Making sure you have terms of service for clients

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What about insurance or anything? Let's say even you sign them up on Go High level and for whatever reason the site crashes or something, they lose that. All this data they put in, all these contacts these customers have put in and they lose that. Is there any, like, I mean, this is more a legal question. Is there any causes or anything or insurance agent that covers you from loss of data or hack or something like that?

Yeah, absolutely. So great question, by the way, you that was talking about the site that has like downloadable templates for legal contracts. I think it was like permanently paramley. Thank you. Terminally is a great resource to go and get that kind of stuff. Even. You can also let me show you what we've got and exactly for that reason, you want to just make sure that you're protected. It's worth getting somebody to glance over this stuff, but if you can go through like a template that's already there, you'll save yourself a whole bunch of money, which is what we did. But if I just go to our terms of service, while you're talking about.

That, I'm actually having a meeting on Thursday cool. With company that will white label a whole contract management system for any kind of contract.

Did I tell you that Eric is just the deal maker of the century? So that sounds amazing, mate. Keep us informed of as to what's going on there. So of course you know that I'm.

Talking about it on your behalf.

Thank you, man, appreciate you. I really do appreciate you. Right, so we've got something like that. Ethan. So let me just find out. Termination, indemnification, something like this. As a condition of your access to use of the service, you agree to indemnify us and our successes and assigns for all damages, costs, expenses, other liabilities, including but not limited to legal fees, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then there was this one. You agree that we shall not be liable for any damages suffered as a result of using the service. In no event shall we be liable for any indirect pinitive, special incidental, consequential damage, including loss of business revenue, profits, used, privacy data, goodwill or economic advantage. So this came from a template, right. So we paid $500, I think, to a lawyer who just literally had Terms of Service templates and we just kind of added our bits to it. Yes. You want to make sure that that's in play. Right? And again, just have it as a link on your site and anybody using your service agrees to your tos. But what's really cool about Go High Level, specifically, just again, for your own peace of mind, is that nothing is ever deleted from Go High Level.

Now, can they be hacked? Yes, I'm sure they're online. Like man, who can't be hacked these days? There's some massive data breaches in Australia that have just gone through and hit the news. So who can't be hacked? Like, no one. But make sure you got your tos in place. In terms of deleting stuff. GHL, you literally cannot delete from GHL. I made a mistake one night. It was like, I don't know, 02:00 in the morning, and I got an email from someone that I thought my brain wasn't wired properly. And it was 02:00 in the morning. I'd had a really long day and I got this email and I was like, hey, that guy shouldn't be using our service. He cancelled his subscription. And without checking my work at 02:00 in the morning because I was annoyed, I just logged in and just deleted his account. Like, screwed that guy. And I woke up to an absolute shit storm, as you can imagine. This guy's, where's my sites? Where's my database? I can't log in anymore. Like, everything's been deleted. And Johann, my business funder, our CEO, he's messaging me, going, hey, Walt, what's happened to this account?

And I went, oh, I cancelled it because he stopped paying. And he's like, Dude, he's a VIP client. It's never cancelled. And I'm, like, really logged into our payment system. And I'm like, oh, crap. What the hell have I done? And then we actually just hit up GHL and we're like, hey, guys, really, we've really screwed this up. Like, we deleted like, literally deleted the account. Please help us. Please, please. And they just went, yeah, sure, no problem. Click. And it was all restored. And I just went, oh, my God. Oh, my God. That was, like, super, super close. Now they've actually I think as a result of that, they've actually put in place, like, 20 different confirm that you want to delete this account. Confirm. Confirm. Confirm. Really? Confirm? Really? Really? Like, you have to click at 17 times to actually delete someone's account. But it's never nothing's ever permanently deleted from GHL, which is awesome to know. Nowadays we have a whole new process. If somebody stops paying us, we literally just go into their staff account and change their email address so that they can't log in. We don't delete accounts anymore, ever after as a result of that, but we just block them out by changing their email address.

So definitely have a Terms of Service in place. Hit up Terminally or grab somebody that's got Terms of Service templates. It might cost you $100, but yeah, definitely have it there. Worth it. The time that you want to go looking for it is not the time that you need it.

The nice thing about a programme like Termly is that especially with all of the privacy laws, and in the United States, almost every state is now coming up with their own unique laws regarding privacy. So you can't just rely on being GDPR compliant and things like that. So you fill in the basic information in the template, but as the legal things change, terminally automatically changes it in the background.

Oh, nice.

You don't have to worry about it.

Very cool. Yeah, so that's a high endorsement. So, guys, that's awesome. Thank you, Eric. I really appreciate that. And great question, Ethan. Guys, let's wrap. And again, let me finish off by saying this is not the only place that you can connect with us. Get in the group, ask questions. There's 600 agency owners in there, and they share their knowledge, and it's amazing. We all help each other out. There's more than enough business for everyone to have. More than enough business. You can catch up with us on our support desk. You can reach out to us on Facebook, message, email, all of that kind of stuff. But we love having you here on our weekly calls. Tomorrow's call is our masterclass. We've got an amazing cold email marketing specialist again on our call tomorrow again to build that up. So we're super excited about that. And we'll have all those details out to you later on today on email. So, guys, thank you for being part of White Label suite. Our job is to help you make a tonne of sales and make money with GHL. And let us know if we can help you do that in any way because we're here to help.

So thank you guys. Appreciate you. Have an amazing evening. Day, rest of the day, rest of the week, and catch you on our Masterclass tomorrow and in the group. See you guys. Thanks so much. Bye.

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