How to position yourself as an Agency or Software owner

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And let me record that. So Chris said something about positioning before. So, Joe, you're you're you're battling with a positioning problem where people know you as the credit guy. You build a database. Like, people know that that, you know, at barbecues and whatever. You've been talking about that for 13 years. So I have to tell you a story of a guy that bought licences from me, and he's a barrister. Solicitor. Diane barrister the coffee. That's a barister. I know. But anyway, so anyway, he's a he's a he's a lawyer, right? He's he's done the whole thing, and he's, like, 60 years old, and his whole entire life has been about this law practise that he's built. And his question to me was the same. How do I go from being Michael the lawyer to Michael, who now owns, like, a GHL agency software thing? And I gave him a phrase, and Joe, I'll give the same one to you. Hey, I just recently invested in a software company and I'd love to talk to you about it. Okay, so you are a software company. Would not want to be a software company investor. Now, have you or have you not paid your licence to GHL and to white label suite?

So have you not invested money in a software company that you now have your brand on? So that phrase, I have just invested in a software company. So, hey, Joe, how did you go from being the credit guy and now what's this GHL? You go, you know what? I recently invested in a software company. I'd love to talk to you about it, all right? Because now you're a software company investor, right? I've invested in a software company. Cool. What does it do? Let me show you. If you got 15 minutes, I'll sit down and talk to you about it. Right? So you're positioning yourself as a person of authority because you've invested in a software programme. You have invested you are a software company investor. You now have your own software company. Right? I tell the story often. When I first started on the entrepreneurial journey, I used to try and tell people what I did, okay? So I'm putting together programme. By the time I'm stumbling through those first two sentences, they're already gone. Right? And so I actually posted this in the group the other day. When people ask me now what I do, I say, this is my line, please feel free to take it.

I've found it to be so unbelievably effective that people literally want to book me when I introduce myself. So this is my phrase. I say, I run a software company that specialises in customer acquisition and retention.

Okay? I run a software company. I'm going to write it in my.

Do that I run a software company that helps with client acquisition and retention. And I've literally seen business owners eyes go, when can we talk? And I'm just like, here's my link, right? So, yeah, the positioning is an interesting thing, but this is the other thing. This is going to sound awful, Joe. This is going to sound awful. Now let me see if I can phrase it the right ways. People are so caught up with their own lives, their own issues, their own situations and their own problems that they will think less than 2 seconds about yours. And I don't mean that to be mean, I really don't. People are so caught up with their own lives, their own situations, what's happening at home, what they need to do next, where they're up to in their lives, that they will spend less than 2 seconds thinking about your life and your situation. So all you need to do is mentally switch, right? Because you are a guy that's been that you're not a credit guy, you're not a software guy, you're a business person. You just happen to be focused on that business at that time.

Chris, sitting across the desk from me has an amazing business partner. His name is Sean, right? And Sean plays at an unbelievable high level. And he has businesses that are in so many different fields, you can't even possibly believe what this guy's connected to. He's in construction, he's in energy, he's in solar, he's in rare earths and diamonds. He's in all this kind of stuff, right? But what does he do? I'm a business investor. Right? That's you, man. You happen to invest time and money into the credit space because that's where you found a fit at that particular time. So now you can mentally switch and say, I just invested in a software company that helps clients with retention and the acquisition, okay? That's what you do, man. That's what you do. And when people meet you at a barbecue and they say, that natural question. So what do you hey, so Joe, nice to meet what do you do? You can just simply say, I own a software company that helps with client acquisition and retention. And they say, what happened to the credit business? You say, that was really great for me and this is even better, right?

And the credit business still running, but I'm picking and choosing on who I deal with on that side.

Now, I get what you were saying about the energy because, like, people in that space they have coming to you with their problems and you got to be that problem solver. Whereas whereas with the GHL thing, you're going to people with a growth story. Like it's a very different business. So I don't know your situation. But dude, see, if you can sell that credit business, right, there's somebody that will buy it from you, right? If you want to walk from it, there's somebody that will buy it from you. Build your GHL, do enough monthly income and just sell that puppy. I've got another software programme that I've been building over the last five years that I'm just not connected to anymore, and I'm selling it. It still brings in good money every single month, but it's not what I do. It's not who I am anymore. That's the great thing about being a business owner. I was saying to this to somebody the other day, you can work hard all your life as an employee, and at the end they say, thanks, man, I wish you well in your retirement. But if you're doing it as a business owner, you can work hard all your life, and at the end you can go, here's an asset that's worth a meal.

I might just pass that on to the next person, right? You're building an asset with every single piece of that sweat, man. So, again, I just think that you are now the owner of a software company that helps with client acquisition and retention, brother. Take it, own it, change some lives.

Appreciate it, man. And one more part of that. How do you feel about door to door gorilla marketing going to I got three things that I'm going to offer, right? We got the lead tool with Commerce Week, and I think I'm going to focus on the online reputation because that's kind of universal to any business. They need that. So how do you feel about door to door guerrilla marketing versus online?

You want to say that one? Is that what you're saying? No. Okay, cool. Let me answer it then. Let me answer it then. This is maybe going back four or five years ago, somewhere around that sort of level. As a family, we were going through ups, downs, kind of business owner times. We were at the bottom of that trough at that point in time. And I said to my wife, if we're not making sales from online, I don't want to swear on this, because otherwise I'll get that little e on my podcasting, right? So I don't want to swear here. But I said to her, I will take my door to door and I will knock as many businesses as I need to knock to make this puppy sell. Dude, it's not important how I feel about door to door. It's how you feel about door to door. And honestly, every entrepreneur that I know, we all do that back against the wall thing, right? It's like, dude, I have to feed my family. I will do whatever the hell it takes to do it. If that means standing on the street corner with a sign that says CRM Software, I don't care what I have.

We all do that, right? We all have that back against the wall mentality. So I have physically said the words, I will go door to door. Fortunately, I didn't have to. But would I? Absolutely, brother. I would absolutely do it. And I would do it in a way that was just tried, tested, and true. I would walk into the receptionist and I would say, hey, how are you doing? Do you mind if pick up one of your business directors cards here? I've got a system I'd like to talk to them about. By the way, are they in? They're going to say, no, we don't take door to door salespeople. Say, no problem at all. I'd like to send them an email, give them a call later on. Have you got their number? Great, thanks very much. And I'd then sit down that afternoon and say, hey, I popped into your business today and I just love to talk to you about generating 1000 qualified leads in 30 seconds or less for less than $300 if you got ten minutes. So I would do it, brother, absolutely, 100%.

Appreciate it, man. Chris walk. I appreciate it, man. Thank you all so much.

We have to wrap it up. Unfortunately, we're over time. I know a lot of people asked.

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