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Question is, hey, Walt, where do I get all the snapshots and stuff like that looks really cool, but I don't have access. Let me show you. So when you log into the members area, members whitelabelsuite.com, share your screen. Eric, you're a champion. Thank you so much.

All right, now it is monitor one of one. All right, cool. So in our members area, you're going to see something that looks like this. You probably won't see that one because just working on that right now. But you'll see JV's and affiliates, white Label suite, masterclass vault.

To answer John's question, where do I get the snapshots? Come into White label suite right here. And you're going to find three snapshots in this system. So as we scroll down, you're going to find a couple of different ones. The first one is in snapshots and client setup.

All right, this particular snapshot is the one that you give your clients, right? This is the one. When they buy the lead system from you, you install this snapshot in their account because it's got a cold email campaign. It's got a cold email opportunity board. It's got a cold email automation set up.

It's ready for your clients to be able to use the tool that you just sold them. All right? Now, we also install this in our own prospecting accounts because then it's ready to go. So snapshot number one is this one. Snapshot one.

Number one is to help you set up the account, ready to send cold emails with the lead tool. Snapshot number one. And guys, something I just added over the last couple of days because we've got a lot of questions about it. Installing importing snapshots is not something that is as intuitive as I'd like it to be from GHL. So when we share a snapshot link, the natural inclination is just to click on that link and you don't get the right screen.

I'm going to show you what I mean. So we've shared this link in the snapshots. Let's go here. All right, here's the snapshot. Here it is.

Copy this link. Guess what happens when I just copy this link? I get a page that looks like you want me to sign up for GHL. Hey, man, that's not right. I want my snapshot.

I've already got GHL. You just need to actually log in to your GHL account now. Careful, careful, careful. When I've got my CNAME, when I'm logged into my version, my own branded version of GHL, I call it Cometsuite. Okay?

You guys call it your own names. You all have different names for your programme, right? I'm already logged in. Why isn't it working? Art pause.

Because you actually need to be logged into the GHL version. So let me show you what I mean. You need to type in your sub account. In our case, it's cometsuite. Gohighlevel.com.

You need to log in to the actually, it's just high level, isn't it? cometsuite high level. You need to log in to the high level version. Okay, where is it? GHL.

I think it's app. Gohighlevel.com. App no, but it needs to be yours. But app dot. Let's go with that.

You're actually right. Sorry. Gohighlevel.com. Sorry. App no.

Where is it?

Now we're talking. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. You're welcome. App dot.

Now, you can still see that it says Cometsuite. Okay. And I still got my branding, but now I'm logged into high level. All right. I'm logged into the high level one.

Now, Check, what happens when I grab this link? It gives me a completely different screen. Okay? So now it will give me an option that says, do you want to import that snapshot? I've already got that snapshot, so that's why it's not asking me that.

But now that I'm logged in to App high level, comet Hat Link will automatically ask me, do I want to import the snapshot? And one of the things that I added in the last couple of days, high level themselves have got a really cool article on this, a walkthrough video that shows you how to do it. Okay? So that's now in the memberships area. So snapshot number one is there.

Snapshots and client setup. That's the one. You give your client. Snapshot number two is the million dollar snapshot. Okay?

The million dollar snapshot is what we set up with Comet to present GHL said 92nd video. Hey, this is GHL. This is how great it is opt in to watch a webinar. It's a methodology for getting clients into your system. It's to help you build your agency.

That is snapshot number two. And snapshot number three, the one that completely changed the game for us is here, the 20 free leads snapshot. And again, we've got an overview. We've got how to set it up. We've got entire step by step of how to use this snapshot.

Okay? So come in here, get the snapshot itself again, there's the snapshots and the walkthrough of how to set it up and get it done. Now, what's the 23 lead snapshot for? The 20 free lead snapshot is the thing that changed our entire agency. And we went from struggling to exploding.

When we did this, we started giving away free leads because now you got a leads tool, right? So we literally went out to the marketplace with a very simple question, who wants 20 free leads? And that's what this snapshot is all about, 20 free leads. Now, your advertising is not who wants a better CRM programme? Who'd like us to automate their sales process?

Who'd like to send text messages to their clients? Now your advertising is who wants 20 free leads? I dare you to say no. Right? So 23 leads.

The snapshot became the opportunity to get people to register. Yes, I want 23 leads. They go through a series of awesome. Give us some details. Amazing book in a time with our team to activate.

So step one is put your name down. Yes, I want it. Step two cool. Give us some details name, address, phone number, business size, whatever you want to qualify your client with. And then step three of the funnel is awesome.

Book in so that we can activate your free leads. And what's happening is, now our sales team are getting on the call saying, hey, welcome, John. Great to see you. You've registered for 20 free leads. What industry are we generating those leads for?

You? Great. What location are we generating those leads? Tell me about your business, John. And now we've got a conversation with a prospect on a sales call with our team and an opportunity to close a deal.

Right. So we can generate the 20 free leads if they're idiots about it, which some people are. If they're idiots, they're like, oh, they want to answer any questions. I just want my 23 leads. Yeah, cool, man.

Here's a spreadsheet. Take it with you and go. Well, these leads are for beach walkers in San Diego who like crochet teapot holders. Yeah. If you don't tell me, I don't help you.

It's like, come on, man. So if some people just get on like, we're never like that. All right. But some people just get on the call and like, I just want my 23 leads. Cool, man.

Search, export, CSV. Cheers. See you later. You know who somebody said their business change when they started only working with clients they wanted to hang out with on the weekends. I was like, man, that's such an amazing phrase.

Right? Because we spend so much of our life with our clients. When he actually started saying, I only work with people I would feel comfortable hanging out with on weekends, his entire business change, that's in our masterclass world. Nick Scofgard, I think, said that. So if you get somebody that's on the call and you just get a bad vibe from them, give them the leads, send them on their way.

If you get them on the call and they're their ideal prospect for you, hoo. Yeah. Let's have a conversation. Tell me about your business. What are you trying to achieve?

What are you using at the moment? Where are you going? Like, all of the sales questions start popping through, but now you've got a conversation, and it's all initiated from 23 leads. So John's question, and my answer is long and tangented, as it always is. Where do I get my snapshots in the members area?

That's my short answer. The long answer is there's three of them. They work for different reasons. And the 23 leads one is your very best friend, hopefully, John. That helps.

Let me click on stop.

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