How do we stack the 100 emails not to overlap

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So Timmy asks if we're running 100 a week in our drip campaign, we do 100 a week, and then next week we're doing 200, and the week after we're doing 300. How do we avoid the overlap? Tell me. You don't. When we actually say 100 sorry, 50 a day, five days a week gets 250. The actual number that you can send from your from your email account is a much, much, much, much, a much higher number than just 50 a day. All of our cold email prospects say that you should never send more than 100 per day per email account.


But actually, Gmail, if you look at Gmail, they have a limit of 1000 per day from a G suite account. So we know that the threshold is a lot higher. So the reason we stop and we say don't send any more than 100 per day per account is exactly that reason for the overlap. Because next week in week two, you've got the follow up emails and you've got the third emails in the sequence and the fourth emails in the sequence, and they're popping on top of each other. But if you look at the compound, you want to make sure that you're staying kind of underneath that top threshold. I wouldn't go close to it the top threshold of a thousand a day. Right. I would say kind of try and stick to four or 500 a day. 100 new 102nd emails, 130 emails on the third day. So whatever your sequence is, add those up. So it's not that you should limit to 100 a day because then you get into, oh, we only send cold emails on Mondays and follow ups on Tuesdays and all that kind of stuff, and it slows the whole process down.

There's enough room in our best Practises suggestions that the follow up emails will stack on top of each other without blowing your system out of the water. Does that make sense to me? Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Scrolling through. Joel has answered that same question with exactly the same way. And I should have got to your answer first. Joel, thank you, man. I appreciate it. Cool co. Cool. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. This is so great, you guys. Thank you so much for getting involved. Postmark app 24k list. Here we can use postmark with GHL Star. Yes, you can. And again, my experience with Postmark has been nothing short of amazing. High delivery, easy to set up, and really, really a good system. So cool. Is Postmark based on sends or list size for pricing? It's based on sends. So you start, I think it's 50 a month, $50 a month will get you, I think, up to 10,000 or maybe even 50,000 sends. And then as you go over that, you go up to the next tier. So it's based on sends, not list size. So David says, what's the most cold email you can send through Mailgun before you need to start adding more accounts.

So, again, I think my suggestion is if you've got more than 1500 males per month going through, then you should have a second account for your client. Not that that's the maximum, just that that'll keep everything neat and clean. So on the 5000 package, as I said, we run three. So we're going up to 75 emails per day per account. And then if we've got the 5000 package, we're doing that three times. There's no cap on it. Again, if you're doing cold marketing, keep kind of those numbers. But as we said before, if you've got lists of hundreds of thousands, so long as you're warming that up, you're warming up the mail gun system. Again, no issues. We did a send of 120,000 for one of our clients last week. No issues, no problems at all. Cool.

On that topic, Walt, really quick, I just dropped a screenshot in the group, too. So I had a client who wanted to warm up an old customer list. They hadn't touched in a while, and the list was about 19,000. We did some email verification, scraping and stuff, prior, and I think it took about two weeks. And I just dropped a screenshot of 15,900 something emails. It was one blast, 99.94 delivery, and that was with using Mailgun.


It is absolutely possible if you warm up the account, it was a brand new domain we set up for them. And delivery is great. Open rates need some work, but again, it's an old customer list that's not used to hearing from them.

So perfect, man. Amazing. So good. That's great. Thank you, Joel. That's really great, man. And again, it's so good to hear that because it lets people know what's possible as well. I'm just reading your Comet hat. I'm in week two of my first ever cold email campaign. Transitioning over to 20 leads a day. So far, I've had 100% delivery rate. Amazing. 30% to 40% open rates. Amazing. And a 12% click through rate. So good, guys. And we had somebody drop into the group, I think a star. I think it was you, actually, that said I had a client who said I would never call email, and I said, you know what, that's okay. You cannot convince people of a belief, right? Try getting somebody to change their football team. Try convincing them with logic why your football team is better than the other. They are just not going to move because they have that belief. But if you can show statistics like a Junga just dropped in, you can actually say, you know what, look, I understand that's going to be there for you in the future. Here's some of the statistics that we can show.

If we send out a thousand emails, we typically get 30% open rate. We're getting 10% click rate. That's kind of dropping 30 to 40 qualified appointments in your calendar. But I understand if that's not something that you want to do. Let's talk about Facebook ads. Google Ads. Whatever. Plant the seed and let it grow and move on, I think. Amazing. A Jungle. Fantastic. So good. So Adjunct just hit another great point as well. Email number three had a low click rate, so I changed the copy day today to start some split test. Ladies and gentlemen, there's a professional in the house.

All right.

I love that. That is so good. We have different metrics, and we talked about them off when I'm speaking fast now because I'm running out of time. Low open rates means your subject lines suck. Start testing different subject lines. Low click rates. So good open rates, low clicks. Okay, cool. Your copy sucks. You need to change your actual email copy so that you have a more compelling offer, a better reason for people to engage with you now. Good open rates, good click rates, low booking rates, great. Your subject lines are good. Your body copy is good. But when they get to the page, they're getting turned off. So you need to change what's on the page. And that might be as simple as move the video up, move the headline, change the colour, whatever it might be. But if you keep tweaking, get your open rates. Open rates are pinnacle, right? So you need to concentrate on your subject lines first. Get more people opening the top of the funnel, then work on the body of the email, get more people engaging. And then the landing page, make sure that when they get to the page, they're actually seeing something that's congruent and engaging with you.

A Jungle. Amazing. So good. So, Eric, yes, we can create the sub accounts. Perfect. Adjunct is sending over the business name in the click, which is awesome. Have you guys seen how to do that with personalised pages? So every single click, like, let me just do this real quick. I'm still recording, so that's cool. We've got this set up on a demo funnel. And we do this in a demo. When we're talking to somebody, we talk to them about personalising the page that people land on, right? So this is just a GHL template. We've all got it in our system, but you can use custom values to actually make the URL personalised. So when we're doing cold email, we can make the URL because we've got the company name, and sometimes we've got the first name as well. So I might put in here the name is a Jungle. And I literally do this in a demo. And the company is ABC Marketing. Like that. And I literally do this in a demo. We can put their name on the page. A Jungle. And look. ABC marketing share your screen. While, Eric, you are my legendary monitor.

I thank you, sir. Thank you so much. All right, Eric, I need you on every zoom call, man, because you're my Share screen monitor. All right, so because you've got their business name, that's what we're getting from our lead system. You can literally put their business name in the URL using a custom value. And so when they land on the page, they're seeing their name. So if I've got this next cold email is going out to Yamili, and Yamili's business name is, I don't know, red Elephants. When Yamili just clicks, she's going to see her name on the page and she's going to see her company name. Now, again, you can do that with any of the data that you're getting from the lead system by putting a custom value on the page.


And we do have a training on this. I won't go too much into detail, but the more you can personalise and again, this is a wow factor when you're trying to land a client, right? So just literally setting that up in the same way as I just did and just changing the URL, which is what changes with the custom value, makes your client go, whoa. And the more times you can get a client to go in a demo, the more chance you've got of them going, here's a cheque. When do I get started? Right? And again, this is available. So making the conversion rate when they land on the page increase by simple tricks like that.


Very, very cool. Let me keep going, guys. I'm overtime.


I'm just going to scan through these last questions as quick as I can. Gold says christopher, thank you so much, man. Star says, I'm worried about my pitch on the calls. Star, what do you mean?

You were just talking about how we should Practise. I was just acknowledging that.

Nice. Thank you. So you were listening to me? Oh, my goodness. I need you to get to speak to my kids. No kidding. They're great. Yeah. Practise. Practise. Practise practise. And one of the very best ways that you can Practise is give your stuff away for free in exchange for a testimonial.


When I actually started my very first agency, I was doing video SEO, and what I did was I went to what I call the low hanging fruit. People who, you know, people in the industry, people who know that you're in business. And my pitch to them was giving my services away for free for the first couple of people in exchange for a testimonial, literally, so I could find out what they're talking about, hey, this is what I'm doing. I need to get some more clients. Can I offer this maybe as something I can do for you in exchange for a good review at the end of the week or whatever? And that gave me the few testimonials on the page. But getting people into an environment to Practise is super important and you just kind of get past that initial fear. So thank you. I appreciate that. Cool. And it's great way to dial in the offer. There we go. David says, Would you suggest sending additional follow up emails a week or two later? So what we teach is that in a cold email sequence, three emails is the minimum, and we always say five is the maximum.

If you're sending three emails, that's the minimum you should send. If you only send one email, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. So three is always the minimum. I always say five in a sequence is the maximum, but that doesn't mean you can't follow them up in another three or four weeks with a different offer.


So the great thing about the Leads programme is you're bringing those leads into your database and you're approaching them with an email sequence right now. Some will. This is my favourite expression in sales. Some will, some won't. So what next?


Some will, some won't. So what next? Some will, some won't. So what next? If we send out a thousand emails, some will open it, some won't. So what next? Some will click, some won't, right? But if you've now got a thousand in your database, 2000, 5000, 10,000 in your database, and now I've got a new offer, right? So I've been talking about this programme and, you know, I got my percentages and whatever, but now I've rejigged my offer and now I've got a special and now it's Christmas and now this is happening. Now I've got 10,000 in my database and I've been warming it up. I can hit send on that whole list, baby. Because there's going to be some that respond to a different offer that didn't respond to your first email sequence. It wasn't the right time. So do I suggest sending out a follow up email a week or two later? I suggest putting them into a nurture sequence. So I suggest having like a monthly business related newsletter that you're just constantly putting your name in front of people. Not pitching, but just talking about what's happening in the industry. Successes for the month, success stories, highlight local businesses, that kind of stuff.

Always have your opt outs on the bottom. As so long as people don't opt out, they've opted in.


Everybody has the opportunity to leave your mailing list, so just keeping in touch with regular newsletters is a great way to go. And then put together another offer three or four times a year.


Package up what you've got. Call it something different. Change the pricing model, add a different bonus, put something in there, send it out. Yeah. The more offers you send into the marketplace, the more money you'll make. True story. Cool. So San asks, can we use this with lead? Connect the email connection. A lot of people are asking about this in the group. This is the GHL email solution. We don't have it in Australia. I haven't seen it, I know nothing about it other than what I'm seeing because it hasn't been opened up to us. But Joel, our conversation in the group this morning, from what I understand at the moment, you can't set custom domains, right? Which is meaning that you are at the mercy of everybody else in the group and somebody's going to do the wrong thing and it's going to affect you. So I would say until we can do custom domains, stick with Mailgun. And honestly, I would love for GHL to make that a thing. I'm sure they will, but until you can do separate domains, I would stick with the thing. Exactly. Again, as Joel answered in the chat box, it's amazing.

So Star says, I'm struggling to understand the drip and tracking where I'm at each week with ten and 20. So just to finish off and start, let me show that. So you guys are still seeing my screen, right? So that's the other thing. I'll turn the screen on and then I forget to turn it off again. So easy way, easy ways to look at that. Star, there's a couple of different things. Let me grab which account is a good one to have a look at. Let's do Craig. So Craig has got a fairly aggressive campaigns that go out. Let's have a look. So one of the ways that you can cheque your numbers is you can go to bulk actions and you can see how far through any particular campaign is, right? Star, I don't know if you've seen that. So you can see that this particular campaign that Craig's running is at 73%, right? So 73% of his, however many people were in that list, have gone through that process at the moment. So you can see the statistics, you can start to see how many people, where they're up to or that kind of stuff.

So that's position one. What you may know as well is that if you've got 1000 people in the list, add them all to the campaign slowly at the start. So ten a day, right? You can come back into any campaign and actually increase the speed of that campaign from this screen.

Yeah, that's where I'm over complicating this for myself, which is why I haven't started this part. The drip do I put 50 in, only let that run week one and then week two put 100.

I used to do that because I didn't know any better, so it used to be hard to manage. Okay, we just do the first 50. It's a pain in the butt. And then somebody showed me this and I went Yay. So now I just grabbed a whole lot and I put them in at the starting speed. So it's ten a day, right? And then after a week I just come in. I don't need to fiddle around with anything, I just come to the campaign, come to edit the batch quantity and just change it. So now week two, I can just wind it up to the next speed at that point.

Are you adding the full 1000 in the beginning or do I just make.

It so much easier to manage? Get your thousand, drop them into the campaign, set the speed at ten per day and put a reminder in your calendar to come back in a week.

That may be back in a week.

Change it to 20 a day. Put a reminder in the calendar to come back in a week and just drop the whole thousand in. It's the easiest way to manage it.

Okay. And can I ask a last question? I know you guys have to go.

No, you fine. This is what we hit for.

So in the automation, I'm still on the two nine seven plan. So that Padly little feature is not turned on yet. But I can still run them through that main automation as far as like, creating an account and manually create their account 100%. Would I need to change anything in that automation or am I still good to go?

No, you're good to go. You don't even need to run it. Getting people on the call is the main point of the exercise. And one of the funnels that we put together with that 23 leads snapshot has got a no account creation step in it. So if I just grab that 23 leads snapshot that we created with the funnels, the reason that I built it this way so the 23 leads funnel has got the create Your account step in it.


The 23 leads with no GH L creation just literally misses that step. So this is register for your free leads and book in my calendar. That's it, right?

Yes, I understood that. I just liked the fact that I was giving them a GHL account.

So I was going to do it. If you're going to do it manually, what that means is in the automation, I would probably say instead of firing the web hook so this one regime follow up when they bought remove, add manually on sale trial ending stale cleanup. This one because I've got it set to draught because not everybody wanted to use it. So you can turn this one on step two. Turn this on.


So the step two form has been completed. They want to create an account.


Remove from stepflow workflow. Cool. Add to a free trial work countdown. That's what I was saying before that. You don't want all of these freeloaders that haven't booked in. So this is going to actually put them into a countdown at eleven days. They're going to get a reminder to book in with you if they haven't already. So what you could do is literally just take out this step, just delete it altogether.


You don't need to send anything across to Pabli, but you could just set the internal email notification to yourself which is already here with all their details. So now, you could actually put all of the details from form step two into here. So now you get an email with all of those details and you can just go and manually create the account.

Okay. And if I leave that manually enter web hook, is that going to I have to delete that for the work.

No, it doesn't.

It's going to do booking bot eventually. In a week or two, I'm going to get the upgrade. So I didn't want to mess the automation up.


Yeah. Leave it as is. It won't do anything. It'll just skip past that step and it won't launch nuclear missiles or anything. It will just skip past it. So no dramas there whatsoever.

Thanks so much.

You're welcome. So great to have you with us. All right, guys. Wow. 2 hours and 15 minutes extra went by. Guys, I want to say thanks for jumping in, for contributing, for being part of this. We're so thrilled to have you here. Danny, I can see you on the screen. Hopefully we get that name and email stuff sorted out and we can work through that. Yamili and Joel, you guys, thank you so much for your activity in the group. I'm in awe of how helpful you are and how amazing it is to have you as part of this community. Eric, with the ideas that you're coming through a jungle with the results, star, rob, with everybody like you guys are just the best. Just such a great group. Really appreciate it. Recordings will be up on YouTube for the small amount of recordings that we did today. Of course, this whole series is in the group. Tomorrow we have our masterclass. As always, every week, get involved in the group, be active, let us know who you are, what you do, create those partnerships and start to share the kind of growth strategies together. There's more than enough business for everyone to have.

More than enough business, so there's no such thing as competition. We call it cooperation. Being able to have even different people in different states working with each other and helping each other grow. So, guys, thank you so much. It's always an amazing privilege to be able to come and stand in front of you, and I look forward to seeing you in the group. Rob, the Master class will be same link, the same zoom link, and we'll have that out on an email for you as well. All right, guys, great to see you. Thank you so much. See you on our next session. See you in the group. All right, guys. Thanks, Steve.

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