How to get paid to refer to GHL and White label suite

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So I have a few questions, but I'm going to start one and then the other one I asked later. My first question is this. So I have a GHL affiliate link, right? So I'm about to start my GHL YouTube channel. The idea is that anybody who comes from that channel to my funnels or my system, they go through that affiliate link. But what happened with the 20 lead funnel? Yeah, right. So how do I make sure that anybody I bring into the 20 lead funnel, that somehow I put my affiliate link there so I get that credit as well. Where do I do that?

Great question and a great one to start with. So I'm just question is he's about to go out and do a whole big launch in the affiliate space? How do we make sure that he can not only refer GHL as an affiliate, which he can make some serious revenue from doing so, but also refer people with this 23 lead snapshot, get them into the white label suite room at the same time, and make money from doing that? So great question, man. And to answer, I'm going to share my screen right now and take you through. So when you guys joined us, you would have had three members areas that you can so I'm going to mute Marcel as he's coming in there as well. Guys, I might just set this to let's see see if I can mute everybody on the way in. That's the one. Hang on a second. There we go. Mute everybody on entry. That'll do it. All right, cool. So when you all jumped in, you would have seen me three this one. I got asked a couple of questions the other day about this particular one, which is the 100 free leads bonus offer.

Every time I show my screen, you guys are like, oh, I don't have that one. This is something that we just put together for the Dallas event. Everything that's in here, you guys already have. We just kind of repackaged it and offered it with the thing. So how to trigger your sales in 90 days is Amanda Holmes. How to build a community is Paul Warren. So all of these trainings in this particular one, you'll find in the masterclass vault and you'll find in our other areas. So there's where we've got Paul Warren is here. Where's Amanda amanda Holmes is here. So everything in that system you've already got. But the three you do have JVs and affiliates, white label suite, and the masterclass vault. Amjad's question is here in this JVs and affiliates area. So what you can do is actually come in here and get an affiliate link for white labelsuite. So here you go. Get your affiliate link here. And this is going to actually show you how to get your link. All right. So you're going to need to I'm going to open this in an incognito window. You're going to open this up and it's going to say Request to be an Affiliate.

So when you do this, you go Request to Promote and it's going to pop this over on the right hand side. It's going to say if you're an existing affiliate, sign in. If you haven't already got an account on, Pay kickstart it's free. You'll need to create an account first. So then you do that. Once you've got the account, then you come in and actually sign in. So let me do this live with you all on the call. So you sign in, all right. And then now that we're signed in oh, sorry, let me make sure I do that again like that. All right. When you're signed in, then you're actually going to see the thing changes from Send it's in blue and it'll say Send Request to Promote to the vendor. So there'll be a big button here that says Send Request to Promote. We'll get that, we'll approve it. And then you'll have your links right here and you can introduce people to white label suite with your own affiliate link. You get tracking on making sure that any any licences they buy, you get a promotional commission for it. We pay a 20% ongoing for the life of the of the subscription.

So to answer your question, I'm JuD come into the members area, come to the JV Tools area right here and get your link. Like this is your link that's going to be able to add to your GHL one. Yeah. Does that help?

Right, but isn't that the White Label Suite affiliate link that you are giving me? So when I promote this platform, I get 20% from you, right?

Yeah, that's correct.

Right. So what I'm actually looking to do is also that Go High Level have their own affiliate link that they've given me, right?


So I promote that on my website. I promote that on my YouTube. So the idea is that when I bring new people into Go High Level system, can I still get their affiliate commission as well? Or I have to choose between your affiliate and Go High level?

No, there are two separate things, right? The two separate things, right. The way I would set it up is I do your YouTube channel going after the GHL affiliate system and then as a follow up as people are getting involved in GHL. Then again, if it was me, I'm just thinking about I've been doing this for a long time, I would actually offer this is the way I would structure it. Let me slow my brain down for a second. This is the way I would structure it. I would have my YouTube channel talking about GHL and I would offer as a bonus, when you sign up through my link, I'm going to give you a training on how to get leads into your new system and I would then have the webinar from White Label Suite as the bonus. So when they sign up for GHL, the bonus you give them is the training on how to get leads. Right? And that's going to have your affiliate link for White Label Suite. So now they sign up through GHL, through your affiliate link, you send them the webinar promoting White Label Suite as well, and you're going to have your affiliate link in that one.

Does that make sense? Do you want me to kind of map it out?

Will the Go High Level affiliate still work? I mean, if I have somebody from Go High Level affiliate to jump to the 20 lead funnel link and from that point on, or should I connect that to your affiliate link? Is that what you're saying?

Yeah. So don't forget that there are actually two separate pieces of software. So let me let me draw this out. So right now, let's do this as a campaign, right? So you're going to have YouTube videos. So this is YouTube and this is promoting promote GHL, right? They sign up for GHL. Awesome. We're going to have a bonus. Use my link, get a free training on how to have endless leads for your new business.

That's fine. Okay.

Yeah. Cool. So then what you're going to do is send them the bonus. All right? I would suggest that you create a page, and the page is going to have the webinar, the White Label Suite webinar at the top. Let me just grab that. So white label suite, webinar at the top. All right? And a little bit of text at the top here that says endless leads, bonus training. Training like that. And this video is going to be the White Label Suite webinar, which is in your promotional tools. Okay. And then underneath this is going to be a button that says Join here. All right? And this link right here, this is your affiliate link for White Label Suite.


All right. Does that make sense? Yes. So two separate programmes. You need two separate links, YouTube, Go, GHL link. And as a bonus, they watch the webinar and they sign up for White Label Suite through your affiliate link for White Level Suite as well.

But the idea is that the Go High Level link will still be tracked, right? They will be able to keep tracking.

Yeah, these are separate things. These are very separate.

No. I know they're separate things, but at some point so when they click on this one and somebody comes through this path all the way down here, the idea is that I'm just making sure, I'm hoping that they will still be tracked. When somebody buys the affiliate programme, when somebody joined the programme here, and eventually they join Go high level, whatever level they join, that I still get this commission.

Yes, 100%. Absolutely. Absolutely.


Yeah. This is paid from GHL and this is paid from White Label Suite?

Yes. So that's what I want to make sure that I get both commission.

Yes, you 100% will get both commissions.

Okay. Thank you so much for doing that.

Yeah, no, you're welcome. I hadn't actually planned that out before in my mind, but, guys, if you're promoting, if you are an affiliate for GHL, there's a lot of people making money from that.

That's a great yeah, it is, definitely.

So this webinar right here, where is this webinar? How can you put it on a page? Let me show you guys. So I'll save that, and I'll come back to it. This webinar that I keep talking about is already recorded for you. So you can come in here. This is, again, in your promotional partners area. Come down to the webinar. Actually, the webinar is in the snapshot. So install the snapshot, and it's actually got that landing page on it. So the webinar is there. The snapshots there. Like, install it. The emails are written to follow up everything's in place. So jump in and really grab it.

Have done all the other parts. Everything else is done. I would just kind of stuck on this one. Trying to figure this 1100%.

You'll get both commissions.

Okay, great. Thank you.

Awesome. Great question to start us off. Thanks. I'm Jack. So I can see Phil's got his hand up, and I can see.

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