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So let me, let me go through. So Marilyn's question is, first of all, where are the bonuses and how do I get them? And then the second part of that question is, can I give those same bonuses away to my clients? Is that right, Marilyn?

That is correct, yes.

Okay, so part one is easy and let me do a screen share for you. So if I come across here and just jump in to the members area here, so when you get signed up, you have immediately got access to Chris to this screen, which is all of our training programmes and course materials. So we've got the white label suite component here, which has got tonnes and tonnes of the bonuses in it. So we've got the snapshots, we've got the training, we've got the white labelled sales videos are here, tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of things are here as the bonuses. The actual one that you mentioned there, Marilyn, was the reactivation campaign, which is Steve Rosenbaum's recording, which is here in the masterclass vault. So the masterclass vault has got so many, so many, so many of our incredible people that we've had over the period of time coming in, talking about different areas, and the one we're looking for is this one, steve Rosenbaum ultimate Reactivation campaign, okay? And this is the one to look through and watch for the reactivation campaign. And in this recording, Steve actually gives away his templates. Now they are his templates.

So the reason I haven't posted the link, hey, just go and get the templates. And it's super easy for me to do that, but I deliberately haven't because I want you guys to watch this, all right? And yeah, you can skip through and just get to the bit where Steve gives away his templates, but I want you to watch it. That's the reason why we haven't just posted the link underneath, because Steve talks about all kinds of different strategies and techniques here. He talks about how to use the system. And Steve is a GHL agency owner, so he's talking about this specifically from a GHL perspective and creating these reactivation campaigns. But I want you guys to watch this and see how it works. The templates are in here. Now, in terms of, can I take those templates and give them away? Well, the reality is that it's a digital world, right? So I would say categorically that Steve's put blood, sweat and tears into those templates. But let me put it this way, if somebody sends me an email, if somebody sends me an email and I copy the text of that email and change a few things here and there, I can then send that same email to somebody else, right?

So Steve's created his templates and we all live in a world of abundance, and Steve Rosenbaum is definitely a proponent of that. There's more than enough business for everybody to have more than enough business. So here's my answer to that second part, Marilyn. If you grab these templates and you look at these templates and then you make them your own, then I think you would have embodied what Steve's trying to give you. And I think his gift is helping you get more business. So I feel like that would be a fine thing to do. But here's how I would do it, Marilyn. Here's how I would do it. I would take Steve's templates, I would put them into your GHL system, and I would create a snapshot that you can then install for your clients as they come on board with you, because that way, you're creating something. And again, you're embodying what Steve's trying to give you here as a gift. So Steve gave his templates as a gift with the intention of helping whoever watched this recording to achieve more with their GHL business. Okay, so what I would love for you to do is take those templates, put them into your system, create a snapshot around them, and then either sell that or bonus that to a client as you sign them up, as they become a client of yours.

One of the things that they get is this snapshot, which you can put in for them and help them get all set up and running. Marilyn, how does that feel for you?

Yeah, that sounds fine.

Great. So hopefully that helps. That's where to get it and how to get it. And again, the purpose here is to watch Steve's training and actually see how he builds a reactivation campaign and why and really get involved. It's, I think, a 50 minutes session with one of the best in the business. So, yeah, an hour long. You can watch it on twice speed, but there's so many good lessons here. So that's where to get that information and, yeah, turn it into something that's yours and then offer it to your clients, I think is a great way to go.

Sounds good. Thank you.

Awesome. You're welcome. You're welcome. Let me click on this.

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