Using the leads tool with other CRMs not just GHL

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Okay, so Lillian. I'm saying Lillian, but it's Lilian management, so that's who I've got signed in there as. So the question is, is it possible to use our white label suite licence with other CRMs besides GHL via an API connection if the other CRM has an open API? So let me answer with a sneak peek and a specific answer, right? The short answer is yes.

If you're short on time and you just want to go, and you don't want to listen to Walt anymore, you can go. The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is what I'm about to show you. So, guys, as we know, you may not know you're eye framing the leads programme into your GHL, but the link that we give you is leadsleads. Now, nobody ever sees that because they're in your GHL, right?

But that is the URL that opens up this programme, okay? Now, first things first. If I run a campaign and I don't have GHL, we're not looking at yours. What are you guys looking at? Some weird colours.

The mac screen, bro. Thank you. Always, always, always get it messed up. So that is monitor number one. All right, cool.

There we go. All right, so can you see I'm looking for nods? Honey. Cool. Nice.

I just had to call out honeybee. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. All right, first things first, so you can see that this is leads All right?

And as I said, when you're eye framing that inside your GHL, nobody sees that URL, so they don't know Comet Suite exists and everything is happy. Now, first things first. If you have a client, you just want to run some leads, of course, you can do this export via CSV, and this will drop this out into a CSV file that you can then import into any other programme. Yeah, but that's not really sexy. That's like, only if we have to do it that way, we can.

This is what's coming, guys. This is what's coming. So I want to show you. This is live right now, but not quite ready for everybody to jump in with yet. So, app

This is the new dashboard where you'll be able to buy licences so you can come in, buy your own licences, see your sub accounts. You'll get a code for every sub client you want to add. You can manage their passwords and everything from here and start to get really cool. And I didn't show this on the sneak peek the other day. You can come up to your white label settings, add your own logo, add your own domain, set up your DNS records like we just talked about on cloudflare, and you're going to be able to access this tool from any domain that you choose as your licence.

True white labelled. Okay, so this is super exciting for us. That means you don't have to have it inside of GHL. Now, I just want to show you a different version of the leads tool, and it's actually where is it?

Before we started with GHL, we had this tool as a standalone, and we called it Cold Reach. And if I'm not locked myself out hey, let me in.

Am I locked out? It's been a while since I logged in. Okay, so Cold Reach has got multiple API connections in the back end, which means and the reason I'm telling you that is because the answer is yes, we will be able to connect with multiple CRMs. Now, here's what we're doing for our white label suite, people. Okay, first release, guys.

First release of this dashboard is going to be GHL only, because that's just where we're playing, right? So first release is going to be GHL only, but in your account settings, in this dashboard, you're going to be able to come to here and choose which CRM API keys you want to turn on. Version in your white label version of the tool, right? So if you use Keep infusionsoft Zoho salesforce, you're going to be able to turn those on ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, whatever it is. Okay, big warning, red flashing light.

You can't send cold email through ActiveCampaign or Mailgun. They will ban your accounts, get response the same. But we're also adding cold email specific platforms like Woodpecker lemlist, Mail Shake. All right? Now, your clients won't see those options unless you want them to see those options.

If you are a reseller for Mail Shake limb list woodpecker, you might want to collect a fee for that, right? So whatever you determine that your client is going to see is what your client's going to see. So the answer to the question, can we use it with other CRMs? Yes, you can at the moment, via the exporting port. Not sexy.

Let's get a little bit smarter about that, right? But what's coming really soon is the ability to connect additional APIs so that it's going to be put in your Keep API. Bang straight leads into keep put in your woodpecker API. Bang straight leads into woodpecker. Okay, so that's coming.

Any feedback, guys? Anybody want to say yay hooray? Well, you know who I want you to integrate with, so I'm happy tell you. You want us to integrate with Chad's thing? Yeah.

All right, cool. Can you make me a co host? Well, I can do that, man. You're the CEO. You can have whatever you want.

There you go.

Cool. Jon, did you want to actually share something, or did you just want to have the control? I had people message me while you were talking. I had to let people in. Nice.

Thank you, man. I appreciate that. I appreciate it. So, guys, that's what's coming. A bit of a sneak peek.

Well, I've got Jones here. Jones wants to know how to get access to the snapshots. Can you show him that, please? Yeah. Separate question.

So let me stop the recording of that little snippet. So, guys, again, cool stuff coming. Better licence controls, all that kind of stuff.

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