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Yes, it is. So, Gigi's question, what are we doing about LinkedIn? So I need to be very clear and transparent. At the moment. What we were looking at doing was licencing somebody else's tech and making it available for you guys. So there was about a $50,000 investment from outside to buy the tech, bring it in, make it our own, make it available. But we are looking at the way that LinkedIn and seeing if we can build it in a different way. So the reason I say that is it was going to be a short process. If we could just write a cheque and say, yeah, cool, now we've got the tech. Hey guys, here's our tool. That's the short path. And that means we could have had that released before Christmas, which would have been amazing.


The way that we're looking at creating something within LinkedIn GG is to actually have it in the same way Will actually does as a browser tab simulated. Because any LinkedIn automation is very much.

Not approved by LinkedIn.

So it needs to be done in a way that LinkedIn sees it to be an allowed application. So the way Will actually works if anybody's run Will actually before Love, will actually, every time you open up your browser, it opens up LinkedIn and it pins a tab and it's actually running.

On that Pin tab in the background.

Doing all of your automated approaches and everything like that. And it's acting like a human. So it's clicking on a profile, going to somebody, sending a connection request, answering a message like it's viewing somebody's. It's going through a whole process that makes it look like it's a human doing all of that kind of thing. So my vision for the tool will be that we take the leads out of the lead system, the LinkedIn profiles.

Out of the lead system, we put them into a connection request campaign.

So we get the system to go.

And do a Connect request. When that Connect request is accepted, we.

Would then send an initial approach message that you'd configure. When that approach message was received or replied to. You're going to be able to see all of that in conversations within GHL. So it is not something that we have plug and play ready available now. It's something that we are busy designing and seeing what's the best way that we can move it forward. So there's still an opportunity for us to licence that other tech, because it is a well proven system, but I just want to make sure that we're doing the right thing from a user point of view.

Okay, thanks. I do use Volaxy and I love it, but I would love to have it integrated into the system to be able to resell to clients that come in.

Yeah, it's an exciting opportunity and I think if we do it right, this is what I love about creating software, is that if we do it right.

We can take it far and above just a connection request.

Things like groups and things like pods and that kind of stuff are really leverage opportunities. But again, we just need to make sure that we do it in the right way so that we can maximise the results. And of course we want to integrate it into GHL. We want that conversation to show up in the conversations tab. We want the LinkedIn details to come into the system as well. So, yeah, LinkedIn for us is a big focus on how we can create something that works in that space. Will actually just really have done it well. I saw somebody with a thanks, Joseph. I saw somebody with a Zapier connection with Willaxi that was feeding all of the conversations back into GHL and I swore that I was going to do a training on it and I just haven't got time. So we've got Will actually running in.

The background for ourselves.

Right. The conversation thing is the biggest issue because it's hard once you're doing those campaigns, it's hard to keep up with the conversations. So pulling it into GHL will be a huge game changer. No one is doing that. So I can't wait to see the finished product.

So the good news is that GHL have made that API point available. So our chat tool, which will be, I think, our next release, our chat tool, multiplatform chat tool, does populate into conversations. So if you're getting messages on Slack.

Or WhatsApp, or messenger or messenger is.

Already there, but if you're getting multi, multi platform chat messages, it'll show up in conversations. So it is available and, yeah, that's how we work it through. So cool. Thank you so much, Gigi.

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