Generating B2c Leads and Leveraging B2B tools

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One of the most powerful ways to use a B to B tool to generate B to C leads is by by going down the partner route. Okay? So I'll give you an example. One of our clients here in Australia runs a property management business. She's not a real estate agent. She just does the leasing, the let management, so tenants and, you know, that kind of stuff, definitely B to so she has two client sectors. One is a property owner who has a house to rent, and one is a tenant looking for a new home. Right? B to C all the way. So her name is Beck. She's a good friend. And so she said to me, can I use this tool to help me find people who've got properties or people who need to rent houses? And I said no. But then I went, Hang on a second. How could we do it? So I said to her, Where does most of your business come from right now? And like many small businesses, she gets most of her business from referral. Word of mouth, right? Who was it? Before, I was actually talking about popping into BNI meetings.

If you ever go to a B and I meeting as a marketing professional, you will be shocked at how many people solely rely on word to mouth to mouth, referral based lead gen. It's staggering. And it's had no wonder why most businesses are struggling, right? But so Beck said to me, I get most of my business from wood to Mount. And I said, who refers your business? And she said, there's a few real estate agents that don't have rental departments, and there's two or three accountants that have clients with properties that they have as an investment properties. I said okay. Cool. When was the last time you did a targeted campaign to get more real estate agents and more accountants to send you business? And she said, I've never done that. I said, well, take a seat. Let's let's get this underway. So we did accountants and we did real estate agents, and we just did an information based campaign. So information based. Hi, this is me. I'd like to introduce myself. We're in the local community. This is what we do as a specialist organisation. We don't often have a chance to meet other professionals and just wanted to say hi.

Right. Second follow up email was simply, we do a business spotlight in our monthly newsletter. We'd love to find out more about you. Hit reply. Tell us about your business. We're featuring local businesses in our monthly newsletter. Right. That's the follow up and the follow up. The third email in the sequence was quite simply an invitation. Hi, just reaching out again. I hope you've got the theme. Submitted your business information for our spotlight. Really appreciate it. This is what we do. This is who we are. These are the kind of clients you can refer to us, please let us know the kind of clients we can refer to you. All right. So now she had such an overwhelming response star that she's actually hired four more staff, because now she has not just one B to C connection, but she has people that bring her ten at a time, right? If you've got ten real estate agents who each have one client, they can bring you one a month. You're like, overwhelmed, right? So the best B to C use of this tool is to find leveraged partners. And again, another story from our client base.

One of our clients runs a juice and supplement distribution business, so they created this incredible range of juices and supplements, right? And again, definitely B to C, that we're talking to consumers. We want people who are health conscious and that kind of stuff. So when Greg, our client, when Greg came to us, we're like, okay, cool. So how can we use this tool to help Greg? Right? So, again, instead of trying to look for an individual consumer, we looked for who can bring big groups of consumers to Greg as either a distribution partner or as a referral base. So we did two campaigns. One out to gyms in the area, gyms and personal trainers. Okay? And we talked about the juice. We showed them that there's an affiliate programme that they can actually get a cut for stocking the juice and the supplements, referring them to their clients. They can build a significant income by stocking Greg's products, which is really, really cool. He runs that all through Shopify and the affiliate system with Shopify. I can't remember the name, but it's there. So he sent that out to gym owners and personal trainers. And then the second campaign that we did was to health food stores, again, to stock his product.

So we went out to find health food stores, and again, these people are ordering not just two bottles of juice, they're ordering a palate. So instead of getting a one off order for six bottles or one supplement bottle at a time, they're getting a case of 240 bottles of supplements at a time. So a different thing. So that's one method. Right. But life coaches and people who want to work with individuals, there's two campaigns that we've run, one successful, one unsuccessful. So the successful one that we ran, the client, but they were coaching people in leadership and development. And the successful campaign, we went out at a corporate level start. So we went to businesses and we talked about the value of training their staff in these particular environments. And that was a successful campaign where we were actually going through and approaching the business owners with those life coaching skills and inviting them to nominate their staff as a professional development. And we did all kinds of things in that campaign. And feel free to use this. One of the things that we put in there was a snippet from a medical journal, something that said staff that receive training on professional and personal development are 80% more likely to stay past the two year mark.

So and that's a you know, there's plenty of statistics on professional development in the workplace, actually increasing longevity of staff. Right, so use that. So that was the successful campaign. We went out at a corporate level, approaching the business owners to get them to engage their staff in coaching and development. Right, so that was successful. The unsuccessful one that we ran was for a client in the UK and she is a life coach. I'm not sure of her specialty, but she is a life coach helping people through different scenarios in her life. And we started doing this kind of business campaign, we're trying to reach people in her local area and the response rate was terrible. So for her, the lead system just flat didn't work. We weren't able to generate the kind of inquiry she was looking for. But she's still a GHL client, she's still a comic client because we got a campaign running for her on Facebook, where a Facebook lead form coming in and then we build out this massive chatbot sequence behind it. So we had the lead form trigger a chatbot. The chatbot was qualifying like, hi, thanks so much for submitting the form on Facebook.

This is her name's, Deb. This is deb. Are you currently experiencing experiencing trauma? Just reply yes or no and that yes, then triggered off a whole bunch of sequences and she's getting them into a 14 day programme and and into a I think it's a six week paid course. So the initial using the lead tool didn't work for that particular client, but because of GHL, we plugged in the lead forms and just got that running. So star again, I know that I just want to give you sunshine and rainbows, but not every campaign works for every client. But the very best ones that we've been able to find is where you can introduce leverage partners that in A, B to C environment is super powerful. Does that help?

Yeah, definitely. I feel like maybe I would just have to target business coaches over, like, life coaches or anything like that, and then for them, they can buy the system for themselves and they can target either other business coaches or life coaches, but not necessarily focus on selling the platform itself.

Yeah, I think that's probably the strongest way to go. I would say, again, just based on the experience of going out at the corporate level, if any of your life coaches and coaching individuals can position their offer at a professional coaching level, then that would be the best way to use the leads tool in that environment. So if you're approaching a business owner and let's pick any niche, let's say real estate agents, for example, if you're approaching real estate agents with a life coaching offer and something that just says, for the principal, for the director of the real estate business. Would you like to help improve the quality of life for your salespeople staff, admin and team? We're offering a special package for Realtors at the moment. It's a three day weekend programme or it's a 14 day, whatever it might be. But putting the professional spin on it. Rather than going after the individuals, going after the business owners and saying, improve the quality of life for your staff by going down this development path, you'll find that's probably the only way that we can get kind of individual life coaches to get results with a business to business tool again.

Is that okay?

Yeah. Thank you.

Yeah, you're welcome. No worries at all. Awesome. Guys, we've got just ten minutes left of our open Q and A. Mr Scott Perry, have you got any questions I can help you with? Is there anything that I can answer for you to help jen, is there anything I can answer for you? I know. Again, Jen, thank you so much for being so active in the Facebook group. It's awesome. All your questions are great. Really appreciate them. So we've got Raffle, we've got Philip, we've got Robert Tricia, we've got Eric Yamili. If there's any questions, Scotty far away. Ben, I just had a problem with your.

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