Compliance with your lead generation Can you cold email?

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Few times, I'm going to record it. Compliance, compliance, compliance, compliance. What is compliant? So this is 100%. We need to say this loud and clear.

You need to be compliant in the marketplace you are in. There are territories, there are places in the world where the email laws are different. And as off the top of my head example, australia, Canada and California have made it illegal to actually send any cold email at all without permission. Okay? And we've talked about when we do campaigns for clients in those three countries, countries in a territory in California, we implement a new step.

So in our system in Comet, we implement a step on the Opportunity Board, which is just called Permission. So we bring all of the leads into the first column on the Opportunity Board. We give that a new title called Permission. And we literally just then are doing a smile and dial or we're getting a VA to do that call. Hi, we just wanted to send an email across to Frank.

This is an email address, is it okay? Yes. Great. Then we move Frank across and that sends off the campaign. So it is important to stay compliant in every territory and location that you operate in.

Know the local laws. All right? So Kate, as an answer to that question, the answer is absolutely yes, depending on where you live. And again, you need to be compliant. GDPR sent shockwaves through marketing as that rolled out.

But GDPR was never rolled out to stop business transactional emails or to stop business related emails. GDPR was rolled out to stop personal information being used. Right? So grabbing somebody's personal email address and sending them a message is now against the terms of GDPR. But there's a clause in GDPR, and again, I invite you guys to get yourself knowledgeable about this question.

There's a clause in GDPR which refers to business case. If there is a business case for you to be able to send an email to that person, then that is allowed, okay? So if you have a business case to be able to send a business transact a business email, then that is perfectly allowed in the GDPR. So you need to be able to state that, hi, my name is from such and such. I'm emailing you because business case established.

Okay? There are other considerations and you have to stay compliant, guys. So, for example, the Can Spam act in the US. Outlines five very clear things about sending email to stay compliant. Those things are must not have a deceptive subject line, okay?

Must include an address. So you actually have to have a PO box address on the footer of your sorry, let me be clear. You have to have an address, physical address. It doesn't have to be a house. It doesn't have to be your home.

It can be a PO box. But you should have an address on your email. You should have an easy way for people to opt out. So you must have an unsubscribe link. Number four is you must honour opt out.

So if somebody opts out, you can't re add them back in again. And the fifth one is trying to remember address opt out, deceptive subject line, method of contacts. I can't remember the fifth one, but they're all pretty basic from an email legal perspective. And again, please make sure you go and cheque. This is not legal advice.

So the Cansbem Act just basically says keep everybody safe and everybody's happy. And there are specific locations in the world where you need to take that extra step. I'm just going to see if I can open up. One of our Comet clients does the permission step really, really well. So cold email in California, Canada and Australia is hard to work with, but it doesn't mean it doesn't work.

And again, you can get that system in place where you've got a permission granted and fire out the emails quickly as a result. Let me just grab this is our client. I'm just seeing if we've got an opportunity to see what they've done here and I'll show off James Rivers'design for us as well in just a second. All right, so let me share my screen. This is a great example of one of our clients here.

So they set up when we're doing a demo. We call this the Board of Gold. You guys know this as the Opportunity Board, so we call this the Board of Gold. This installs in the snapshot that we've given you guys, everybody with the white label suite gets what we install as our leads, basic snapshot. And it has a whole bunch of steps in here.

This client has added more and the first request consent to email. Okay, so every day they're adding more and more and more leads into their system. They've got a system where they're just quickly picking up the phone and saying, hey, is it okay? They're having a message system set up. Then they've got a text message part of their thing and then they've got the invitation sent.

And I'm not going to move anything here because this is their live system. But as permission is given, they just move them into the right column and the automation then fires off from there. All right, so putting that into place is a, is a method of staying compliant. Now, again, does that take the shine off the lead generation system? Yes and no.

Yes, because it's an extra step that needs to be done. No, because nobody's doing that and it's still bloody hard work. And if you can make it easier for the client by stacking up this screen and giving them a list of people that they can connect with, then you're away anyway. Okay? The other thing is there's some smart ways that you can do this with chunky mail with actual hardmail you've got the business address.

You can send them a QR code, scan this if you'd like me to send more information, and that can move them across on the thing. The other thing is, as we know within GHL, every single person that comes through, you can add them to a custom audience in your workflows. So I don't know if you guys have come across that, but let me just go to my demo company here. By the way, James, james Rivers, who's on the call with us, designed our beautiful demo, our beautiful dashboard, and we absolutely love it. This was the update from yesterday.

Amazing. Just fantastic design. So James is partnering with us at White Level Suite, and we've got a special deal coming for you guys in about a week or so where we're going to introduce James's services as a partner with White Level Suite. Can't wait to introduce that to you guys. So what I was going to show you was in our automations, what you can do with every lead that comes in, and let me just create one very quickly.

You can set an action step. Oh, come on. There we go. Thanks. All right.

You can set an action step to create a custom audience on Facebook. All right, so the action step of Facebook add to custom audience means that we do the lead generation. We bring them into the database, put them in the permission step, and add them to a custom audience. So it does take the shine off being able to very quickly send out a bunch of connections and emails. But if you set it up the right way with your client, it's not a deal breaker.

Okay, so talk about being compliant. Talk about the fact that we can put this in place. Talk about the fact that there are other things that you can do for the leads. You would have seen in our clients example, there in Australia, text messages are not against the terms of service, so I can send a text message to that client. So there's a lot of other things that you can do with the leads.

So it's not a deal breaker. But again, make sure that you stay compliant in the local area that you work in. Somebody gave some advice last week when this question was asked, if you're in Canada, approach US. Businesses, right, that's not always possible, but there's other ways that you can work with clients as well. So, Kate, does that answer the question?

I know that was a long answer. It's an important one. Stay compliant. There's steps you can take and there's ways that you can make your business life easier for your clients. Okay.

Hopefully Kate. That was good. Kate says, thanks for the answer. I appreciate it. Cool.

Awesome. Staying compliant with lead generation.

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