2 step order form and SaaS mode for free trial

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Cool. John's question is, can we use the two step auto form, SAS mode within GHL to create the free trial for our clients, rather than the whole padley zapier thing going on in the background? Right. So the answer is 100% yes. So you can get them to go through the funnel. Step one, they register. Step two can be a two step auto form or a one step order reform where they're actually creating their account. So they're putting their name, the business name, the details, all that kind of stuff. If you've got SAS mode with GHL, which, John, I'm assuming that you do, then you can create a free trial. You can create a free trial using that system and the answer is 100% yes. The reason why we don't use the built in order form within GHL is, for us, a big part of our sales process is affiliates and JV partners and referral partners and people referring us business. And at the moment, GHL just doesn't have that capability. It's coming, but it's not there. So we use an external platform, we use Pay Kickstart to actually process our payments. So the payments aren't happening inside GHL.

That's why we have to zap them back in. Right. But if you're using SAS mode, if you've just straight connected stripe and you're processing those transactions from within your GHL account, SAS mode, set it to free trial. 100%. Absolutely. Great. Way to go, man. Does that help?

Perfect. Yeah, it does, because we were discussing that in our group and I was discussing it with another person also when we were putting together the Pavli automations, because I struggled with that at first for a minute, but we got it.

It took me half a day to build that out. That was just like, so much stronger.

I don't know why the link wasn't working on my end, you know what I mean? I couldn't figure it out and sorry if we my son shoot me with nervous.

Tell him to aim better, bro.

They said aim better, man.

You got the target.

Yeah, centre mass. But now we were talking about that and I started to do that and we're just trying to discuss on what we thought maybe the thought process was behind it. So I wanted to ask that because.

Yeah, man, that's a risk. And, yes, use the free trial SAS sign up if you've got SAS mode turned on. Yeah, definitely use that first round. Now, I'm going to let you get back to your badminton game, but I just need to ask that Spike thing, are you a cinemas?

No, it's cobra. AI, man. Karate Kid stuff.


I love it. I love it.

Walmart T shirt special.

I love it.

Cool. I love it.

Have you caught up with it on Netflix? Are you up to season five or whatever it is?

Oh, no, I think we went through season four, but season five nice. If there is I don't know. Is there a season?

I love it, man. I enjoy the game. John and great question, dude. You were about to do something which is absolutely forbidden in this group, right? You are about to apologise for bugging us, all right? And that is forbidden. You must not apologise for bugging us. We are here for you. There is no such thing as too many questions. We love it. As we were talking about before, the integrity for us is that you guys are part of what we do. So anytime you have a question, ask it. We're here to help.

But I appreciate it, man. Thank you, guys.

Good to see, man. Great to see you. Enjoy the game.

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