Do we need to verify email addresses?

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This in one block. I can just ask, are these verified emails? Do we suggest using an email verifier? Personally, I don't. The reason being is that the leads that we're generating are live.

So we're getting the leads from a company's updated business profile. Now does that mean that every single email is delivered? No, it doesn't. But if I can show you in the system, somebody come to, let me, come to, let me go to my main file. So in the main file in your, in your GHL system, come down to settings and turn this on, scroll down and it says that one mark emails as invalid due to hard bounce.

Right? So now what that's going to do is if I send out 100, 200, 500 emails as an example, if one of them bounces, it will immediately remove that from the list so it won't continue to send to them, which is, which is awesome from a bounce control and again, email deliverability point of view Eggmann. So I don't verify the emails because personally I don't walt to lose the volume, again, that's just a personal preference. I don't want to drop a thousand emails into a system and end up with 212 left. I want to drop 1000 emails into a system, let the natural bounce take out the 50 or 60 that aren't going to be delivered, and then I want the other 950 to go.

So I don't you can, but I don't. Again, hopefully that answers the question for you. Let me scroll through. Thank you. You're welcome, man.

So good to see you. By the way, I'm so great to have you on the call, man. So Capaca just asked who did our branding. James Rivers with pimp my GHL. And again, James has got a special deal for White Labelsweet crew and I think it's pimp my GHL.

Let me just double cheque if this page is up. We were going to drop this into the group, I just haven't had a chance. No. Where is it? Might it be

One of these? We actually created a special page for it.

James is doing a deal for our white Label suite members for their branding and he's checking in a whole bunch of extra stuff as well. I'll the link. I'll give it to you guys. James is amazing. So Phil just asked, phil had to let me so Phil had to go.

Guys, I'm sorry, I'm running overtime.

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