Trouble shooting zapier account creation

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Coming in via sorry, James, you said.

This will be very helpful for other people that are creating Zaps. So just recording.


So the error that Scott's getting is the website format is invalid. We're just trying to troubleshoot the Zapier step. So when we're creating an account, we want to make sure that we're getting at the error we were getting was that the settings could only be true and false. We had everything set to false, but yeah, Jim, as you were just saying, we are not casting settings across them when we're doing it in Pabbly and it's creating it fine. So I think better left those settings out. Failed to create a request in web hooks by Zapier. The website format is invalid.

My post only provided just the business name because essentially and I have to pull up the I'm using the call against the API endpoint. Right. So it's Zapier post the URL for locations.

Oh, wait, go up a step. Go up a step.

Yeah, you got that right. Yeah, you are all the locations. I'm just using the business name as the only data element.


And then the header authorization bearer token.

Wait, go up, go up, go up. I just saw it. The website is listed as full name. It won't clear that out. Scott, go up, go up, go up, website.

Okay. Because, see, the funny part was that on the actual website, the instructions were, if you don't have a website, put your full name in there.

Okay. I wouldn't, but yeah, just remove that one. I would take that out completely.

I just had deleted the time zone.

Yeah, well, we don't pass timezone over either. Again, it's fraught with conflicts.

There we go.

It looks like it worked. There you go.

That one worked.

So we got it.

So this one should everything should be there.


Let's publish it. I'm running on email addresses to test.

Yeah, right.

Because it keeps coming back. What they can't.

I think you can just drop in a plus one if you've got a Gmail walt bayliss plus one. And that works well with Gmail. So now hopefully, Scotty, that's going to go through. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate that, man.

Yeah, I appreciate that, Jim.

Hey, Jim, are you a bit of a Zapier gun?

Yeah, a little bit of that. I'm a developer.

Yes, man, you don't have to I'm.

Mostly a back end API developer. Okay, cool.

Awesome. I always say, guys, our group is an amazing opportunity to connect a network. So if you have a skill set and you are a gun for hire, feel free to let people know. Like, we don't want to turn the group into a spam fest. And, you know, I don't think anybody in our group is going to is going to go down that path. But if there's a way that you can help someone, and that's a service that you charge for, feel free to make that happen. There's people asking questions in the group. And again, I don't want to turn this into a marketplace. Kind of everybody just DMing all that kind of rubbish because that's kind of what killed the GHL group. But if you see somebody and you have an opportunity, be a human, be nice, but don't be afraid to name a price for your services. So like, yeah, I do that as a living, I do that as a profession. I can help with that. It's a couple of know. That's definitely something that we're there for encouragement with. So cool. Awesome. Give it a test, Scott, and let us know.

I'll let you know.

Fantastic. Alan just asked a great question there and his question was, when you run out of searches and you purse the additional searches, does the month start over from the date the additional searches will purchase? No. And that's a good thing. I'll tell you why, but we are just about to change it. So the way it works at the moment is that the counter rolls over on the first of every month. So let's say you get to the 18th of the month and you've run out of searches, like, oh man, I need to upgrade. I need to go from the 1000 search package to the 2000 search package. What's going to happen is immediately that that payment goes through, you're going to have that extra 1000. So you've got another twelve days to use that extra 1000 basically. So that's what happens automatically, as in, it'll just up you to the 2000. So you'd have twelve days left to use the 2000. But I'll publicly happily say if you reach out to us on support, we'll make sure that you've got the 2000 for that month and then it will be the two 2000 every month carrying forward.

So just reach out to us when that happens and we'll make sure you're looked after. So cool. Also.

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