What Niches Should We focus on With Our 20 Free Leads Program and GHL

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Called the answer right. So Phil just asked a great question, was, during the 90 days that we took off, who did we focus on? Chris, his question is, I'm trying to focus on a specific niche. I want to know where my success metrics are. What are you guys having success with?

So, for us Cometsuite, we've really found our space with coaches and consultants. And there's a lot of them. There's enough for again, there's more than enough business for everybody to have more than enough business. Right. Coaches and consultants was where we really took off.

We've seen really great success, I keep saying, in that commercial space. So using the word commercial, commercial roofer, commercial electrician, commercial insurance, commercial real estate, commercial whatever, use the word commercial. We've seen some really great success in that space. So we did coaches and consultants, Phil, and had some great success. And again, if I had a dollar for everybody that was at the GHL conference, and we asked, what niche are you in?

And they said, Coaches and consultants. I'd have probably $50 in my pocket. There was a lot of people don't forget, there was only 500 people at the event. There was a lot of people that just specialised in coaches and consultants, because this system is really built super well with them. With the membership programme and being able to build courses and that kind of stuff, it really works well.

So that was where we found our space. But, yeah, again, we've seen a lot of success in the commercial area as well, Phil. Hopefully that answers the question.

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