How to adjust the speed of your emails to increase each week

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We gotta go left it as row. My question would be, how do we increase our weekly sending limits on GHL drip without starting the campaign from scratch?

Great question. I love that question. So we've just got a thousand leads into us, into our account, a thousand leads into our client account. We've set it at ten per day or 15 per day because we're warming it up. And now it's week two. Do I really need to stop that? How do I find out who's been sent and who hasn't? All of that kind of stuff. Great question. So let me show you on the screen, and the answer is going to be in what we call the bulk actions. So if I come back to our here we go into our contacts area here. When you're in contacts and you set up a campaign to drip out, you'll see this up here in bulk actions. All right, so this is an account that doesn't have any going at the moment, but I can see even this one masterclass last week. Let me grab my white label suite account, because we'll see that the email that we sent out this morning about this call, about the Q and A call was in our bulk actions. There it is right there. So we can actually see the statistics here, the deliverability, all that kind of stuff, the details of it.

And when you've got an account that's in Drip mode, when you've actually done this in Drip mode, over here on the right hand side, you'll see three little dots. And in those three dots, one of the one of the options will be edit. Okay, so we edit the the campaign and you'll be able to change the speed on that screen. All right, so when we put something into Drip and I'm not sure if I can do it in my demo company because it needs to actually be going, but let me see if I can let me see what I can do here. So that one's cancelled. These ones, let me see what I can do. So smart lists. Let me add them to a campaign. Let me grab these guys and add them to a campaign. All right.

By the way, I'm just watching the email that I sent out today, which was 100% Mailgun. Email is open rate, 16% or 17% almost still.

Fantastic. Wow, that's great.

Delivery deliverability, 94.66 for 195 emails.

Great. Awesome. Keep moving forward. That sounds great. All right, so we're going to add these in Drip mode. I'm going to give this just a name here, quick. We're going to get this underway. Start right now. Actually, we'll probably need to start in one minute's time or something like that. We want to send this out at 20 per one day. All right, start from that's. Fine. Just to get it going, let's get this underway. All right, cool. So when you've got it actually in place, schedule after that time. Okay, cool. So let's go there. All right, cool. When you got it in place. And again, this is after that time. Okay, hang on a second. Wednesday, what day is it? Wednesday at Melbourne time. Sorry, of course.

There we go.

Done. Now we got it. Okay, cool. So now this particular campaign will show up in my bulk actions. All right, there it is right there. It's queued at the moment, which means it hasn't started right now. But see how it's got three little dots over on the right hand side here? So now I can actually when this is started, when it's actually going to one of the options here will be edit, and you can go in here and edit the amount and you can change it 10, 25, 45, whatever it is. So you only need to create one campaign per month. And then next week, just come in here and update the speed. And the week after, come in here and update the speed. Right. So you don't have to cancel anything. It's here in your bulk actions and you'll see it when it's actually running. Let me just do a refresh. I'm a little bit hesitant to still got another minute before it starts, but I want to cancel this because there's 10,000 people on this campaign. I don't want them to be getting emails over the next week. But, yeah, this will be where you change the speed right here.

Oh, there we go. Edit. Okay, so now I can change my speed. How much? Now bump it up to 40 per day. All right, so now this is running. I've got that edit option there. I can come in and change my speed, save my changes, and I'm good to go.

Sweet. Appreciate you, man.

Awesome, man. That's it's. Really cool. Now let me cancel this so that I don't forget to do it later on. All right, guys, that's a wrap for our Q and A. Running a little bit over time, but I want to say thanks for the opportunity to come and say hi. If you're watching this on Facebook, next time jump on in on the Zoom Room and let's jam back and forth together. All of these recordings are going to be up onto our YouTube channel. And something new for today if you're in our Members area, in the White label suite. Members area. Now, if you're wondering when our next call is, if you comet hat the top to where it says attend a live Q and A call, you can click here and be taken straight to our page, which is our office hours page. You can book in for our next Q and A call. You can also book in for an onboarding session here and you'll get all the reminders and situations there as well. So guys, thank you so much for joining me. Appreciate it. Look for forward to seeing you all round and thank you so much for your interaction and questions.

That made it a great session. Cheers, guys. See you soon.

Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Thanks.

Great to see you guys. Appreciate it.

Great for doing this, Walt. Appreciate it, buddy.

Great to see you, man. Great to see you. Bye.

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