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Cool. So Jenna says, what's the best practises on how to update a snapshot? Like when you updated the snapshots, for example? Great question. So one of the powerful things about snapshots, as we all know, is that when you create a snapshot, you can then come back in and update that snapshot and at the same time update all of the accounts that you've installed that snapshot on.

Now, that, in theory, sounds amazing. So where are we? We're in agencybud mode. Let's say that I've just added a new form, or I've updated the page, or I've done something on my snapshot and I'm coming into agency mode settings snapshots. And let's say it's this particular one.

Actually, that's a client account. That doesn't matter. This particular one, I've just updated something on this snapshot, and I can cruise over here on the right and I can update that snapshot so I can refresh it. Step one, refresh. Cool.

Get all of the latest stuff that's on that snapshot, the new page that we just added and the new custom values and the new automation that we just added, we can add that to our snapshot. Now, next to that refresh button, which is just updating my cached version of it, next to that refresh button is this button which says push Update to Linked accounts. And it's super tempting because, hey, we installed this snapshot on twelve different client accounts, and now we've just done an update and hey, I can update all twelve of those with one click. It's super tempting. Red flashing light, big warning signs, clacks and symbols and everything that I can.

When we started, we did this a lot because it's so tempting and we broke a lot of stuff because we did it. So what happens is, let's say, for example, that you've got a funnel in there that's called Landing Page 101, all right? And you're installing that now as part of your clients journey. They jump in there and they don't like it to be called Landing Page 101. They like it to be called my own landing page.

So they rename it, and then you push out an update, and guess what happens? It reinstalls landing page 101. It doesn't overwrite their stuff, but now they've got a duplicate, right? And if you imagine that that actually happens with all of your custom values, all of your automations, all of your custom fields, all of your web pages and forms, it absolutely, genuinely chucks everything back in that account, and it can get really super messy. And even worse than that, one of the things that we really found was a struggle was we created it.

We created a sub account. Thought it was amazing, took a snapshot of it. Now it's in my list. Installed that snapshot on another account and changed some things because we wanted to have two versions, like a high version and a low version. So we kind of thought we'll start with the low version build on top of it.

Yay. Cool. Now we've got two sub accounts and we did that and it broke everything in between. Right. So the question was, what's the best Practise on how to update a snapshot?

Like when you've updated the snapshots and we're pushing them out. So because of that history, I'm going to say very clearly, be careful. It's amazing to be able to update 50 client accounts without a blink, but it's also fraught with a little bit of mess and clients don't like mess, so use it carefully and cautiously and use the Word Templates Funnel Template Automation template Opportunity Board Template. Right. That way, at least if they rename it or they clone it, the templates can update, but they have their own versions as a clone.

So what's the best practise? If you're careful and the way that you've created your snapshots and you've used the words templates and you encourage people to clone before they change, then sure, update. Great. Amazing. It's incredible to be able to do that.

But if you are like we were at the start, you've got lots of clients doing lots of different stuff. Best practises to create. I've just updated the snapshot, create a checklist and a change sheet, and drop it off to a VA or drop it off to the clients. So, hey, we just added this form, this thing, this whatever, this blur, this is what you need to update in your snapshot because it does just dump everything back into the sub accounts again. So just use it with caution.

Jenna I know that didn't really answer the question. Best practise is be careful, create a change sheet, and create a checklist of what needs to be updated. If there is a need there, hopefully that answers the question. Anyway, yeah, that was a really interesting experience when we started just duplicating implicating everything like, oh my God, it was a mess. Okay, cool.

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