How to expand the search and get more results with the white label lead generator

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Appreciate it. So, guys, Anton's question is, when we do a search, we see the button that says load more. But when I hit that button, I only get that option once or twice, and it's actually not letting me expand and expand and expand and expand. So how can I get more results? Like, you know, there's a lot more real estate agents in Seattle than just 58 of them, right? They're everywhere. They're under every doormat. So I'm sure there's a lot more coming through. So how do we do it? One of the tutorial videos that we have and it's in your white label tutorials as well, is called Expanding Your Search. So let me show you how it works and what it looks like. So have I got any campaigns that have low numbers here yet? Personal injury lawyers. Okay, cool. So I'm going to use the personal injury lawyer campaign here. Where are we? Personal injury lawyer. Okay, cool. So now let's do this. Let's just do lawyer for bulk Lawyer and let's do New York City. All right, New York City. Here we go. Let's see what we're talking about here with search numbers and results.

So we're going to do our search and let me just come down to our number here. Personally injury lawyer, I think we had ten, so it's just or maybe we had 20 and it's just added a number. Another 20. Here they are. We've got them. I can see them. I can zoom in. I can find out. And as we look, one of the things to note is that the results are really tightly focused around Central NYC. All right. Really like, that's where the results are coming. I can scroll down. And my first method for getting more results is this button right here. Add more results and we get another 20. Let's get another 20. There we go. So now we're up to 58. All right, let's come down again. Hit it again. Let's see where we go. Let that run. Now we're up to 78. So we just picked up 60. And unfortunately, that's where we stop with being able to generate more in a particular location. Okay, now we can see that those results are really tightly focused around our central pin here, right? So this is what we're talking about by expanding the search.

Now we've got these results, but if I look, New York City is pretty freaking huge. It's a big place, and there's a lot of real estate in and around this area. Okay? So what we do when we're talking about expanding the search is now we just go out in circles. So I could do like this. I could come in here and just go, I'm just going to read from what I can see on the map, and I'm going to go Jackson Heights. All right, so let's go Jackson Heights. Update the search. And now you'll see all of the pins move across to here in Jackson Heights. All right, now we've got results here and I can again, add more, add more, add more, add more. Now, guys, why don't we just why do you have to click add more? Come on. Can I just go and get them all? No, because I don't want your clients coming back to you saying, oh, I ran one search and I blew my thousand leads and I didn't mean to because that's going to be an unhappy client. And that's literally the reason why we slow it down is because we want you guys to actually be in control of how many results you're getting.

So now I'm up to 119. Okay. And I can keep going right now. So I'm going to go elmhurst. I'm just reading suburbs that I can see here. All right, elmhurst. And this is what we call and this is how we do expanding the search. And now we're going to move to Elmhurst real close by. All right, let's do that. Update search real close by. Okay, now we've got results in Elmhurst, and it says some of the results have already been added. When we were talking about we were searching there a little bit closer in wherever it was, I can't remember Jackson Heights, some of those results were already picked up. So you're not getting charged for duplicates. All right. You're not actually losing results from a duplicate if it's, if the same results turn up in multiple places, no issues, right? But now I can add more. So now let's add more. Let's drop in a few more if we got another six or seven there because we're pretty close. What you'll find is that it's better to kind of jump in bigger blocks. So if I go Bushwick, for example, again, I'm just reading what I can see on the screen here.

Bushwick. All right, let's go Bushwick. Take out queens. Looks like bushwick. There we go. Brooklyn update. Now we're going to see him move down to here. All right, now we've got more, more, more, more, and more and more. More, more, more, more, more, more. All right. And I get all that I can from that specific pin drop. Okay. And so now we've got 178 in just, I don't know, a minute or two, even as I was talking it through. The thing is that for most clients, right, for most of your clients, for most of our people, we want to try and we want to try and encourage them to do their outreach properly. We want to make sure that they're contacting them, they're following them up. They've got them all going through. They're doing that 50 emails a day kind of thing. You could legitimately come and get 1000 lawyers in New York. It's probably going to take you about 15 minutes max. So the way that we teach and this is real numbers, I literally put a stopwatch johan with our team. Johan said to me, mate. Just as a test, find me all the digital marketing agencies in Australia and just pull them in.

So just searching exactly like that. Capital City expanded out. Capital City expanded out. Capital City expanded out. We pulled back in 2783 digital marketing agencies in 18 minutes. All right? So what we teach our clients is to do this once per month. So once per month, go and add your thousand. So we're talking 20 minutes. So once per month, first day of the month, come in, grab your thousand prospects, all kinds of different segments and stuff that you're doing, add them into your programme. Because what we teach, and I hope you guys have seen this, is that we then teach to grab that 1000 results and add them into your campaigns in Drip mode, all right? So once a month, go and load it up, add it in Drip mode and just let it go all the way out through the month. And then next month come and grab your next thousand, add it into Drip mode. All right? So it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to get that thousand results in all kinds of different sections there. But because we're tapping Google Maps initially from the search functionality, google Maps are limiting that 60 per pin drop.

Right. We're actually looking at a couple of different data sources at the moment, including Tom Tom and Square Data and and a few others as well that are going to give us a few more results. But at the moment, that's where we land. Anton, does that help?

Yes, it is. I like being able to limit it to 20 because obviously if you're doing a demo, you don't want to blow through entire stash on a demo when you promise 20. So that's great. The other question I get a lot is trying to set expectations in terms of how many emails do you need to send in order to get either a phone call or get a consultation or something like that. So that's the other question that I get a lot.

Yeah, great question, man. Absolutely. So as a professional, my answer is going to be it varies, which sucks, but let me tell you some real results, right? So when we started doing this process, I've been doing email marketing for many years. I've got a 55,000 person opted in the email list and my open rates are about 14%. They suck, right? So I was kind of basing my thought that if I'm emailing, cold email, that my results are going to be even less than that. So I was thinking, if I get 10%, so 10% opens, 10% clicks, you're talking about ten people get into your calendar a month from 1000. So we kind of said, okay, $150, or whatever it is that you guys are selling it for. So it would be like $300 a month gets you ten appointments in your calendar. Not bad, really, but what we found, Anton, is that the results are massively different and in a much higher way. So we are averaging, averaging across client accounts, 28% open rate to cold email. Right? So the, the dramatic change of that is huge. So instead of, instead of being 100 people open, that from a thousand contacts, we're ending up with 280, which is brilliant average.

So the highest I've seen, which I'm still stunned by, was 68%, right? 68%. The campaign was one of our business coach clients. He was reaching out to franchisees. That's his niche. He coaches franchisees on how to be a better franchisee. And his email subject line was Franchise success. Notes from Jim Penman And if you're an Australian franchisee, the name Jim Penman is super, super famous. He's the most well known franchise creator in Australia. He's like the success story poster child. So I'm not surprised that the email open rates were so high with that subject line. I've also run campaigns. We run a campaign for a car wrap company. So they were doing commercial car wraps and I stuffed up, I created a campaign for them. And the subject line, we got 60 something percent open rates. All right? What I was doing was I was putting images of the car, like amazing wrapped cars, like these cars just looked amazing. So we're putting actual images in the email itself. And I wrote the subject line, company name, looking hot, exclamation point. And we just got massive open rates, really low click throughs and I hit up my team and Johann especially, he's like, dude, looking hot.

Of course you're going to get just the most stupid open rates of all time. It's just not conducive to the, to the email. Right. So it varies, Anton. But I would say if, if you wanted to work on, on averages and manage expectations from your clients, my, my goto is always around that 20% mark, 20% open, 10% clicks. So I would say to a client from every thousand emails that we send out, you're going to have 200 people open it and you're going to have 100 people actually click and go through to a landing page. And just to emphasise that point a little bit more, maybe I should split this up into a separate video. But I'll keep going for now because I've covered it before as one of our clients, as one of comments clients. Australia's top copywriter. His name is Scott Bywater. And Scotty, when Scott set up his campaigns, I was amazed at how he did it. And the reason I was amazed is because his split testing mentality was insane. So any professional copywriter will tell you that it's split testing. That is the difference in results. But it was such a scientific way that Scott actually approached the campaign itself.

Before he sent his first email, he had written four, right? So he created a workflow with a series of emails and then he duplicated that workflow four times. And he called it week one, week two, week three, week four. Right? And he the only thing he changed in that workflow was the subject line, right? Then he duplicated that same workflow again four times, and he called it week five, week six, week seven, week eight. And the only thing he changed in that particular one was the opening paragraph. All right? And then he created week nine, week ten, week eleven, week twelve. And the only thing he changed in that was the CTA, the call to action. And I was amazed that before he'd even sent the first email at all, he was already planning to test this for three months, right? So now he gets his thousand leads, he adds them in drip mode, and he sends the first 250 to start today. 50 emails a day to week 1, second 250 to week 250 a day, third to week three, fourth to week four. Okay. Month one done. At the end of the month, he's literally going through and looking at the open rates.

He picked the best subject line. So the difference I can't remember the exact, but forgive me, the difference between the lowest and the highest was 10%, roughly, okay? So he grabbed the highest performing subject line, which outperformed the others by 10%, and he took that subject line into his next series of emails and just copied and pasted it. So now he keeps the subject line the same, but the next four emails are testing the opening paragraph again. End of the second month, he's now got the winning subject line, the winning opening paragraph, and he puts those into the third month, and he's testing the call to action, right? This is before he's testing the landing page. And again, from a professionalism point of view, for me, as an entrepreneur who loves that book, I'm reading it from Michael Masterson. That's called Ready, Fire AI. I don't know if you guys have ever read that. That is the entrepreneur's Mo, right? It's like, go get it out. Go. I'll adjust, I'll change, I'll build the rocket ship on the way down, or however they say it, just go. Right? That's our mo. Now, Scott is an entrepreneur as well, and he understands just go.

But he also understands with go and modify before even starting. So, like, that level of detail to me is inspiring and slightly scary. And I still haven't done it right. I've done it half as well as I should have done. Okay? But I'm extremely aware of the fact that by not doing it, I'm costing myself money. I'm extremely aware of that. So, Anton, to answer your question, manage your customers expectations on using that story. Because A, you want to be able to tweak, you want to be able to say to a client, we're going to start probably with low open rates. We're going to start with 15% to 20%, and we're going to adjust until we've got 20 to 25% to 30% open rates. And then we're going to adjust the subject line. So then we're going to adjust the first paragraph, and then we're going to adjust the call to action, and then we're going to optimise your page. And then we're going to do this because there's no such thing as a bad campaign. There's really just an untested and unqualified campaign, like an unoptimized campaign. Scotty. Sorry, Anton. My suggestion would be that when you're talking to a client, manage their expectations on the low end, we're going to be talking about 15% to 20%.

I'm looking initially to get you ten appointments in your calendar from these thousand emails. Right now, I want to make sure that I manage that expectation for a client. So it might take me the first month, we might only get five. You know, the second month, you know, might take us to get to that area. But you're going to have to tweak your subject lines because literally just one word change can be the difference between didn't get any results at all, and ding. Suddenly we've got people looking at our stuff. All right.

Yeah, I appreciate that.

I understand.

I was I was the person who had an issue with Mailgun. I remember I wrote in the group, so I actually switched and and I started using a two step format. And so I was getting roughly 55% of it. And then I was getting maybe about of the people who opened, I was getting the vast majority of people were responding, so I had to switch to a two step process so that my complaints and everything went way down. My open rates went up, and then it made life a lot easier. I modified the one that you had. And so I understand the testing because I had issues with Mailgun, so I went and split, tested and created an entire flow so I can send a lot more emails.

Bro, I'm bowing to you right now. That's seriously cool. Well done. I love it. Super cool. Hey, Andy. Thanks. Does that help with the question?

Yes, it does.

Thanks. All right, man, great to have you here and thanks so much.

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