How to create help docs for your whitelabel tools

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So Danielle's question was, great, when I'm, when I'm setting up these white labels software tools, how do I then create a help doc, a help area so that I'm I'm answering questions for my clients and I'm not getting bogged down with with all that kind of thing. So, as you know, we've got help videos in the White Label Suite members area. And there's two two ways that I would suggest going about it. Danielle adding them to a membership.


You know, and you can just create a membership in GHL, create a topic called Lead Generation Tutorial Videos. One after the next, just embed them in there and boom. Now you've got an ongoing area. And the great thing there as well is if you're doing it as a membership, you have the opportunity to add additional modules there later on. So as you're bringing in new tools, white Level Suite, releasing a whole bunch more tools before Christmas, you can just add the next module and the next module and the next module and grow that members area. So that's a perfect way to do it. The other way that I've seen it done is just putting the videos onto a funnel page. So just have a page that you create called Lead Generation Tutorials or something like that, embedding all the videos onto that Lead Generation Tutorials page and even then you can put the link to that Lead Generation Tutorials page in your custom menu. So two great ways of doing that. Do you want me to show you either one of those, Danielle, or are you fairly comfortable with how they work?

No, I'm pretty comfortable with that. That's excellent. I never thought about using actually, I did think about using a custom menu link, but I wasn't sure if I could do that. So if I just create a page and that's my link?



What I would suggest is actually making that a sales page as well. Obviously, guys, you've all got your own branded version of GHL, right? So our branded version is called Comets Suite. And I've had some issues with this just recently. I've had to go through the app side of things, which I might have to do here as well. We'll just see if we can get this working. For some reason, it's just spinning up and it's not let me log in. So I might just go through the Go high level login so app and I'll show you what I mean by putting it on a sales page as well. So guys, can you see my screen right now? Give me a thumbs up if you can. Yes. Daniel is nodding.


Go with that. Appreciate it. So what I'm suggesting here is that you can put a page together that also works as a sales tool for you. So just come down to your sites, come into your funnels area, create a new funnel, and of course, there's some amazing templates. So you can grab on there. But I'm just going to call this a demo sales and tutorial. Tutorial like that. All right, cool. And again, there's hundreds of funnels and templates that you can pick up from the system straight away. So I'm going to add a new step. We're going to call this page sale and tutorials. All right, put a path off here. SA actually will be visible. So lead generation, something like that. So it has a nice URL to it.


And I'm going to do this super quickly, guys, so not to bore you to tears and make Chris crash with my terrible design skills, but let's just go with this. And what I'm going to do is I'm just going to design this as a sales tool and then I'm going to put it in my custom menu link, right? So let's just put this all together right here. I'm going to grab like this would be just how to generate sales through our lead generation tool. All right. And then over here, I'm going to put the sales video. So this is going to be the white label sales video or another video if you want to. Then I'm going to go for let's do this. I would just go tutorials. And I'll do this super quickly, but you'll get my point really fast. Tutorials. Then I'm going to go with one last one. And again, just kind of demonstrate it here, video here and video here, and stack those videos up together. And then once I've got that, once I've got that, now I've got a real sales tool that's going to work for me as well.

So I'm going to grab my link. Obviously you're going to put it on a domain. You're going to host this as an actual whatever your business is called, forward slash lead generation or something like that. So now I've got a link to this page. And then in agency mode, once I've got that page in place, I would just literally come down to agency mode and create a custom menu link to that page. So looking like this, I'm going to go agency view. And in settings, we come to custom menu link. And I'm going to create a new link, which I'm going to call something like let me just grab an icon here so something that makes sense. Something like let's go with yeah, okay. A ninja. That'll do. Link title is Lead Generation Ninja Skills. Just to keep that, right? And then the link to my page and click on Save, right like that. So now I've got this in my custom menu link, all right. And it shows up here. Lead generation Ninja Skills. And that causes intrigue in itself. And it just opens up with a sales page, tutorial, videos, all that kind of stuff as well.

So Daniel, again, that's a second way to do it. Memberships area is probably the more common way to do it, and you can keep that building library of tutorials, but that's also a cool way to do it as well.

This was excellent. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Amazing. All right, guys, I'm just going to take that off my custom menu link, just so that alkalines don't log in and say, oh, ninjas, and see all blank videos. So done. Cool. Thanks, Danielle. Hopefully that was helpful. And we do this one.

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