Latest Leads Update Whitelabel Suite Sept 2022

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Hi everyone, this is Walt from Widelabel Suite and just very, very excited to be bringing you this update. We've been waiting on this one for a little while to make sure that we have better accuracy in the count and a whole bunch of new stuff in here as well that I would love to show you. So this is our overview. I just wanted to show you what's changed. So one of the first things that you may notice is that the people search has been separated from the main industry search.

So the industry search is our primary tool for generating email addresses. As we know, the people search is the one that is tapping into LinkedIn and that's now been separated. So the extra LinkedIn searches have actually been added on top of your package and that's also for your clients as well. So the 1000 leads industry search now also has a bonus 200 person people search. The 2000 leads has, I think it's 400 people search and the 5000 pack has 1000 extra people searches added on top.

So nice and cool in an additional thing and that separates our counters, which is very, very important. The next thing is we had some accuracy issues with the counters that's now been resolved and I'd like to walk you through how these work. So of course, if we're choosing a campaign to work with, now we're adding our leads in. I just want to show you. So let me actually create a brand new campaign.

I really want to show you how the counters now work. So we're starting with a number here, 2413, as I just write that down to four. One three is our industry based search. I'm going to create a new campaign. So let's call this test release like that and create that one.

So now I've got a new campaign in the system and we've got this one down here, test Release. Okay, great. So now let's choose our test release campaign. And I'm going to look for let's go with Consultants in Dallas. Heading to Dallas for the high level event in just a couple of weeks.

So excited about that. Okay, so consultants in Dallas. Let's go. We run our search and okay, so now we've got all of these numbers being added to our test release. Once we can see, we've got 20 that have been added there.

Let's just do a quick addition there. So we're going to add more search results and see what we can come up with. So those have been added. So now we've got, I think we've added 40 now as we come across one of the things that we'll notice. So I'm just clicking into my campaign right now is there's three new filters here that we want to have a look at.

So while we're looking, we can see that in orange. It's still looking for the email. So the search is not complete yet then. Green when we find an email result red, no email result found. So we can now see quickly and easily how far through the search we are and whether those emails have been found.

There's a couple of extra philtres here. I'll talk about those in just a second. So let me just do a quick refresh on this one and we'll see if we tally up a few more emails here. So let's refresh this one and let this load out. So again, we've got totals.

Email found is 34, email not found is six, total 40. My count has been completed. Now, we started with 2413. 2413. And because we've only found 34 emails, that's exactly how many have been added to my counter, 2413 plus 34, 2447.

Perfect. So it hasn't counted the ones without the email. So we're great, that's one step. The other thing is what we can now do, as we're on this campaign page, is we can now filter just by clicking on these buttons here. So I might say, okay, look, I only want to see on the screen the ones with the emails and we'll get rid of all the others.

So now we've only got those ones on the screen that have got the email I can now click and I can send just those 34 across to my CRM. Now, pause for a moment, because also here we can now choose how many email results from each company we want to send on this screen. So now let's see if we've got a couple here that have got multiple so this particular organisation here, we've got multiple email addresses and we are now able to send those across one by one to the system. Or we can choose to send one email to mail three emails, et cetera, as we go. So that is now part of the system where you can choose how many emails per result from the screen here.

And the last part on our filter screen here is as you're booking, bot your campaigns now. So if I come across to, let's say, this campaign that I've already had in the system, I've got this one here. If I want to see only the results that haven't been sent to my CRM, I'm seeing them here. Or I can see the ones that I've already sent to my CRM, let them reload. These are the ones I've sent across already, so I can see those have been sent to the CRM.

So I can now control when I'm adding my leads to the campaign here, which ones have been sent, which ones haven't been sent. I can choose to see them all, so I'm never losing them. But I've now got that visibility and I can keep adding them. I can tell which ones have been sent across, so we're not duplicating, et cetera. So thrilled to bring these changes to you.

Accuracy, making sure that our counters better and we've got some great improvements there. So again, thrilled to bring this to you, our accurate release, and look forward to hearing how it goes for you guys and bringing that straight across to you. Cheers, team.

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