looking at, you'll be logged in. If you want to be logged into a different account for the Lead system, you'll need to do it here. So you'll need to come up and click log out of the first one and log in to the second one. So you'll need to literally physically log out of one account in the Lead system and log in to the next account. Does that help?
Yeah, that totally, totally helps. Thank you. I've encountered some interesting things. Just because I have different high level accounts and I'm like, jeez, yeah, until.
You go, oh, now I can see it. It makes sense. I get it. So hopefully that makes sense. That helps. And, yeah, if you've got different accounts, you'll need to have different leads accounts to plug in, of course. Or you can change the API keys, you can do all that kind of stuff.
But, yeah.
So hopefully that answers that question for you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Let me just click on.

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