How to earn recurring commission with GHL and White Label Suite

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Hey, how are you doing?

Great, how are you?

I'm real well, thanks. Thanks so much for jumping in.

Good. Hey, I have a couple of questions. I literally just signed up, I think was it yesterday?


Thank you. So I'm still navigating through the system and everything, but I do have a question. When we reach out the White Label Suite, let's say I sell it to someone and that person sell it to another person, do we get residual income on this? Like, if they sell it the same way with the GHL, too, right?

Yes, exactly. You get that residual income. That's super cool. So, Helen, that's a really great question, and thank you so much for asking. Chris always likes to say there's three sorry, chris and my business partner, my friend, who's on the call right now. Are you still stuck in traffic, bro? Chris has got, like, a two hour traffic commute. You are still stuck in traffic? Yeah, man, I'm stuck in traffic, and I'm loving it. Yeah, I'm sure you are, bro. I'm sure you are. Chris runs multiple companies, and his other companies, I don't know, trillions of dollars. I think next to Elon Musk, he's like the next entity. Relax, relax. It's a pretty serious deal there. So Chris always likes to say there's three ways of making money with White Label Suite, right? So the first way of making money is, as we talked with Amjud before, if you refer White Label Suite to other people who have GHL agencies, you're going to earn that recurring commission for every sale that comes through. Right? So if you think that what we do is call and you refer us to other people, you're going to earn that residual commission.

Yay hooray. That's method number one. Method number two is pretty much what we built White Label Suite for. You get to take this software, you get to brand it as your own, and you get to sell it for any markup or margin that you want to. So we've got people in the group that take our high package, for example, which is $450 a month to you, and they retail that for 1497. So they retail 5000 leads as a package for 1497, picking up $1,000 a month margin without any fulfilment. All right? So that's method number two, and that's pretty much what we built this whole system for. So you can take our staff and you can sell it as your own, and you can put a margin on it, and you get to keep all of that margin. That's method number two. Method number three that Chris has done a couple of videos on before. He says if he had to start again, one of the biggest in demand services in the world is lead generation. If he had to start again, he would take this tool, he would run them through GHL, he would warm them up, nurture the leads, qualify the leads, and sell qualified leads to businesses for a huge premium.

One of our contacts that we're going to get into our master class coming up, a guy named John John Logar, actually does that, sells qualified leads and is selling like 5000, $8,000 a month for qualified leads. So there's a million different ways of making money with White label suite, but those are the three primary ways. So refer other GHL members, sell the product as your own and put your own margin on top of it, or sell the leads as a service. That's a very different kind of model that Alex Homosey made famous. Right. So those are kind of the three primary helen, does that help with the question?

It did. And so whenever we sell it, resell it, we get 100%. Let's say, for example, if I Walt, to resell it to another GSA member, for the 150, we get the 150.

No, the cost of the licence is 150. You get to mark it up for whatever you want to. So there's lots of different models on that. One of the models that we saw last week, which was impressive, was somebody was charging a $500 set up fee upfront and then they were selling it for 200 a month. So I thought, wow, that's great. They get a lot of money in their pocket on day one, and then they've got like, a little bit of money every single month that the client stays a member. That's one method of doing it. Another method is mark that sucker up straight away. So every single licence you buy, Helen, the cost is 150 a month to you. So you want to make sure you're putting margin on top of that to actually sell it out to the client.

Okay, so when I sell it to the client, I'm selling it more. But let's say if I was to sell it at 150, I don't get anything, correct?

Absolutely. The cost of each licence is 150. I would love to make it cheaper, guys, but we actually have a hard cost in every lead that's produced. That's why the cost is what it is. But you get to put a margin on top and you get to sell it as a service. You get to include it with GHL. So most of our agency partners package up GHL and they actually now include leads. So they might sell GHL for 497 a month and they include 1000 leads a month as part of that package. So that's how they're putting a big margin on top by including GHL as well.

So the Mark hub, we're marking it up outside of GHL.


Not for inside GHL.

Inside of GHL, just use your affiliate link because then you're getting 20% on every sale.

Okay. 20% off the 150 of what we gave, we sold inside GHL.

You got it exactly right. So inside of GHL, just use your affiliate link, you're going to get 20% every month. You don't have to look after the client. We'll do all of that and you can just sell inside of GHL all day. All day and just get that recurring commission. Outside of GHL, your clients mark it up with your own margin. You can sell it, whatever you want to.

Yeah, got you that's square now.

Amazing. Helen, so great to have you with us. Now what you're going to find are you familiar with GHL? Have you been using GHL for a little while?

I just started on GHL as well. Okay, cool platform.

You are going to be overwhelmed. Alright? Right. Anybody that's got the camera turned on, just put your hand up. If you were overwhelmed when you started with GHL, let me see if we've got a 100%. Enrique, great to see you, brother. It's so nice to have you here. And Richard Porter in the house. So nice to see you guys. Literally, 100% of people are overwhelmed. Now, what does that tell you? That tells you, hey, Helen, you're going to be overwhelmed. But here's what I want you to do, all right. Stay in touch with this group and ask as many questions as you can. All right? Ebony and I were talking just before we jumped on the call. We're actually going to create our own GHL training room so that if you're brand new to GHL, we're going to walk you through the basics and get you up to speed with all that kind of stuff. But 100% of people that start with GHL are overwhelmed and just know that upfront. Well, this is going to be huge. But slowly walk through the basics and stay in touch with us. And specifically, there's one person on this call, Ebony James, who is an absolute rock star.

Her job with us, her title is called Success Coach. All right? Head of Customer success. So what that means is Ebony's whole entire job is making sure you're successful, Helen, and making sure you're successful. And you Phil and you Chat Charles and Yuhani and Enrique and everybody on this call. So she's got all you guys as a family, and her role is to make sure you're successful. So tap in, connect with Ebony, connect with all of us. Take that overwhelm, accept it, and we're going to walk through that together, step by step.

Thank you.

Great to have you here. Thank you so much for jumping in. Helen, amazing to have you here. Alright.

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