Setting up The CName Branding for GHL Using Godaddy or Cloudflare

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I think we're live and saying hello. Do you hear me?

I do. How are you going, man? Great to see you.

Well, likewise. The interesting thing is I come on with one question. By the time you got to me, I got three more.

Tell me. Every day I start my day with the to do list, and it finishes bigger than I started with.

Okay, well, I'll start with the first one, which is and I don't even know if it's appropriate for here or not, but I just got a call from my wife, who's on Go High Level. Also, she's doing something different than what you guys are doing, but as part of the white label, you want to have your domain on Go High Level. But the only thing the only way I found of having a domain on Go High Level, I thought, was by subscribing to their WordPress service and then putting a WordPress thing on there.

No, you swore on my video. You cannot no, do not say WordPress on this WordPress. I love it. I built my agency on WordPress, but that's now, like, so old. No, there's an easy way. Do you want me to show you?

Well, yes. First off, to answer your question, yes. And she was saying that there was no way she could use her domain unless she changed her domain register from GoDaddy to either Google or Cloudflare. I don't know which one I hate worse, but why would I have to change my domain register in order to use my domain?

No, you don't. So the reason that you'll find the community as a whole talking about cloudflare is because, A, it's free, b, it makes sites run really, really fast, and C, it will actually show a cached version of your site if the site goes down for any one reason. There's a lot of other things. I love cloudflare, but I get the hatred for it. It's like, why would I need to do it? You don't. All you need to do is update the DNS records in GoDaddy itself, and you're good to go. So let's walk through this process together. So. Hey. Richard Porter's wife. Welcome to Go high level. So thrilled that you're here with us. The question then is, hey, how can I how can I brand this myself? Because, like, if I go app dot GoHigh level like this, I've got my own, like, brand.

Make sure you're recording wallets. Make sure you're recording Walt.

Thank you so much. We are recording. Awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. So I've got my own brand here. Like, this is cool. I've got my little icon in the top and everything's great, but it still says app go High Level at the top here. And I thought this was kind of the thing that I could make this my own. Yes, you certainly can. So the way that you do that is you need to go into the Agency Settings. So you can only change this from an Agency account level, right? So we're going to go into Agency Settings right here. So we switch to agency view, right? And in the Agency View, you're going to come all the way down on the bottom left hand corner to Settings and you're going to go right here. In the Settings, you're going to come to the Company Tab, which is two down from the top in the menu in the Company tab. This here is where you're actually going to be able to put your domain and you're going to be able to put your own system in here. So you can see for us we put Central Comet Suite.

I regret that decision. I wish we'd actually put Comet, but we had this whole command centre thing and we had it anyway. It was a whole I was wondering that, I really was. Most people go with app dot or app your Now, how do we then make sure that that is set up so that when somebody goes to it, it shows our high level things? So I've got Central and you can see if I go over here, central, it's showing my system. It's all good. How did that work? So in this Company Settings, again, we're in Agency Mode, we're in Settings, we're on the Company tab and we're on this white label domain here. And if you actually click the little question mark icon, it will take you to an awesome support doc from Go high level. But here's the short version. In GoDaddy, you just need to update your DNS records. So let me log into GoDaddy and show you what I mean.

That's what I saw.

Yeah, you got it, man. So GoDaddy can't be reached. That's fine. All right, let's go in GoDaddy, sign in. Let me make sure I've got still my system done. All right, cool. I don't know if you know, I've got still some domains in GoDaddy. I'm sure I've got a few. I think I've got like 500 domains somewhere, so I'm sure I've got one or two of them. All right, so let's say that I want to use, I don't know, pick one here. This one. This looks good. I'm going to use this particular domain. So domains, here it is. This is a domain called, which apparently is worth $1,000. Cool. Maybe I'll try and sell it later on. But the button that you're looking for is this one that says Manage DNS and that's where you want to go. This is the reason that people use Cloudflare is because they can manage all of their DNS is in one screen. And the faster thing and you can like Cloudfare is the easy one to get used to it, but you don't need it. You can now come into your DNS Records, okay. And you can add a DNS record over here.

Okay. The name servers are important. Manage your DNS by changing your name servers. All right, cool. So who have I got? I think I've pointed this one to my yeah. Okay, cool. So let's change this back because that will make things easier. There we go. So name servers are now with did I save on that name servers update? Yes, continue. All right, cool. My name servers are now with GoDaddy. Now I can manage my DNS records, I hope. Let's refresh refresh the page to load your zone file. There we go. Okay, cool. Here's our DNS, and this is what we've got to add. And the support document tells us what we've got to add. Create a CNAME at your DNS provider by pointing to app, which is why we don't use LC email, by the way. And I'll come to that because that's been a big topic in the group in the last 48 hours. This is what you need to do. Grab this little thingy, copy it, come over to GoDaddy, click on Add, choose a CNAME option, drop it in there. So if it's App, I'm going to just type the word app.

All right. And I'm going to paste in what Go High Level told me to put in there. And I'm good. I just click on Add and it's done. Right. So now I just added this in. Cheque this again if I want my domain to be. So what was my domain on this one? Right. So if I want app, if I want app dot, what I need to do in my DNS is just type the word app in here. Whatever I want that subdomain to be is the name that I'm creating on this CNAME. So it's app domain points to whatever Go High Level tells me to point it to. So that's how richard Porter's wife. Nice to meet you. You can actually change your domain on GoDaddy and have it turn up in your branded GHL dashboard. Richard, does that help?

Well, it helps me. That sounded so wrong about having to move your domain registrar.

It's not actually moving the domain register at all. It's just where you manage your DNS records from.

That's what I thought, but I just wanted to cheque that seemed like a kind of a big deal, and I was afraid that might be slightly off topic, and I'm glad it's not. So thank you very much for that.

Very welcome. Let me just do a pause here, and then we'll ask the next.

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