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Let's, let's answer. So eichmann is. Hey, boat. So first of all, welcome. I'm glad we got that sorted out with Logins and all that kind of stuff. That was cool. So Eichmann's question is how do we, how do the searches work? Like where's the caps, how do we get the best results here? All of that kind of stuff. So let me do a screen share again here guys, and come in and go through this. So as we know that the leads tool is inside of your GHL framework. So ours is called Comet, but you guys will have your own branding around the edge page. So let me just jump in here and go through this with you and we can talk about best ways to run searches, et cetera. So what we talk about with clients and with you guys as we've come across to you is that the best results for email addresses is going to be in your industry based search by far and away. So when you've got 1000, like you paid for the thousand package licence, that's what you're actually getting, 1000 industry search results. The way that we deduct the counter is we only will actually deduct if an email address is found.

So let me just choose this and I can see industry search will use one search credit per company that has an email address. Okay? So if you run a search and you get 100 results, but only 90 of those results have got an email address attached to it, then you've only used 90 of your credits. All right? We don't actually deduct if we don't find an email address, okay? So we want to make sure that you're getting the max value here. That's where your thousands at. You get 1000 industry based searches and you're good to go. So this will get you by far, by a long, long, long way, the most amount of email addresses. So doing an industry based search, let me do a search here. We look for a consultant and we look for in Seattle just as an example. So we go consultants in Seattle. Let's hit that search right now. And I've chosen which campaign they're going into. So they're going into the demo location campaign over here. So here we go. We've got them here, coming in. There we go. Get rid of that. So right now on this screen, I've got their business name, I've got their address, I've got their website, I've got their phone number, I don't have their email addresses on this screen.

The email addresses and the contact results start to populate when you actually click on the campaign itself over in the left hand, right? So now we start to see the consulting when they're looking for the email or they're still trying to search, you'll see them in yellow, if they don't find an email, they're in red. But as the results are starting to come through, you'll see them turn green. And this is where you find the results over here. All right, so now we're starting to see all of these companies that have got the results starting to populate over here. And from this screen, this is where you get to choose how many results you want to send over to the CRM programme. So what do I mean by that? Let's just start with the ones that have got the email, so I can philtre out all the rest and just give me the ones that I've got an email. They're here. All right, so now I've got just email companies here, the ones with email, and as we said, some of these have got one result, some of them have got tonnes of results. All right?

So we might say when I'm trying to reach Cascadia Consulting, if I just send one email, and if I choose one email, it's going to pick the top one from the list. If I just send one email, my chances of getting to that person are whatever they are. But it's also a good way to annoy everybody if we send 100 emails to 100 employees with the same message. So I usually typically pick up two this is my own personal Mo, I usually choose either two or three email addresses only, so I'll send the same message to the same company, but just two or three different people in that company. So we can come up here and say, okay, all of these results are great, I really like them, I want all of them. Actually, I've already spoken to you can go through and say, I've already spoken to this company, so don't send it. So you can unselect the ones that you don't want to send to. And then you say, okay, I want two emails per account. So two emails here per account send to CRM. All right? And the send takes about, depending on how many you've selected, takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, even up to two minutes, depending on how many results you're sending cross at the time.

And GHL, we actually spoke to them in Dallas, they limit the amount of incoming API requests. We've asked for an extension on that, they said no. They said it's not something that they're doing, but they're actually globally increasing that capacity, so they said it will be done within the next sort of four to six weeks. Let's hope once that pipe expands, we can push them quicker, but I think we've set our limit to be somewhere around 100. It'll kind of spread out through that period of time. But these results will now be going over to your CRM programme. So the most emails that you'll find will be in the industry search, and that's where the thousand a month comes from. We kind of include the People Search as a bit of a bonus when you choose a People Search campaign. So we go People Search one of the things you see is people search expect very low email address count. LinkedIn profiles, one search credit per result. So in this particular search, we're actually saying we probably won't find a lot of email addresses. Like people just don't put their email address on their LinkedIn profile and we can't find what's not there to be found.

We're not doing anything black hat, we're not trawling through people's trash. If it's there, we find it, if it's not there, it's not. This is really designed to help you start conversations with people on LinkedIn. So at the moment, internally, as an agency, we use LinkedIn software called Willaxi. Does anybody else have willaxi? Is anybody a familiar Wilxi user? Will actually see is a really cool programme. You can get it's pretty cost effective. LinkedIn profile connections are limited by LinkedIn themselves. I think it's 100 a week connection requests. So they limit it. They literally say you can't do more than that amount of connection requests. So there's no point in having tens of thousands unless you've got another tool that you're using to do that. LinkedIn are really, really tight on their connections. So guys, we're looking at building inside a white level suite, something that connects with GHL and does the whole LinkedIn automation thing. It's not there yet, but it's certainly on the plans. But LinkedIn profiles, you really don't get a lot of email addresses. But I still want to show you something. So if I go find me a sales manager and we go we'll keep Seattle just for the fun and we do our search and we start to get sales managers in and around whichever location we're looking for.

Now, straight away, again, they're going across to the campaign and if there is an email address to be found, we'll find it. But I want to show you something here as well. So if we look at we've got Isabelle here, we've got her LinkedIn profile. If I come across to LinkedIn all right, subscription boxes at Amazon sales manager, right? I can see now Amazon is a pretty good example. This is Will actually running, by the way. This is a pretty good example. I might choose somebody that's not Amazon. So Matt matt is the commercial sales manager at Seattle Marine and fishing supply company. Let's go across and look at Matt. Now, Matt, I may find his email address or I may not. You can see that he doesn't have it listed. So chances are excellent that I'm not going to find Matt's email address right here. This is what we call the CEO campaign, right? And this is what we set up for a client just yesterday. There's a little bit of two step process here, but I want to show you how it works. So Matt, he's a sales manager at this particular company and we want to try and reach him and we want to try and reach someone at this company.

So if I come across to the actual company page, I get this, which is what I'm looking for, the website. And I might go and see, okay, I'm trying to reach Matt, all right? But now I've got his website right here. And even if I can't find Matt's email address in my first initial search, I can use the third tool over here, the single search, and let me just enable it. So we'll go single search and I can put in Matt's, Matt's company address here and see what I can find. And boom. Now I've actually got 12345 people that work at this particular company. Now. I don't have Matt. Right. But if I'm trying to reach Matt, I can easily grab Martin, send him an email and say, hey, I'm trying to reach Matt. Could you just let me know his email address? So when I call this is we call this who's your CEO or who's your CMO campaign. So we literally will grab other people from that company and we send them. We have tier one and tier two as our campaigns. So, tier one, if we have the CEO's name, we send that campaign.

Hi, John, I'm trying to reach you. This is my reasoning. The tier two campaign is, hi Martin, I'm trying to reach insert CEO's name here. Could you please let me know how to reach them? All right, so we're amazed, like constantly, even the receptionist, if you're just getting an info at or help at email address and you ask, hey guys, I'm trying to reach the CMO, can you just let me know who that is in their email address? The receptionist would just fire back, yeah, sure. You're trying to reach Becky. Her email address is x. Sweet, thanks, appreciate it. All right, and then you can send that through. So in terms of the search, eichmann, the industry based search is where you're going to get your volume for B to B connections from the people based search is designed to help you kind of form a connection, start an email campaign. And a great thing to do, by the way, we call it the I think it's called the Agoji sequence. What it actually means is multitouch. Multiplatform, be in your face everywhere. If I'm trying to reach the CEO of said company, I send an email using the industry search, and then I might just reach out on LinkedIn with a quick message that says, hi, Sam.

Hey, Matt. Just letting you know if I can send them a message, I will. Or I'll follow them or message them on their content or something like that. Hey Matt, just send an email across your office who would love to know if it reaches you. Just multitouch. If I've sent Matt an email and I can comment on Matt's activity here, even if I can't message him, all right, I can actually come in and see if there's any activity here. I can comment on one of Matt's posts right here. I can actually tag him. Hi Matt. So even though I can't message the dude, I can still let him know that I'm trying to reach him. Just again, LinkedIn game, trying to get that up and running. So eichmann, hopefully that helps. Industry search, that's where your emails are going to come from, people search. You're going to get really, really slim results, but you can start conversations with these guys and you can use it to grab other people in the company and sort of do that multi touch approach. Does that help, man?

Yeah, it did. Lastly, is there any reason why it's capping my searches at less than 300 searches?

Yes. So guys, great question there. So we've got 1000 searches in the industry search. We kind of give you 200 searches in the people search. So if you've hit that one, you might want to come back to the industry search because then you've got more volume there. So guys, one of the things that we asked our Dev team this morning is to actually allow you guys to have the flex as to how you use your searches. So we kind of made the decision to go 1200, but we want you guys to have that ability to choose. So we've asked our team to kind of see if we can come up with a slider. So maybe you've got 1200 searches in total. You want 500 people and 700 industry. So we've asked our team this morning to kind of loosen up that restriction so that you get to choose how that works. So that's going to come through in an update pretty soon. ICM, I appreciate it.

That was what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

Thank you, man. Great to see you. Hey Ikeman, welcome to the crew, man.

Great to seek magic. Let's make magic.

Let's make magic. Let's make money for you and your clients. Hey guys, one of the things that I said to people on the stand when we were talking was this the people that make the most money with this system are the ones that are actively engaged and asking questions and getting strategy and help, right? It's so easy as business owners to get buried in what we do. But if you're, if you're in this group asking questions, there are amazing people in the group that will volunteer answers and strategies and jump on these calls and do all that kind of stuff like just stay engaged and stay connected. Ask whatever you can ask. One of those people is Yamili. Yameli is just so giving in the group. We absolutely love you. Thank you so much. Yamili just talked about the LC mail, talking about Mailgun and that kind of gear. Hopefully when LC mail is up and running with your own choice of subdomain, then mails will be good. Let me click on stop as our record so we can have.

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