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What's your niche, Bridget? Are you specifically looking at one vertical as you're working with people?

No, I kind of started out I have a local business, and so that's kind of how out of survival. I learned marketing and then I was kind of pushed into helping other business owners, like, literally kicking and screaming. But now I love it and I have a very broad my agency is different than most agencies. It's more like a training programme or, like, I guess people call me a coach. I prefer trainer or consultant. But it was really easy for me, honestly, because my audience is high level. They're high level agency owners. So when we just did a webinar and it was just like I mean, you all know everybody signed up for it because it's like a no brainer thing. But even, like, my members who don't have high level, it's easy for them to see the value and to just so it's like, I'm signing up affiliates, I'm signing up people in my own agency. I think I've made 25 sales at this point, so it's just an easy sell. Honestly. I hate to say that it's, like, effortless, but if you just show the value in it, it's easy. I don't even like to sell.

I just like to say how cool this is.

We just engaged a new GM in our Comet agency. His name is Rod. Hopefully he can come across and meet you guys soon. So he said the same thing, I don't like to sell. And that was, like, one of the things that we nearly, nearly didn't give him a chance because he said, I don't like to sell. And we're like, you need to be able to sell. And then we watched him on a call, and the reality is, even for the people who say, I'm not a salesperson, I don't like selling. I'm not in that kind of, I don't know, doggy dog kind of world. If they're showing the benefits of GHL and lead generation and incredible systems and processes that are part of the process, people are buying. Like, I watched Rod do a call yesterday and I had to keep my mouth firmly shut. And Rod was just saying, you know, and then we'll build this automation for you. And he's really softly spoken and he's completely the opposite of me, which is why I was forcing myself to stay quiet and he was just saying, and then we do, you know, this is a process and this is a system and this is working and this is what the benefit is.

And the client just went, wow, that's amazing. That's great. And so Rod said, yeah, so are we are we getting that started for you? And the customer said, yes, absolutely. I was like, you don't need to be able to sell, you just need to be able to show what it does. Yeah, so cool. Bridgette that's amazing. And actually, guys sharing a little success story. On the other side of that, we have another one of our clients. His name is Kevin and he is a coach to businesses. And so he coaches them on running their business in a better way. And one of the workshops that he runs on a regular basis is about lead generation. So he literally runs free workshops, teaching business owners how to generate leads. So you can imagine the responses he gets, right? So Chris, my business partner, always says, if you want cheap clicks on Facebook, just put up free beer, click here. Cheap clicks doesn't mean good leads. There's no way that that can work through. But Kevin's whole thing is free lead generation workshop for businesses. So he has business owners that go, yeah, cool. Like customer growth and acquisition workshop with Kevin.

Two hour session. And he does talk about multiple different methodologies of lead generation. So he talks about Google ads and Facebook ads, shows off our lead gen programme and then shows off GHL to these clients. And that's how he's making a tonne of agency sales with GHL. He's literally signing people up at these free workshops. And I think his pitch at the end, he says, if you'd like to join, we'll install this CRM programme for you for free for the first month. And then we've got consultation time, so we do like, a $500 set up fee and then it's $297 a month kind of thing. And he's killing it. He's absolutely rocking it in. So he's leading with education, getting people who are interested in growing their business to attend these workshops, and, yeah, he's killing it. So, yeah, really great.

Can I just add to that? Because you're so right about the leading with education.


Because it's so, so easy that it makes me laugh that it took me so long to figure this out. But if you guys promote, if you're just showing how to get leads, or you just show all of these things that every one of us knows how to do, if you're making content how to do that, you're going to have a couple of options. You're going to have the person who wants to sign up with you to do what you're doing, and then you're going to have the person who's like, that's way too much work. Can I just hire you to do this for me? It's so easy. And you're positioning yourself as an expert. They're seeing you build websites, they're watching you create email campaigns, they're looking at the tools that you're showing how to use. It's so easy if you're just leading, because they're not searching for, how do I use a lead generation system? How do I get leads online?

Yeah, right, exactly.

How do I send an email? How do I create a business phone number? These are all things that we can just create. This massive amount of content.

It's so amazing. And it builds a tribe like it builds a real tribe, a real following. I've referenced this person before and Eric, I just saw your message there. If you go to I'm just going to do this incognito members whitelabelsuite.com. If you go to, I will get your sign up link, Eric, but because I think you came across from Comet, you're not in the membership area of White level suite, but we will fix it up. Do you want just your Cognito Logics email address on that? Okay, cool. I'll say that for you. So I've mentioned this person before.


Of a great interview, again, that I did when I was running my podcast. She built up a massive, massive following with a programme that is a competitor to GHL. It's called builder all. So they've got the same thing, they've got page builders and email stuff and whatever. And she had at one stage, I think, 20,000 people in her Builder All downline. So she was so Builder All created their stuff as a multilevel marketing thing. So if you refer people and then they refer people and then they refer people, you get paid for as many as you build. So a lot of this was years ago, but she created her tribe of people that bought this programme by doing Microsoft Excel videos. So I was doing this interview with her and she's got the plaque on the wall behind her, which is the Builder All million dollar club. All right? So, by the way, I'd love to cheque that in if we're going to have a white label suite, a million dollar club, Bridget, I want you to have the first clock. So, yeah, she had the million dollar plug for Builder All behind her and I said, wow, that's amazing to bring in a million dollars from being an affiliate, being a referral partner for this programme.

How did you do it? And she said, It was crazy. I started doing Microsoft Excel YouTube videos and I went, what? Yeah, I hadn't used Microsoft Excel before and I found so many cool things, like when you highlight the row and it adds it up at the bottom, and she's like, you can see the sum and the average. And I was just so amazed that I thought that I'd put it up on YouTube. And then the next thing you know, I had like, 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and I was just dropping off Microsoft Excel videos once a day of amazing things that you could do in Microsoft Excel. And then that showed that those people were interested in productivity tools and that kind of stuff. And then when I started talking about Builder All, everybody just kind of flocked in and I went, wow, leading with education. So, thanks so much, John. That's so nice, man. Leading with education. When I was doing the podcast, I had a podcast, which I've still got all the episodes, which I'll drip out to you guys. I was interviewing agencybud owners, and for no other reason than that was my ideal audience, right?

And it's so funny. Anyway, let me stay on par. Leading with education. So I was interviewing agency owners with the intent of teaching how to run a better agency. Right? Now, selfishly, from my perspective, I wanted to learn how to build a better agencybud. So I thought, okay, cool, I need some coaching, some help here. But the funny thing is, if you call somebody up and say, hey, listen, noticed you're really successful. I'm trying to kind of be in the same space. Would you mind giving me an hour of your time? They're going to say, yeah, sure, buddy, here's an invoice for 25 grand. But if you simply flip that script and say, hey, notice that you've got a really successful agency. I've put a podcast together and love to feature you on the podcast. Any chance of getting you on? They're like, yeah, absolutely. When can we book it in them? Man, amazing. We had a LinkedIn automation running and the acceptance rate to get on the podcast was so high that I had to switch it off. I had three months worth of interviews booked up at five a week, and I just couldn't get anybody else in their things.

And we were literally only doing ten LinkedIn requests per day, right? And people just loved it. They just want to be a podcast. Absolutely. I want to be on it. Video Interview so my point being, leading with education, right? So we were interviewing people, teaching how to run better agencies at the same time, learning how to run a better agency and then sending that content out. And guess what? The tribe of people who wanted to run better agencies were just coming in with that podcasting as well, guys, and I know there's a billion podcast and everybody's got one these days, but what I found was really interesting was what I call the Ego Factor. And the Ego factor is so, so powerful for building your own database. So the ego factor works like this. I interview somebody who's at a high professional level, talk them up across all my socials, and guess what happens when the interview drops? They share it to their socials. Now, they have way bigger influence than I do, and when they share it, my views and subscribers and all of that kind of stuff was rocketing. So the ego factor is huge.

I did an interview with a YouTuber, a professional YouTuber guy named James from the channel called Casually Explained. And James didn't drop our interview on his channel, which had, I think, 4 million subscribers, but he dropped it on his Twitter account, which had, I think, 250,000 subscribers. So his Twitter account was kind of like secondary. But he just said, hey, he had so much fun with Walt. The interview drops today, cheque it out. And we got 30,000 subscribers to our channel because James dropped that Tweet, right? So the ego factor is incredible. And again, where are we coming to when we're talking about lead generation? If you can lead with education and you can educate your market on the skills that you have and the kind of business that you're building, you will build a tribe of people that then listen to your commentary. And when you have an offer like a GHL licence or like a lead generation tool, then you'll have sign ups as a result of that. So you see it all the time. And I'm looking for Gary Vannerchuk's book on my shelf, which I think I've lent out, but Gary's crushing it.

Crushing. It is the name of Gary Van Chuck's book. He literally just talks about that whole concept, lead with education and your market will come to you. And I know I've talked too long about this, but I'll just finish it off with one comment. Another masterclass interview that we did, one of our guest speakers was talking about creating your authority, right? And this person, Nick, who was our guest, asked Johan, who's my business partner, what his passion, what his interests were, and Johann said, Martial arts. And so Nick said, Cool. Imagine if we had a room full of the best martial artists in the world, and we said to you to get up on stage and show us a few moves, how'd you feel? And Johan said, I'd feel freaking terrified. And there's no way that I, as a little person, you know, who just loves going down to my karate place on the weekends, is going to get up in front of the best martial artists in the world and try and show some moves. And Nick said exactly. But now let's flip the audience. What if I put instead of the best martial artists in the world, what if I put a room full of twelve to 18 year olds who would just want to be better and have never done martial arts in their life, and now I asked you to go up on stage and do a few moves?

Johann said, I'm all in. Like, man, they'd love it. And Nick said, that's the point. When we're trying to build authority, a lot of us, and me included, we have this imposter syndrome, right? It's like, I don't deserve to teach this stuff. I've only just kind of learned it myself. And the reality, from a marketplace point of view, is simple. The people that are already above you will self qualify out, right? The masters of whatever it is that you want to talk about won't listen to you because you're not their teacher, right? But the people who need to hear it will be all ears. So imposter syndrome hits us all where we feel like, oh, man, I don't know if I'm actually good enough to talk about this. But the reality is, the people who are already past you in skill level won't listen anyway. The people who need to hear the message will pay attention. So you can start this whole concept. And again, Bridget, thank you so much. You can start leading with education into your marketplace with the complete knowledge that only the people that need to hear your message are going to listen.

Right? So you can start to build that education space knowing that the people who are going to respond are exactly the kind of people that you will want to be talking to. Right? So Bridget, thank you so much. I'm going to click on, quote, guys, is that helpful in any way? Just some thumbs up. Jace, great to see you, man. Well done for jumping in it. Johan said he had an amazing conversation with you yesterday, so that sounds really fascinating. He told me that you are like a genius and love building automation and that kind of stuff. Let me just click on stop for a second. Ha.

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