34% open rate and 25% clicks now optimize the landing page

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So very, very cool. 24% open rate. Brilliant. 24% click. 30. Brilliant. That's absolutely so good. So then the next thing is how do we get them to take an action? So are you just sending them to what's on the landing page? Have you just used the default one from the snapshot?

Yeah, for me, for testing as a warm up, I decided to make make no changes.


Just because I wanted to start from a baseline. So now I'm, as officially, as of yesterday, sending 50 a day. So my domain is warm.

So good. And great results of it. So let's jump on and have a look at the landing page. Can you remember the URL off the top of your head, Chris? I don't want you to be unsatisfied.

Sure. Yeah. Getcoverkey.com. So G-E-T cover and then key.

Amazing. And who's the niche you're going after?

I deal with insurance brokers, agents, companies, anything in the insurance space.

All right? So getcoverkey k e y.com.

Yeah. Getcoverkey.com.

You might in there, maybe. So shouldn't. Is it K-E-Y? Like.

G-E-T-C-O-V-E-R? There it is.

Okay, cool. So now I can see why, because the cheat code for business growth cover key, digital marketing. Now, again, this has come straight out of our box. Right. So this is the exact landing page that we gave. The reason why I would suggest that your conversions aren't where they need to be is that it doesn't speak to your audience. It's pretty generic. All right. Which is exactly how we packaged it. Right. We packaged it to be generic. Is yamili on the call. Yes, yamili is here. Can I share the landing page that you did yesterday, the one that you configured? Yes, it's go at starlabdigital. Sorry, go starlabdigital.com digital. Now, I'm just going to give a shout out to Amelie.com. It's Yamil. Sorry. I'm going to give a shout out to Emil because she actually has set herself up as a service provider to the group where she can do done for you stuff. So she actually creates like somebody's having trouble, she will go and actually create it all for you. Set up the mail, gun, the cloud, flag, all that kind of stuff. So Emil's got actually a service package that is available.

So I'm shouting her out because she's doing a great job and helping out people. So just as an example, so we have the default one out of the thing, which we've got cover key there. All right. So Chris has just done the right thing. He's got something up and running, which is awesome. Your meal has actually taken that same layout and just kind of customised it a little bit, which has a different look and feel. Right. So really, really cool. And I just wanted to shout that out. Now, the difference between something that's out of the box and something that talks to an industry is massive right? So if I'm trying to reach insurance agents, to be honest, I'm going to change this page and I'm going to call them out. So instead of the cheat code for business growth, I'm going to try and this is the best marketing phrase I've ever been given, guys, right? This is the best marketing phrase. And if you take nothing else from today's call, take this. How can I answer the problem that my customer is already talking about? How can I answer the problem that my customer is already talking about?

And this is why it's important to have niche knowledge, right? So for an insurance agent, you might have the problem that they all face. And I'm kind of spitballing here because I don't know the industry that well, but it might be something like how to get more people to have a health insurance audit without spending all of your days on social media. Right? Because I want to answer the pain that that client already has before they get on the call. Okay? If I'm a commercial solar company, I might say something like, how to get commercial premises to send you their electricity bill on autopilot, because that's what a commercial guy is. They want you to send the bill so that they can do that audit and sell your solar. Right. If I can answer the question that my clients having, then I've got a much higher chance of them taking an action with me. Because the auto response you want to get is this. And you probably guys, if you can't see it, I'm nodding, right? Have you ever read an email or read a Facebook ad or seen something and nodded like, yeah, man, this guy gets me.

Right. That's the physiological reaction that you want to have when somebody comes to your page. So our default out of the box tool. And again, Chris, I'm so pleased to see that you've got it up and running, man. My suggestion is going to be that now we know two things. We know that your email talks to your clients in a way that gets 25% of them to click. Okay? What we also know so we know that that audience is reactive to your message. Man, this is this starting to smell like gold to me. Right? We know that your audience is reactive to your message, right?

Oh, yeah.

Happy, happy days. Now, what we need to do is when they click, when they take an action, we need to call out a solution to their biggest pain and get them to take an action with you. All right? So the Get 23 leads is all cool, all right, prospecting, et cetera. What I might change this to is just to speak more to the industry. And again, I'm going to need your knowledge to kind of put that onto the page. But it's going to be something along the lines of insurance agents exclamation point, get prospects calling you instead of you chasing them with our AI tool. Find out how to get 20 free leads. Click here. Right. Again, in my opinion, you're not really going to need to change too much else on the page, but highlight this change up this subject line. Like, call out the biggest pain. I said it's the best marketing phrase I've ever been given. The person that actually delivered it to me said it like this. What keeps your prospect up at night? Right. What is the pain that keeps your ideal prospect up at night? Okay, Gabe, for the Tattoo Studios, you know this better than anybody.

You've run multiple tattoo studios. One of the things that you might have is what keeps the Tattoo Studio up at night? Man, my staff are untrained. They come and go. I've got no systems, I've got no processes. These are pains that, you know, because you know the industry, right. Marketing, that is not communications. But yes, the standard operating procedures. And there you go. New leads. Well, some of them do, but they definitely need communications. Right. And so you can spin your product into their pain. So, new leads, obviously, you've got your SOPs, which I know you're banging out there. Gate for the for the Tattoo Studios. Eric, for example, talking about financial education and digital currencies and that kind of stuff, you want to talk about the pain that people have got. So when they land on the page, that's something that calls that out. Most people lose money in bitcoin because they don't know the pitfalls that await them. It's going to take me a little while to come up with some different subject lines, but if you talk about the pain that your customers are already experiencing, what keeps them up at night?

If you can answer that question before you send out any marketing collateral, your conversion rate will increase. All right, so Chris just jumped off. So Chris is in our company. He's the master of creating that offer and wording that puts it together. And actually, Johann are a certified copywriter as well, so he's got the goods there as well, which makes me a little bit lucky. But on the page, call out the ideal customer and their pain. Now, another thing just to Ikman. I can see you've got another question, man. I'm excited to get to you, but guys, has anybody seen the training video I did on customising the landing page using URL parameters? Has anybody seen that? Let me explain it in a way that maybe it makes a little bit of sense. So if somebody was coming to this page that I've got up here on the screen for Chris, I might actually want to put the company name on this page. So every time I send an email, if the person reading the email works for XYZ Insurance, I want to put up on the page. XYZ Insurance agents get more people booking with you with this AI tool, and I want that XYZ Insurance agents to be dynamic, because then the guy coming from ABC Insurance, I want it to say ABC Insurance on the page.

I want it to say Life Cover, PtyLtd, whatever the company name is on the page. The better I can call out my prospect, the better reaction I'm going to have. All right, so, guys, again, I'm happy to take a vote on this. Would you use custom values for that? Not quite. You actually just use URL parameters, and I'll show you what I mean. If you like. Guys, again, happy to cover that now if it would help. Or I can send the video later. So give me a one if you'd like me to cover it. Now. Give me a two if you just want to do you want me to drop it in the group later on? One on one? All right. Lots of people saying one. All right, let me do my thing. All right, cool. So are we recording? Yeah, we are. So this is how we can customise the landing page based on whoever's clicking it, right? So I'm going to come to sites, and again, I'm going to do this super quickly. I'm going to use that funnel that I created a few moments ago, and I'm going to use this as my example, right?

So coming in here, I'm going to edit this, edit this page, and I'll show you how we make this work. You can put anything on the page. It doesn't have to be a field in the database, all right? But it has to match up. And I'm going to show you what I mean. How to generate sales through our lead generation tool. Special invite, special invites for and then watch this. Curly brackets. Hang on. Curly brackets. Company name. Actually, I'll just do company. Special invitation for company. Don't you need two curly brackets on each side? Not for this. I'll show you why. How to generate sales for our lead generation tool. Special invite for company. Okay, now, the URL is what's going to fill this in, and I'll show you what I mean if I save this. I see what you're saying, yeah. So if I save this and I preview it, all right, it goes like this. Let's just open it up and hope my Internet goes, otherwise you guys get subjected to my really bad singing. So hope for it. Hope, guys. Otherwise we have to sing. Come on, let's get this going. All right, so how to generate sales for our lead generation tools.

Special invite for a company. But this is where we get into the cool stuff. So at the end of this URL, we've got a question mark, or if we don't, that's just the URL right there. We're going to put a question mark, question mark, and then I'm going to say company equals and let's do this. XYZ engineering. Okay? Company equals whatever I tell it to equal. All right. Company equals have I got that right? Company eagles. Might have to put it in brackets. Can't remember. Company equals engineering. Do you need the two curly I might need the two curly brackets in the description there Eric. Eric's celebrating right now because he's going, I told you what I told you, man, smarter than you. And I'm going to go, yeah, man, you definitely are, dude. The things that you do, eric, you're definitely smarter than me, brother. Right? Cool. Hey, by the way, I noticed I've got an appointment with you set. Hopefully all is well. Cool. Now let me do that. Refresh. Yay. Cool. Now I've got it. Thank you. For Eric, who was absolutely right, because you need the double curly brackets. I love it.

Cool. So now when somebody comes to this page, they see their company name on the page. How to generate sales through our lead generation tool, especially invite for XYZ Engineering. Now how do we make every single click that? Because if I'm sending it out in a bulk email, I've got people from ABC Engineering, XYZ Engineering, one, two, three, coverage. I've got all these kind of business names. Now here's the cool thing about the way that we use our lead generation tool. We have the company name. We don't always have the first and last name of the person, but we have the company name, right? So when I'm setting up my links, this is how it works. What I'm going to do is I'm going to create a trigger link, all right? And I'll show you how we're going to make this work. And guys, if you want to find out your variables, just Google this. High level is it called variables? I think it is. Custom values. High level custom values. And you get a list. Merge fields. Custom values, merge fields. So here they all are. And I want the company name. Contact, company name.

There it is right there. That's the merge field. That's what's actually going to pull it from the system. So let me right click this and copy it. And I'm going to create a trigger link to my new landing page that's got that in it. So here we go. Marketing trigger links. Yeah, David, you definitely can, man. Absolutely. David just asks about enrichment tools. Yes, absolutely. The more personalised you can get, the better. All right, so I'm going to add a link and it's going to be called dynamic demo link. Dynamic demo link. All right. And I want that like that. And I also want that whole thing right up until so you can see on my screen, I want my URL with the question mark. Company equals whatever I tell it next. Okay, so in here, this is what my URL is going to look like. URL, URL, URL. Question mark company equals my custom value of contact company name. Okay. Dynamic demo link. So let's now have a look at what this looks like. So in my contacts, see if I can pop this in. So let me find Me so that I'm not sending stuff to random people.

Let me find me. Here we go. There I am. So I'm going to come in here and call my company name, company search company. I'm just going to call it white label. Sweet. Cool. This has actually changed, hasn't it? General info. Yes. Here we go. Yes. They said they were going to change it. I love GHL. They're so fast in there in their movement, which is amazing. All right, to Dallas, by the way, is it? Man, I had I was at onyx event, so I haven't actually kept up at all. I had I had onyx event seven days, finished on the Sunday and then flew straight to Dallas Monday morning, straight into the GHL. All right, cool. So now I've got a company name in my file here. I want to see if I can send an email with that thing. Am I just do it the old fashioned way. So let's go to marketing. Let's create a quick template and it's just going to be demo dynamic and dynamic test. All right, here is the link I want you to click on and obviously click here. Now what you should do in your prospecting is hide the trigger link behind words so it doesn't have a big long trigger link and it looks weird.

Just come up here and go insert the link. Choose from the list. The list is dynamic demo link. That one there. Click on okay. Click on save dynamic demo test. All right, now I'm going to send that to myself. Contacts. All right. Here I am. Send that email and the template is dynamic demo test. You can see I've done it a couple of times from Walt. All right, cool. There it is. The way it goes. Test, go. So now Walt has got company name, white label suite. So now when Walt gets that email, the trigger link that's inside it is going to have the link that we want behind those words. So let's cheque it out. When this person whose company name is White Label Suite clicks on it, what they actually see is their company name on the page. How to generate sales through our special lead generation tool, special invite for white level suite. And now you can do it on bulk. You can send this out to 100 companies and every time they land on the page, it says their name on it. Right now you can get really funky with this.

One of our guys, Curtis, he built so many of these on a page. It was like wife's name, dog's name, suburb, location, all of that kind of stuff. And the URL is massive. But when they land on the page, it's like, hey, Andrew, this is for you. In the suburb of X, working at company blur with a dog's name of this and a wife's name of this. This page is for you, right. And somebody landing on that page goes, Walt. That's Walt kind of level, right? But if you just want to do something and again, Chris, what we were coming back to was how can we increase the results of the clicks to action takers? One of the things is call out that big problem. And the second thing is, if you can make it as personalised as you can, sorry, I've got lawnmowers outside my office here. If you guys get them back, if that background noise, if you can make it as personalised as you can, you've got a much higher rate of people connecting with you and going, yes, this guy gets me. All right.


Chris, is that cool?

Yeah, you make good sense. By the way, I just walked into my office, checked today's stats, and it's up to 26% now.

Fantastic, man. Let's get some action on that landing page and you're going to have a busy month ahead, let's hope.

All right, well, I appreciate the feedback.

You're welcome, man. And one of the things that I learned from Frank Kern while we were there at the Dallas event was segregating your audience. And this is something that we really feel is a big deal. And again, it's work, right? Everything is work if you can create a separate or tag people that click and put them into a second automation. So any clickers, get a slightly hey, John, notice that you clicked on this. Really excited to chat to you. When can we get together? Right? If you change the prospecting email slightly for the people that are taking more and more action, you'll be able to talk to them in a different way. So clickers people that have watched percentage of a video, that kind of stuff really works well as well. Frank's presentation at the Dallas event was really cool. What he basically said was there's only two types of campaigns click campaigns and deadline campaigns. So a click and a deadline. If you get a click, then you're putting them into a deadline sequence. It's like, hey, we're only keeping this open for another three days. So, for example, using Frank's knowledge there, why would you do anything different?

If they click, the follow up email might be something like, hey, guys, I saw that you clicked on our offer for insurance agents. Let me know if you want that. 23 leads. We've only got three spots left, right? So just people to take it in action, give them a tighter reason for the next step with you. I think you'll see some improvements there as well, Chris. Sounds good.

I appreciate it.

Great to see you, man. Thanks so much for jumping in. And you know what? Thanks for asking the question because it helps everybody with that learning there. So I really appreciate it.

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