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Colleen's success in this space where she created that knowledge and she's then giving it to her clients, has kind of inspired us at White Label Suite. So here's what we're doing, and I just want to get a little bit of feedback from you guys. We're actually putting a course together at the moment that we're going to give you as a White Label course, on lead generation, on qualifying leads, on building funnels, on creating offers and creating a success membership that we're going to give you guys as a White Label course, right? So then what you will have is a training programme that you can use to give away to local businesses, to your ideal clients, on creating offers, creating follow up campaigns, building funnels, doing all that kind of stuff. Nice, simple five or six modules that you can use as a lead magnet to give away to attract people into your GHL businesses.

Right? And that's kind of where we want to take this. Again, that was inspired from Colleen. She she packaged up the knowledge and literally gave it to other people in her space, helping them succeed in their business, which is exactly what we're doing with White Level Suite with the software. So, thinking about that, and again, so we had our Comet, our GHL agency, open hours last week, and we have another client who's a yoga studio.

So, again, we fronted this same idea to them. Instead of I don't like to use the word just instead of just being a small local community business package up what you do because you do it really well. Put it into a programme that you can then sell to other businesses in other cities and other programmes out there and really change your trajectory in terms of revenue, in terms of income opportunities. So now you're not just looking for the next yoga studio, the next yoga client, from two houses down, you're able to package it up and sell it to every yoga studio across the planet, kind of thing. So, again, thinking about that from what can that mean?

And Jason, coming back to our original point of where we started from, your wave of magic wand would be helping other people who have got their W two jobs to see how they could create a vacation rental system for themselves. Imagine if you had that as a course. Five properties in five months, or whatever it takes to get out of the system. Plus a booking programme, a follow up system, landing page system, all that kind of gear. And you could package that into a CRM programme and give away the course and sell the system on the back end.

Every single one of us has got the skills, and being able to put that into GHL and package that and on sell it makes that a super valuable proposition. So, guys, again, sorry.

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