Should I only email verified email addresses

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Take everything. So it's a really great question. Should I only use verified emails? My personal answer is no, no way. So why not?

Why what's the benefits? All that kind of stuff. The reason people go down the Verified Email path is because it reduces bounces, right? And if you're getting a high bounce rate, then you get low deliverability and you're entire score sucks. But what's really cool in GHL is that it's got that auto bounce control through Mailgun in your settings of the sub domain.

Let me show you what I mean. So that's what we use. So the chances that you've got a business email address that is not verified and is going to bounce is and again, talking purely from numbers and statistics, somewhere around 10% is the kind of bounce level that we get when we're using the Leads tool. So how do we manage that? And how do we make sure that we don't blow our sending reputation up every time we've got a sub account in Settings?

One of the settings on the right hand side here is that one. All right? Mark emails as invalid due to hard bounce. And so if you turn that on, what happens is in a sequence of emails, let's say we send out 1000 emails and let's say that there's 10% of them that are that hard bounce, right? So the next step in your sequence is actually only going to send to 900.

So you get a 10% bounce on step one, but you get like a 0.5% bounce on step two because it's already taken those invalid email addresses out. So if I'm doing lead generation, I'm looking for volume. I want to reach as many people as I possibly can. As you said, Eric, like try and reach as many Realtors in Melbourne and Sydney as I possibly can. If I use only Verified Email Addresses, I'm literally only going to send to 10% of that list.

I'm going to lose 90%, whereas if I go this way, I lose 10%, which are hard bounces and irrelevant anyway. So for me, and again, it's only a personal thing. I let Mail go and I let GHL do the bounce management for me and I don't do the Verified Email Address thing.

Does that help? Does that answer the question for you? Yes. Man, we've got so much more to cover. Hey guys, just for those who are on the call and let me just.

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