Phillip Williams First Sale

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Amazing. Philip Williams just made his first sale today. Tell us all about it, man. How did it come to be? Let's see if I can get Phillip to unmute and tell us how he got that first sale across the line.

I'm thrilled to hear it, bro. So feel free to unmute. Tell us if you can't unmute, then I will come back to you. But congrats, man. That's so good.

So, guys, we are celebrating your success. And we've got our bit of a don't tell anyone except for the fact that we're broadcasting this live on Facebook. We got interviewed by GHL ten days ago, and they're releasing that as a Spotlight interview next week because our whole Mo is helping you guys sell more licences, right? And so GHL were like, yeah, cool, let's chat to these guys. So, yeah, we got a spotlight with Chase, which is coming next week.

We're here to help you guys succeed, right? Selling that licence. Philip, that's awesome. So great to hear. Guys, if you want to share a couple of success stories, like clients that you've talked to and that kind of stuff, that would help.

The group can't jump on right now, says Philip. That's okay. No problem. Congrats, man. That's an amazing thing.

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