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So Trevor's question is on the Pabbly recipe that we've shared, the workflow recipe to help get free trial accounts set up really quickly. And there's a piece that I added to the members area, which I'll go through with you right now, and then I'll show you what I mean on Pabbly as well. So let me share my screen. Hopefully you guys can see this one. All right, cool. Bridget, can you see my screen right now? Thumbs up. Yep. Great. Awesome. Okay, so in the white, this is the masterclass vault that I just mentioned, by the way, in the white label suite area, just pop on in and come down to our new snapshot, which is our 23 lead snapshot right here. And in the Pabbly, step three. I added this yesterday. Important. And there's a couple of screenshots here as well. You'll need to make sure you get your own snapshot ID. Each snapshot has its own ID, and when installed on another agency account, the ID will change. So what I mean by that in the Pabbly step. So let me just open this one up as well and get it across for you guys.

Walking through this Pabbly. Looks like I need to log in. Walking through this Pabbly recipe or workflow. One of the steps is to create the API. Sorry, to create the account using the API. And here we go. Chris step post a GHL API. Here we go. So we've got the authorization, the bearer code, all that kind of stuff. And as we're scrolling down, we're mapping across from that first step, but we get all the way to this bottom label, which is snapshot. Okay. And it's inserting an ID, which is that one right there. And that ID. Every time you install a snapshot on a different account, the ID changes because it then becomes unique for you. Right? So when this we have all of our snapshots, as you guys have got all your snapshots in your account as well. Every single snapshot has its own ID. And when you install the Leads Basic snapshot, which is the one that we gave you to set up your client accounts, you will have a unique ID here. So if you're running this, Trevor, what you need to do is thanks, Bridget. That's amazing. If you guys want to see that, jump into let me come to our instance.

So come to your agency account. All right. And come to Settings and come to Snapshots right here. And the snapshot that you want to install for your clients, we install the one called Leads Basic. So let me just find that one. Basic. There it is. This is the one that we gave you as part of our set up. So you have this one, and this is the one that we're installing with that 23 leads trial. It's got the cold email outreach, it's got an appointment programme, it's got the funnels, it's got everything that we have given you, but next to the title of the snapshot, GHL have made it really easy. Now, they've got a little clipboard icon, and you can copy that Snapshot ID. Okay, so copy that ID, and then in your Pabbly recipe, come in and paste it there, because what's happening and the reason you're getting that error, Trevor, is because the system goes okay, insert, insert, insert, insert, insert. Whoa, hang on a second. Got an error. No such no such ID exists. All right. And the other thing is, Bridget, I'm just double checking with you. When you are installing this snapshot, I think you might need to change this from own to import, because we created the snapshot, so it's our own.

But you're importing the snapshot, so it goes from own to import. So that would be the reason why, Trevor, you'll need to update the ID of your snapshot, and you'll need to change that from own to import, and your Pabbly recipe will work. Trevor, does that help?

Yeah, absolutely. We were having problems yesterday and today trying to figure it out for, like, hours because we weren't too sure what was going on with it, because the workflow works perfectly. Everything goes through fine. But getting to the last step after they booked the appointment, it wasn't doing that. The 14 day trial, like, set up for them, they weren't getting the account information right.

Yeah, that'll be why it is failing at this point. If you look on your are you in front of your computer right now?

Fortunately, no. I'm in the car, but I really wanted to join.

Awesome. Well, I'm glad you did, man. I'm glad you did. Well, how did you type so much when you're driving? Don't type and drive. Don't type and drive. No worries at all. Hey, guys, if you are driving, you want to ask a question and you can't type, just do a raise hand and unmute. More than happy to take questions here on the call, but, yeah, that will be the reason why you need to update the Snapshot ID and change it to import. Hey, guys, philip Williams just posted, made his first sale today. Philip yeah. Amazing. Well done, man. That's fantastic. Do you want to tell us about it unmute and tell us who the client was and how you put that together? Oh, wait. 1 second. 1 second. I want to give you four. 


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