Setting Up Zoom Snapshot calendar and Additional Calendar

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Hey, Walt.

How are you? Hey, man, I'm great. How are you doing?

I'm good. I just wanted to ask about the Zoom set up with GHL. So currently, there are two ways to do it. One is under your profile, under your sub account, Settings, and the other one is under each specific calendar. So I was just wondering if you could go through that and which one you prefer.

Yeah, definitely, man. So the answer is Bob. So, guys, our GHL is called Comet, right? We've branded it Comet suite. So your dashboard might look a little bit different, right? You'll have different colours and different logos at the top. That's kind of half the fun of GHL is you get to brand it as your own. So Ayusha's question is great. There's a couple of different places to put the location when you're setting up an appointment. So one of the first ones, if you come down to Settings in your own personal profile let's go here. Actually, let me change over to my other account, which Comet Suite, so I can show you in your profile. So a new staff member just joined you or yourself. You want to come down to your Settings. You want to come to your profile, which is right here. And in your profile, you're going to be able to connect, like, your Zoom Room right here. Okay, so this works when you are creating an individual calendar, and I want to show you what I mean, right? So this works when you're creating an individual calendar, but to create an individual calendar, extra step in play.

And this is of all of the questions, of all of the struggles that we had with an agency, setting up GHL, calendars were the biggest one, right? So when you get it, take away a lot of the hassle with your client set up, and it is one of what we call the Pillars of Stickability. We've got five pillars that we always talk about with the Pillars of Stickability. And calendars is one. If you get your client to have their calendar inside your GHL, that is one tick for stickability. They're not going anywhere. They're going to keep paying you because that's where their calendars and their appointments are coming from.


So if you're setting up an individual calendar, come to Profile, connect your Zoom up right here.


Then to actually create an individual calendar, what you need to do is, again, be in Settings. So we're here in our Settings area. We're going to come up to Calendars right here, and you can see that I've got a stack of them. So let me come across to one of my other companies so we've got less that I can talk about.


You would feel like, hey, I've connected up my Zoom Room and I'm logged in as Me. Therefore, if I just come in here and click New Calendar, the whole world should be great. Wrong the extra step that you need to take is you actually need to create a group, even if that group only has one person in it, and that one person is you.


So to create an individual calendar, you first must create a group. All right, so let's give this a group. Walt on his own. Now, what you do next, if you turn off your favourite ones, your emojis, walt on his own. Walt's calendar.

All right?

And I need to give it an slug. So this is Walt 101.

All right, that's available. Great.

I now have a group, but I'm still not done. I actually need to add a calendar into that group. So I created a group. I need to now create a new calendar in that group. And the first step is actually going to be, tell me who needs to be part of this calendar. Now, you can have one person, you can have multiple people, and you can round robin appointments. If you've got a sales team, you can like, send them out to everybody. But the first thing is you need to add yourself as a user. All right, so I'm not actually on this. I'm on the on the cometsuite account. But let's say I've got Ebony here, right? So I'm going to add Ebony into this calendar, and you can see as soon as I do that, it's dropped Ebony's link in here. Like, Ebony already had her zoom a connected account. So when I added her to this calendar, that automatically populated.


So adding the zoom into a personal calendar needs to be done through a group. All right, so then I didn't click on save on that. I've got Ebony already got one over here. So now this calendar with Ebony has got her zoom room attached. So let that load for a second. It's got her zoom here, and that way anytime somebody's dropping in, they're going to actually get the location in that email as the zoom room that's connected. But the other question I wish is you can have this kind of open calendar, right? How do I connect to zoom room here and why do we use it? So white label suite. What I've actually got on the screen here is a great reason to use disconnected calendars. Disconnected calendars means that no single individual staff member is going to be assigned this appointment. No calendar is connected to this booking. And that's dangerous because if you expect people to turn up, they are not going to be on. You're not going to get the notification that they're on the call. All right, guys, can you just bear with me for 1 second? I only ever answer calls from my wife if I'm on a call and she has just buzzed me, so I just want to make sure she's okay.

Ebony, can you just take over for 1 second for me?

Okay, guys, let me try to reorder my screen so I know Walt was in the middle of answering a question, and can someone tell me whose question was it?

Sorry again, guys. I never do that. And my wife knows that I don't answer calls unless it's her. So she just said everything is okay. Just checking. Cool. Sweet. No worries. Thanks, Ebony.

You're welcome.


No, that was great. I appreciate it. Again, guys, you won't see me do that, but it's a family thing, right? So if she's out and about and she picks up the phone, she might have had a car crash, and she just want to make sure she's okay. All right, cool. So what we're talking about was these calendars don't have anybody attached to it. Why is that dangerous? Because somebody books into that calendar, you don't get a notification about that, right? But where they are handy is for group events just like this, right? So we actually have a calendar now for our group calls and our Q and A calls, where you can get someone to book in. They can get a note in their calendar, they get a reminder to turn up, and it's a webinar or it's a zoom call.


And for those different formatted calendars, this is not attached to a person. To add the zoom room in here, you literally just hit on edit, and you just put the actual zoom link into the location here. So let that load right here the meeting location. All right, so you put the whole zoom link right in there on that location. AYUSH. So now, guys, just closing that loop from there when we're getting into automations now. So if somebody books into the calendar I said it was dangerous if you do it in an unassigned calendar because you don't get notified, you want to make sure if you're expected to turn up on that call, put it into a connected calendar, right? But you can still create automations that send through the confirmations and reminders, right? So let me just show you what I mean here. Here's a workflow generic appointment, booking confirmation and reminder when somebody books into a specific calendar, all right? Then I want them to get an email with a confirmation, and you can use these tags. Meeting location. Can you see that one there? Are you yes. If you choose that custom value, go down to appointment.

Here it is. Meeting location. All right, that's going to insert the zoom link for the correct calendar on their call, right? And the other ones here that you guys might want to get to know as well, if you're brand new to GHL, they're not standard out of the box. Click here to add to Google. Click here to add to Microsoft or icloud.

All right?

And those links, again, are in custom values in the appointment. Add to Google, add to icloud.

All right.

They look ugly. So if I just click Add to Google calendar appointment, add to Google calendar. It looks really ugly in an email. So that's why I hide it behind text. Click here to add to Google.


And I just hide it behind the text. I want to take that, copy it, put it behind that text by coming up here to the link. All right, pasting it in there, and then I can take the ugly one out of my email. Yeah. So the values here with the appointment is the Google Calendar ical or Outlook. And you've also got the location that you can put in here, start time, end time. So the confirmation emails that get sent out to the people will pick up all of that information from the calendar that they booked into. Yeah. So Ayusha's question was personal calendars and group calendars, how do I put a zoom link in there? Does that help?

Yeah. And so for that custom value appointment mini location, that generates like a dynamic link every time someone books in 100%.

So if they are booked into, let me cancel out of here and not save if they book into a personal calendar, and that personal calendar like Ebony's that I just showed a few moments ago has Ebony's Zoom room, then the meeting location will be dynamically Ebony's. If they book into Fred's calendar, it's going to be Fred's Zoom room. So it's dynamic based on whose calendar they book into.

Okay. And then we would also have like an internal notification to send that zoom link to us as well.

Yeah. And again, great question. So what I would do in the case where you've connected your calendar, so if you're running with Google or Microsoft Calendar, when somebody books in, you're going to have all the details in your calendar anyway. So you're going to get a notification from Google. Someone just booked into your calendar appointment, Thursday, 07:00 P.m.. It's going to be there. So you're going to get that notification already. If your Zoom room is connected, you're going to know your Zoom room link anyway. But you can also set up an internal notification as well. So you can come in here and as an action step, when somebody books into the appointment into the calendar, add here internal notification, send me a text message or an email or whatever that says, hey, new appointment booked here's the Zoom Room. You can absolutely add that. So, hey, new appointment. And the zoom link is custom values appointment, meeting location, bam. Just like that.

Okay. And one last question. In the 23 lead snapshot, I think you give us a calendar. So in that case, would we need to add a group calendar?

Yeah, so we give you a calendar, to be honest, so that we have a way of people booking with you, you're going to want to make sure that you're keeping an eye on that personal preference on the 23 leads snapshot. So let me just actually grab the 23 leads. Can you still see my screen. Are you sure or have I?


Okay, let me go back to screenshot. Thank you. So on the 23 leads snapshot, let me just grab it here. Here's the creation file. So we create a calendar for you so that brand new, straight out of the box, and never use GHL before. At least you're going to have a calendar that people can book into. So we have this 23 leads activation calendar as part of the snapshot, right? So if I come to calendars it's here, but as we just said, it's a disconnected calendar, meaning that if somebody books in to this disconnected calendar, they are not going to be on your Google calendar.


So what should you do with this 23 leads calendar? If you just want to use this one without changing anything, step one, edit it. Come down here and put a zoom link into here. Make sure you've got your zoom link present so that they've got a place to jump on a call with you. And step two, add in that internal notification, meeting time, meeting date, all that kind of stuff. But my best suggestion is going to be create a group, add yourself connected calendar, come into the actual automation itself and change the the booking. So in the bookings folder in this appointment area, change it from a generic calendar and add in your specific calendar here. So create your group calendar and add it in here. So my suggestion would be change the calendar. We give you one because we just want someone to be able to book with you, but at the same time, there's some danger there because you're not going to get notified. So do make sure that you've got that personal calendar connected would be my suggestion.

Right. Can you go back to the settings for the 23 lease calendar real quick?

Yeah, man, of course. Settings calendar.

Where are we here?

Hey, Junga, nice to see you, man. Thanks for dropping in. So here's our settings for the 23 leads calendar. Yeah.

And if you go to availability.


Think it asked you here, like your meeting location, if I'm not wrong or confirmation, maybe.

You'Re talking about. No, the location is on that first page.

On the first page, okay.

Yeah, right here.

So that's going to be your zoom link. Okay. Google meet link or whichever one you use.


So we will get that link from zoom and then put it here.

Okay, cool. 100%.

Okay, thank you so much.

Hey, you're welcome, man. That's great questions. And again, guys, I love ayush's questions right here because I'm 100% sure that there are other people in the group that maybe have questions about calendars. And guys, this is why this group is so powerful, right? Because somebody's got a question and asks it in a way that makes you go, oh, damn, that's what I needed. So, AYUSH thank you, man, I really appreciate that. And guys, if you've got a question, now's the time and jump straight out. I might have a question for Toria because, Toria, I can see those nails right there. I don't know if my question is going to be like, how do you type with those nails, man? Are you just like, voice dictating all the time?

I can't type without them.

I love it.

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