Jace Hot Seat advice on building your business and viral tiktok systems

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I stopped recording because I wanted to get to know you. But Jace, just go back. Like, just can you just say that again? That's incredible.

Sure. We generated you too much. Yeah. So through TikTok, and if you're not on TikTok, you got to jump on TikTok. Freaking crazy. But we we generated 5000 leads from TikTok for life insurance, and then from those 5000 leads, we sold over half a million dollars hours worth of just policies. And so that's been kind of cool. And actually, it's been an interesting journey because for me, I jumped on TikTok initially and what I kind of realised is me talking about financial services. So I'm 25 years old and I look very young and no one trusts me at all. And so I actually just partnered with this lady in my firm and I was just like, hey, I'm posting. You just post exactly what I post. So I just started writing TikTok scripts for her and she went mega viral. She has a video that has over 1.3 million views, but that's the account that we use to gather all these leads. And then so she's essentially the face and we just have we just dish out these leads to the team of 13 or 14 people that we have closing these deals. But I was kind of the orchestrator behind that and then I found Go ahead level because I needed something to manage an auto text, appointments, et cetera, for the system that I built.

And so that's what I used to manage it and I started it about three months ago. Wow. With go ahead level.

That is amazing, mate. What's the goal now, Jason? So you're working in software sales. You're growing this kind of side hustle. What's the plan? How are you progressing that?

Yeah, so my goal is to build a huge Go High level following, build websites, that kind of thing. My master's degree is an information system, so I like the tech. The financial services sector was awesome. I honestly just jumped in that so we could buy a house. We bought a house. My wife and I were able to buy a house with that and so that was the overarching goal of that. But the thing that I like about the Go High level is that the technology, monthly recurring revenue, that's what I walt to build up and the scalability of affiliates and stuff like that. And that's what I really want to build up.

Nice. So thank you.

That's my end goal.

What do you think you need to I'm zoning in on you right now, Jay, so I apologise for that. My wife just bought my glasses, so that's great. And now I can actually see you. No, just kidding. So who do you think you need on your team to achieve that goal? I want to ask you three questions. So the first question is, who do you need on your team to help you achieve that goal.

Right now, I'm just trying to talk to more people about building websites. I actually went door knocking off to all the local chiropractors in Paison just to get to know people. I live in Paison, Utah. It's a very small town, about 20,000 people. And so just building those connections right now, I want to get up to about $5,000 in recurring revenue just from Go high level and then basically teach other people how to do it on TikTok and other social media. But I want to be able to have the backing in order to get there. So I'm fine with it taking a couple of months for me to get to that point and then really scaling from there. I just want to be able to make sure that I can train people and help people and be that educator like Bridget. And you were talking about, maybe I'm going too slow. Maybe I should just start now. But that's kind of my path. And obviously with, like, yes, you should start now, she's like, you should start now. That's kind of what I'm thinking. But if there's a better or faster way to do it, I'm all ears to learning.

So this is not a trick question, I promise. How many hours do you have in your day? I have 24. How many hours do you have? Because I don't know if it's different. How many do you have?

I think it's 24.

You have 24. Okay, that's that's that's good. We're honest. We're on a level playing field right now. How long does it take you to build a website?

I could do it in, like, an hour or two.

You could do it in an hour or two? Let's say two. You know, a little bit of design and that kind of stuff. So you need to sleep every now and then. You need to eat every now and then. You know, you need to, I don't know, go to the gym, do that kind of stuff. You kind of only have the opportunity to build maximum one, two, three websites a day at full capacity. And guess what? You you know, at that point, you maxed out, and you're you're you're not able to go any further. But if you had a slack channel and just as an example, if you had a slack channel with 50 web designers on it, on that one channel, and when you give the instruction to go and you got them to build a website as fast as they could. And they were all as skilled at it as you are when you said okay, everybody ready? Three, two, one, go. And you had 50 web designers on that Slack channel, and they could each build three websites in that day, how many have you just built?

150 to 100. Yeah.

And how much of your time has it taken?

Well, how long does it take you to type out 30 words? I don't know, 15 seconds.

So the biggest lesson that I've learned from my business partner, Chris, is that when you're doing the work, you are absolutely limited by your time and hours. So as quickly as you possibly can, build your team, right? So that you and our niche is business coaches, right? So we do really well with business coaches and consultants with Comet, but as quickly as you can if you build your team. What I always say to business coaches is that they have a certain magic, right? Everybody that I've ever worked with in a coaching space has a certain magic. They have that magic ability like Bridget. Absolutely. They have that magic. When you connect with an audience, the audience responds. And not everybody has that magic, right? Only the people that are in their zone of genius for that particular role have that magic. You have that magic, right? You have that magic ability to communicate with a large group of people and have them respond. Now, that large group of people might be a boardroom full of business owners in Utah that you're looking to bring on board. It might be a group of young web devs who need an opportunity and a space to express their creativity.

But you have that magic. It comes out of you straight away. So as soon as you can start to build out a team, then you can expand your magic one to many, right? If you have that opportunity to go one to many, you will dominate. And doing one to one, you'll make a living. Right? Doing one to many, you'll make a fortune. Bridget, go for it. I still have two questions for you guys. So you don't get enough that agent go for Bridget, okay.

Didn't receive this one because I see this all the time. As soon as it's the growth pains, it's like we start scaling our businesses, and then we're still in the fulfilment part, and then we spend so much time working in the business, we can't work on the business outsource. As soon as you possibly even the day before you think you should have outsourced, you should have done it last week. It's so important because, yeah, you need to be making sales. You don't need to be building websites.

And making sales is the real magic. Like, outsource the day before you think you need it. The moment you say to yourself, I can't afford to outsource, you will absolutely be blown away by the result that comes when you do. It will multiply the effect. And as an example of somebody, you know, we were talking about the people who don't like to be salespeople. There are Facebook groups with tens of thousands of people in them that are commission only salespeople, right? And if you can start to have a conversation with a few people and just simply get them to drop links, be a pitch person for you, and they are getting paid. Give them a massive amount of commission, give them 50%, give them 70%. Make sure you price your services to to compensate. But if you've got 20 people doing that for you and then you can be the magic that's, you know, controlling the group, you will scale and things will rapidly change. As a business owner, I have been caught so many times doing right and I get so stuck doing that. I am not growing. Unless you're growing, you're dying, as they say.

So, like, that advice. Jason, you're onto something. You have a magic. As soon as you can get a team, structure the people around you. And I can see the fear in your face from it. We're here to help, bro. We're here to help. Just tap into Bridget, tap into the group. There's some amazing people in this group. We're here to help. The first time you do it, you will feel an amazing sense of liberation and we'll celebrate with you. So that was my first question is who do you need around you? The next question I have for you is what do you need to learn to achieve that goal?

I actually just think about connecting with Bridget because I've never hired anyone from Fibre or I don't know even who to go to. I'm about to sell a chiropractor here in Pacing. Like, who would I even connect with to have them just build on the website? Why? Just go and find more people to purchase website from me. And also hundred and 60 people in.

The white label suite group. And if you drop that's true. If you drop a comment that just says, hey, I've got $2,000 for someone who wants to build a website for me, who's keen. I bet you'd have ten or 15 people raise their hand straight up and you can charge 3000 and carry on with your day. But anyway, let's keep going. What do you need to learn? So outsourcing.

Outsourcing, I think, honestly, just outsourcing. And then the best way to I've only been offering building websites and the lead generation for a couple of months now, basically just getting in front of the right people. I have another TikTok channel that I've started just for this. I need to start posting more regularly on that, obviously, but just how other people are being successful in advertising themselves, getting their face out there. And I think that's my next what?

Okay, cool. Fantastic. And then the last one. So who do you need around you and just start listing them out? I need a web designer, I need a salesperson, I need a marketing person, I need an admin person. Whoever it is that you need, just list them on a piece of paper, right? This is the team that I need. And then those people will drop into your life as you're progressing, you'll spot them, you'd be like, I need a salesperson commission. Only can do this. And do that. And then guess what? Someone in the next week is going to come across your space and be like, oh, my god, that's exactly the person I wrote down. It's amazing. I've seen that happen a million times. So write down who you need as your team to build that ideal lifestyle. Then write down what you need to learn. So it might be I need to learn outsourcing, I need to learn management skills. I need to learn financing cash flow. I need to learn and based on your history and your education already, you're not afraid of learning. So just like, make that list and tick it off one by one.

I need to learn this, this, and this to be at the ideal lifestyle. And then the last step is how? Who do you need? What do you need to learn, and how how are you going to progress it? And this breaks down. There's so many things that we can get to, but strategy and tactics. Okay, strategy and tactics. There's an amazing book which is called winning, which I've got on audible. It's just called winning, and it breaks down. What's strategy and tactics. So strategy strategy might be something like this. My strategy is to approach every business owner in the Utah, every business owner in this space, offer this service, and become a coach to this group of people. That's my strategy. And then we go. Okay, tactics. How are you going to do that? I'm going to reach out in facebook groups. I'm going to create google ads. I'm going to run this hard mail campaign. I'm going to employ this salesperson. So the strategy is the big kind of game plan, and then the tactics are the individual plays within that game plan. So who do you need? What do you need and how?

So strategy and tactics, what are your thoughts in terms of an overall strategy to achieve that goal?

Overall strategy, I think right now, just starting local and then just jumping out to all the different business groups inside of my state and then obviously branching out as far as possible, that would be probably the best thing that I should do.

Okay, cool. So that is a good strategy. The tactics behind that, throw a couple of ideas out. What are your tactics to getting into those local groups and into the local businesses?

One thing I actually just discovered, I don't know if anyone you should definitely look this up in your individual area, but if you haven't heard of BNI, it's business networking international. I just learned that the website Chris moving, and he made like six figures in the last year just building websites for people in my small town. So I was like, dope, if he moves, I can take a Chris and then build lots of websites for myself just locally. And so that's probably what I'm going to do. That's actually I'm meeting with them tomorrow at 09:00. A.m.. So I'm doing that. And then once I build my network locally, then reach out on Facebook groups, start growing my socials TikTok, Facebook, all that kind of stuff is, I think.

Those tactics, you've got the tactics to put them down. And again, I'll say to you, and I'll watch Bridget Nord when I say this, don't do it yourself. If you go to a BNI, if you go to a BNI meeting, you're going to have amazing connections with high level individuals, and you're going to get website work. And the very minute that you open up your GHL designer and you add that first section enrol and element to your page, you have lost the game. Because the game is then not how many websites you can build. The game is how many connections you can make and send that website. I love listening to Jim Rowan, and Jim Rowan talks about creating a lawn mowing round, right? And he's like, if you go and mow if you go and mow the neighbor's lawn, you get paid $10, right? But you can only mow ten lawns a day. If you've got ten other little neighbourhood kids mowing lawns and you're just organising the jobs and taking a dollar from each one, there is literally no limit on the amount of lawns that you can mow, so long as you've got enough people coming in who want to earn $9 per lawn, so long as you're getting the jobs.

You can have the lifestyle of a business owner without being the grunt that's doing the work. Now, again, guilty. I have been the grunt doing the work many years in my life. That's how I think qualified to talk about this, right? So go to the BNI. Best networking interaction you can have, right? Create your own BNI. And I've had a lot of people come to me and say, man, B and I, one $800, you know, a quarter or whatever it is to join man, that, you know, why, sure, I get a job here and there, but painful. Do put up a little post that says, new net, new business network. Are you an accountant? Are you a lawyer? Whatever. You could create your own B and I in like, 10 seconds, right? But join B and I get those connections. Get as much website work as you possibly can and do none of it. You be the guy that does the QA control over the customer delivery, and that's your magic, right? I would hate jason, I know that you love websites. I can see it when you talk about it. You love building websites because that's your thing, all right?

But the world needs you out there. It doesn't need you on this screen pushing lines across the page to make them line up, right? So you have an incredible skill, which is awesome, but make sure that the most amount of people that you can reach that. Yeah. Hey, sorry, guys. This turned into a hot seat for Jason. But, dude, I was so thrilled to see you pop up. Hopefully that's okay.

Yeah, I appreciate the advice. I'm all for learning more, and I really appreciate your expertise and really respect everything that you and Johann are doing, so I really appreciate it.

I say to people all the time, right, there's a word called integrity. Integrity. And it comes from the Latin word integra. And integra means whole, complete. Right? If you take any piece of that away, you are no longer whole. You are no longer complete. So when Johann and Chris and I talk about white level suite and the community that we're putting together here with Comet as well, we talk about integrity. And what we're talking about is each and every one of you on this call right now, and each and every one of you that's watching the replay, no matter whether it's rigid or it's Jenner, it's humiliating, it's Eric, it's Jace, it's Star, it's Gillian, it's Tricia, it's Robert, Phillip, Josh, Trevor, Dylan, JD, John, or Rafi. You guys, without you, we are not complete. Right? If you take any piece of the circle out, it's no longer a complete circle. So, dude, you're loving what we're doing. We couldn't do it without you. We are integral because you're here, and we love that. So amazing to have you with us. All right, guys, super cool. Enrique says I outsourced my entire system to my VA team.

Enrique, that is super, super cool. I would love for you to to drop some knowledge bombs into the group at some point and let us know how you did that. Trevor, amazing to see you, bro. Great to see you. Thanks for jumping in. Hey, so.

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