Friction in funnels and avoiding tyre kickers

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To clients. Your perspective on that?

Yeah. Great.

Can I take this one? So basically, Joel, so the idea is with that Create Your Account page, right? So I'm just going to take a step back. The Create your account page is a qualifying form. You're asking them questions that you will know from the start whether they're tire kickers or not. Right. We'll call them this so you can ask as much as you want in that Create Your Account Form because basically it's your opportunity because they feel like they're creating that account. It's not just to register your information so that we can give you a call back. You can ask, how much revenue do you have? How many employees do you have? What industry you're in? My idea behind that was that you can actually do the qualification and then find out whether or not they're the right client for you before you get onto the call. So they're going to go and book the call. There's been a stack of people that went through. They might have put in that they're a chiropractor, for example. We know we can't necessarily help them or they're not our ideal target market. They go book a call.

We might just say, hey, look, we've had to cancel this because we're not actually going to be able to help you or serve you. So that's how I would be proactive in avoiding those tie kicking conversations. It's make sure that that Create Your Account qualifying form is powerful enough for you to view, get their inquiry, and then make the decision that they are or are not for your business and whether or not you'll be able to help them. That's basically yeah.

I had this conversation with a client last week. We talked about friction in the funnel. Joel, this is, again, coming from experience. Most businesses that we work with, right? Most clients, when we start working with them, we want to create a frictionless funnel. Why? I want no roadmaps. No roadbumps. Speed bumps, no blockages. If you've got a pulse, I want you to book in it's frictionless. It's like, dude, are you alive? Awesome. I want to get on a call with you.


Frictionless. There's nothing that stops you booking in with me. But very, very now, why do we want to do that for a client at the initial part of the conversation? Because we want to create some wheels turning. All right, but very quickly, we get that comment, oh, dude, tire kickers, right? Oh, come on, man. My calendar is filling up with people who have got a pulse, but are just not right for my business. Awesome. Now we're going to put some friction into this funnel, right? So now we're actually going to put some qualifying into the funnel. Before you get into my calendar, I want to know, are you this Chris? And we go from if you've got a poll sign up to what Chris terms an application funnel.


We've got 23 leads for the right person. Apply now. Are you at this level of your business? Are you at that level of your business?


Are you here? Are you there? Okay, so we build friction into the funnel based on how your results are filling, right? So one of the first things when we're talking about filling a calendar full of tire kickers, and Chris gave you the example with Chiropractors, et cetera, we went out, we did some targeting with just professional services, and we quickly found that Chiropractors, we can't help. There's just not that kind of buy in. So targeting the right people will also reduce your empty calendars. But thinking about friction in the funnel for most business owners, Joel, and you would know this yourself, for most business owners, they're just struggling to get some numbers. They just want people through the door. And then they realise that they don't just want people through the door, they want the right people through the door.


So you build in the friction as that knowledge comes to pass. So start with I'm a brand new agency. I'm Ryan, who was here with this before. I want to get some conversations happening. I want to start to kind of one of my sales trainers used to talk about getting the marbles out of your mouth, right? So he said, Book a week full of calls that you have no intention of closing to get the marbles out of your mouth. I don't know what to say. I'm a little bit like I struggle. Cool. Let's burn some people who have got really zero intent of coming through your funnel anyway. Let's just get those marbles out of your mouth. So, week one, let's just get anybody. Dude, 23 leads. Come on in. Hey, how are you doing? What are you working on? Cool. You're a lawnmower. Great. Let's see what we can do for you.


But after very quickly, we're going to say, okay, cool. Now I have my script. I know what I'm doing. I've got my ability to sell this. I need more friction in this funnel. So, as Chris said, instead of create your account, and it's like name, business name, email, et cetera, it goes to an apply now. So it's like 23 leads for the right businesses. Apply now. Name an email. Great. Stage two. Tell me about your business, level of turnover, staff numbers, what's your niche, what's your industry?


And then we know that we can set that up in GHL, that if those answers don't meet with our qualification process, it can be something like, hey, thanks so much for your application. Unfortunately, our 23 lead system only works with specific industries, and we can't help you at this time and don't want to waste your time. Thanks very much. Delete right. And now we're only getting the people coming through. So the highest level of friction in a funnel in terms of on a scale, the highest level of friction comes with a price tag.


So one of our clients, Greg, he got he had a book giving it away. He had, like, a frictionless funnel. People were downloading the book. The next thing they were booking into the calendar. Wall too busy. Started to put the qualification process into place. Wall still too busy. Then we actually got to putting a price tag in it. Consultations. $150 for a 30 minutes consult.


That's the highest level of friction in a funnel, is getting people to actually pay before they even speak to you. Most people won't get there. Most people will be at the qualification questions side of things start. So again, guys, for your clients, when you're setting this up for your clients. I always suggest that as we get the campaigns going, we start frictionless because we just want to see what's going on.


And then we build friction into that funnel based on the quality of the leads that are coming through. Joel, what do you think of that one?

No, that's perfect. I mean, that's pretty much what my plan was, is just run things as it is, see what we get, and then adapt and put in more friction along the way. I just saw a lot of people talking about it in the group, and I thought it would be good to hear from you guys.

I love that people are worried about that. And I don't mean this to be I don't want to be an idiot when I say this, but I also think that that comment comes from a position of fear because I'm trying to find a reason why this is not going to work for me. And, oh, I don't want my calendar filled with taiki because I didn't ever run the 23 leads funnel because I was worried about filling my calendar with tire kickers. Again, in my opinion, I might be wrong, but I feel like that's coming from a position of fear, not wanting to actually give it a go. The very best problem I can give you is too many people in your calendar that are tire kickers.


The very best problem I can give you because, honestly, if the phone call goes like this hey, John, man, I've only got ten minutes because this free leads offer has gone through the roof instead of spending half an hour. Look, tell me about your business, John. Yeah, cool. Fantastic. Can't help you. Thanks very much. See you later. The very best problem I can give you is too many people to speak to.


And then we can build in that friction. If you've got tire kickers coming into your funnel, absolutely celebrate. I would much rather that than an empty funnel where we're not having anybody coming in because too many people I can deal with. I've never seen a business owner go broke when they're speaking to too many clients, but I've seen plenty of business owners go broke when they're not speaking to enough.

And the other thing, if Johann was here, I was going to say, I know where his mind would be going. And he'd be saying, well, there may be tire kickers for you. Maybe they don't qualify for your particular offer, but there's someone out there that will pay you for their lead. There's someone that you could be in partnership with, or there's a down sell for them. Or there's something. And that's about formulating. Something that's too good to be true for them. Right? Like, go and read Alex Homosey's book 100 Million Dollar Offers. I think if you can get your business to the position where you have something to sell everyone, whether it's a downsell or whether you can make some money off that lead, even if it becomes like a self liquidating funnel, where if you're putting money into it, into Facebook, or whether you're doing the cold email or whatever you're doing, if you can get to the point where you can make at least something off some of them to cover your costs, it means that the term I always love this concept, the term advertising cost completely vanishes. It doesn't become a cost anymore.

It becomes, how much can I possibly put in knowing I'm going back into Facebook ads, world and terminology now, right? Not so much talking about cold email, but if you can get to the point where you can create something that even if one in four or one in ten purchase a particular product, that can then cover the cost of your marketing spend, it's like how quickly can you just freaking boost that up?

This is where we started the conversation, by talking about finding opportunities for people who say no, finding people that are so they might be, as you said, tie kickers for you, but they might be perfect for the web designer down the road, or perfect for the business coach, or perfect for the guy that you can form that relationship with. My favourite self liquidating offer was a car park that I started working with. Car park, right. How freaking boring is a car park? They just drive in, they put the ticket.

Car garage for your Americans. Garage.

Garage. Parking garage. Yeah. Sorry. So my favourite, my favourite JV deal was car parking. People offered a 30 minutes free car park and of course they're losing money because people are just coming for the free 30 minutes, whatever, doing their thing. And these guys were losing money on this free car parking deal, but what they did was they started selling the leads to holiday places. So everybody that came in for their 30 minutes free car park had to register to get a ticket. They were selling the leads to a holiday voucher place and they had it on the thing. Get your 30 minutes free thing and you'll also be contacted for a free holiday, and they were selling the leads for, like, $2 each. And they had so many people coming through the car park, and they're actually making their money selling the leads to the holiday place. Cool. Let's go through. Star, you had a question? Can.

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