DANGER with free trials in GHL

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So Starr's question was, at the moment when she's bringing people in on a free trial, she's giving them an access to a main Mailgun account, which allows them to be able to send emails during their trial because otherwise they're going to get frustrated, right? So that's a great thing. Like, we want to give a person who has a free trial, we want to give them a great experience. I mentioned it is dangerous, though, because if you get someone who's manipulative, if you get someone who takes that free trial, kind of understands what they've got on their hands and they upload a board list of five or a quarter of a million people and hit send, you are going to pay for that out of Mailgun. Like, that's going to hit your credit card and there's no recompense, there's no way to get that money back from them unless you've got their credit card on file with the SAS system and all that kind of stuff, you're doing a one dollars trial instead of a free trial, which is an option, by the way.

But actually I am doing a dollar trial, but I'm using Sam Cart because I didn't understand how to set that up with SaaS.

Okay. So that's maybe something that we can have a look at. So in SAS, again, let me just divert just very quickly again, love Sam Cart, familiar with it love Thrive Cart, familiar with it. GHL because of the way that they've built their stuff. When you're setting up your SAS configurator, you can set your trial period and learn how to set a one time setup fee to these plans. And that can be the $1, right? So you can actually create so you go into the, into the plan itself, $97 a month, and you can set up that. This particular model has a one time thing. Where is it building a network where rebuilding SAS module currencies products change the price for a specific client. Somewhere in here on this help article is about how to make it into a $1 trial. Okay? So you're going to add it as a product. You're going to add it as a product on your checkout page.


Yeah. So if you've got their credit card on file, then if they do that quarter of a million dollar mail thing, you're covered, right? Because at least you're going to pass that cost onto them. But what I would suggest is that as part of your onboarding thing, get people to accept the terms and conditions, right, and have part of your terms and conditions be. So, hey, welcome to the free trial. To get access to your free trial, please accept our Terms and conditions. And it's just a tick box. Put it on the form. Terms and Conditions can link to another page, but that's a required field. They need to accept the terms and conditions. And part of your terms and conditions can be we include a base of 500 emails in the free trial. If you go over that, we will send you an invoice. Right? So then at least you've got a little bit of wave of coming back from that. So, Star, what you're doing is exactly perfect. It's great. Give people a way that they can use the system. Teach them how, get them a good experience. You're going to have a better result as a client.

Right. But make sure you're protected as well. Either take a dollar trial so you've got their credit card on file, and then link it up to your SaaS mode. That's what it's for. So that you can rebuild over a certain amount of allowed emails in a month. And, yeah, definitely just have a little tick box on that. Welcome aboard. Accept your free trial. That gets them to accept terms and conditions, one of which being, hey, dude, if you cost me a fortune, I'm going to pass that cost on to you.

Okay? And one thing that came to mind for me when you were showing the other gentleman to deactivate their Mailgun from their account was that if I did that deactivation, then I can force them all to just use Gmail. Or would that be a good idea?

100%. Absolutely 100%. And that can be your default. Like, turn it off. Hey, guys, welcome aboard. First thing I want you to do, go here, connect your Gmail, and then you're not in danger. And they can still send emails, which is pretty cool. Connecting Gmail is Connecting Gmail. There's an extra step that came in with Gmail about six months ago, which is you need to go through a very specific process. It's called app password authentication or something like that. So let me Google it, and I'll give you the link. G suite application password. That's it. It's not enough anymore to just pop your G suite name and password into the system. You need to use a specific app password. So this is, again, for protection of the client. This is the Google result that I just found. Take a note of it, Star. It's simple to follow. They just need to log in. They need to go they need to create a separate password for an application that's going to send email from their account. But just so you know, it's not their normal Gmail username and password. They need to set up a specific password that allows that connection to happen.

So grab that support article from Google and you'll be sweet.

Do they have to have, like, one of those paid Gmail domains, or can they just use any free Gmail account for this?

Yeah, great question. I believe you can just use Gmail, but I haven't ever tried. I've got only paid G suite ones, but I believe you can.


Was that surge that had a question, serge, did you want to jump in?

Yeah, quick question. You might have answered that question because I just jumped in a little late. It was on the mail going usually on my mail going when I set up like a separate domain to do the email campaign. And the problem I got is that when I send emails, the client will receive no reply to as the person to reply to. It's not pulling my company email where I want the plan to reply.

Yeah, we're seeing that a lot, actually. So I'll keep the recording going and I'll just answer that one quickly. We're seeing that a lot. If you search for that in the GHL group itself, that's something that has only come up recently. So, yeah, we're seeing the no reply thing. Even though you've put in a genuine mail address walt at white label suite the client sees no reply at. Yeah, it's a known issue and it is something that's being discussed in the GHL group. I don't know if it's been solved as yet, but definitely worthy of a search. Search. Jump into the GHL group and just search for no reply Mailgun because people talking about that. Yeah, definitely star. Did that answer your main questions there?

Oh, yeah. I was just saying thank you so much for helping me with best Practises. That was awesome.

You're welcome. You're welcome. That's what we're here for. Awesome. So cool.

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