What Happens if My Mailgun Account Is Restricted

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Unfortunately my question is not that I had the problem that actually yesterday my mailgun account got deactivated. Okay so what happened is I got emails from mailgun sending I'm sending too fast right?

So then what?

I did it. I was already at 40 at this point, 40 per day. So then what I did, I did exactly what you showed earlier. Because it was written I shouldn't depart 100 per day. No per hour. So I thought, wow, 100 wasn't even aware that I'm sending 100. /hour but then I distributed it over like 5 hours, like in little slices of eight. Because at this time I was at 40. And then I didn't receive these emails anymore. So it was good. But then at some point I still received it. So I thought, okay, so let's just click on the link in this email and just go through this compliance process to actually hear from them what I need to do to depart that limit. And then I went through Chris little questionnaire and the result was that my account got permanently blocked disabled.

Oh, my God.

Yes. What can I do? I mean I actually wrote them an.

Email, we've had warnings from Mailgun and we've done the hey guys sorry help us out and they've re inactivated us. The second person I've heard that had that trouble. So there's a couple of answers for that. Number one is that Mailgun is not of course the only solution that you can use. So we send from Mailgun, we also send from mailjet and we also send from postmark. So postmark is a paid solution and the reason we chose postmark is because a lot of research I've got a pretty big email list. I think I've got 55,000 people on my opt in email list. We use Postmark because after a lot of research, we found that their deliverability was the highest, but it's paid it's $50 a month to deliver 100,000 emails, I think, which is not bad, but there's a lot of email solutions out there that give for free a certain amount of emails. Like Send In Blue is another one that is widely regarded in the GHL group. Mailjet you can send up to 6000 per month without any without any payment. There's a few out there and as Richard said sending from a Microsoft account, absolutely no reason why not now from oh my God, my Mailgun has been shut down and it doesn't now work with GHL and I've got clients coming on board and that sucks.

What are we going to do about it? The only suggestion and again apologies for making this a crash suggestion but is going to be get another email address, create another mail gun account and use that for client work specifically or they're opted in deliverabilities and that kind of stuff but connect up another email system to send the cold emails out.

You mean other than Mailgun?

Other than Mailgun, yeah. Again first of all, send them an appeal. Hey, really sorry you don't want to make sure that we're doing the right thing, but yeah, just go down that path would be my suggestion. So there's a lot of other mail systems and solutions that you can use.

Are they less restrictive than these or is it more or less the same?

We have had literally, other than, as I said, one or two flags that we just had to and some of that has been like a client dropping in 100,000 email lists and pushing send, which was always fun. But we've had no issues other than one or two little flags. So we've really found Mailgun to be great. But again, this is a short term answer because high level themselves are releasing what we call LC email.

Right now. Since I actually stopped, I have no mailgun, but I'm running on the LC email right now. What is your take on this?

In fact, I'm super thrilled that they're doing it, but at the moment I think you'll get low open rates because you're not able to set up your own custom domains. Everybody is sending from Ms Engine Dr or whatever it is, which is somebody reported this morning they were getting 3% open rates using that. I'm like, I'm not switching over to LC email until they enable custom domains. But they did say at Dallas that it's going to be sometime this quarter. So we're kind of just waiting for that to happen. And as soon as I place your gold but up until that point, yeah, I would just look at other opportunities. Look at mailjet, look at Send in Blue, look at SendGrid, look at a couple of others out there. As Richard Porter said, look at Microsoft. Look at G Suite and connect those.

I used the Mail tester in order to cheque the deliverability with AC Mail and it was ten out of ten.

Perfect. Amazing.

So I was thinking, well, why not try?

Absolutely. The thing is sounds amazing. Do that.

The thing is when I put my domain as a from name, my email address as a from name, then it was like just like 5.5 or almost spam. Yeah, but when I didn't do that, just left it blank. Let me go decide or high level decide what? Well, from which email to send. Then it was ten out of ten that I was saying, wow, just give.

It, give it a run as you know, and then drop into the group and let us know how you go. Like send out a couple hundred and tell us the rates because we'd really love to hear it.

Okay, do that for us.

That would be great. So I think we've got, we've got one more question, then we're going to wrap so I can just had a question.

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