Enable and disable the campaigns in the leads tool

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Cover that off.

So Phil's question is about in the leads programme, we have this tag of enabled disabled.

So this is really for you to.

Be able to manage your campaigns.

I'm going to need to log in.

Here in just a second, I am sure.

Or maybe not.

Yes, I will.

All right, so logging in now, we.

Have these campaigns down the side. Enabled, enabled, enabled.

This is really just for you to.

Be able to manage your campaigns.

So if I come up to campaigns.

And I'm no longer running this particular campaign, can literally just turn that off.

By the little slider right here, and I can see that it's there and it's just literally for you to keep.

An eye on your campaigns.

So if I've got lots and lots.

Of campaigns, which I do here, maybe I want to have this month I'm looking for CEOs in Atlanta, but next month I'm looking for sales managers in, I don't know, Phoenix.

So it's just literally just to keep.

Me on track, right?

I can't add leads into a campaign that's not active. So right now, if I try and do that and there's my group thing kicking in, if I try and add leads, it will say that the campaign is inactive.


So this is just literally just a.

Label to keep you organised to see.

If you've got active campaigns or not.

You can also delete those campaigns as.

Well, so you can come up here and just like, hit on the delete and get rid of that campaign out of the list entirely, completely up to you. But that's just a management one feel.

That's helpful.

And that will also delete the leads that are in the campaign.

Yes, it will. Yes it will.


We don't ever delete anything permanently. So if you've made a mistake and.

You'Re like, oh, my God, just please.

Do reach out to support and just.

Say, hey, guys, oh, my God.

I deleted the campaign core, blah, blah, blah, and we should be able to.

Find it for you, but don't take.

That as the excuse to delete everything.

And then, okay, now I want my stuff back.

Use it sparingly. But if you do make a mistake.

It can help you out there.

Yeah, cool.

So hopefully that helps with that one feel.

Great question.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Let me do this.

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