How do we generate leads for our agency

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When we're reaching out to people, when we're doing our own prospecting using our leads tool, it has so much credibility and position because there's one line in our prospecting email that I love which just simply says, proof that it works. Question mark. Where you're reading our email right now, right? So I'm doing a prospecting reach out about out a lead generation tool. And the line says, Would you like to know that it works? You're reading the email, we found you using our own tool. So it's an amazing credibility and positioning statement. But the 23 leads was just such an explosion for us that we turned on everything. So Facebook ads and I actually think we run in some Instagram stuff as well. And we had a LinkedIn programme running at the same time, but it just got so crazy busy so quick.

We've done multiple Facebook groups, we had some Bas, doing some messaging and reach out inboxing and kind of just everything. I mean, you can really use it wherever you want. You can make a post, you can do a Facebook ad, you can obviously do it to cold traffic, to it, to existing traffic. It's really just anywhere. It's just an ethical bribe to get someone onto a booking with you so that you can actually show them the new tool that you're selling. Your own tool. Our own lead generation tool. We'll give you a demo of it. And it doesn't always have to be 20, it could be ten, 5100.

We played with an idea that we never turned on because we just got so busy, but we played with an idea of making it viral off the back end. So like our idea and again, we didn't activate this, but take it and run with it if you want to. So our idea was 23 leads. Okay, cool. We've done all that kind of stuff. And then one last step that just said, would you like to up that to 100 free leads? Share this on LinkedIn right now, right? And can you imagine? Okay, yeah, give me 100 leads. Great. All I need to do is click on Share into a business network environment and the share to bring people back to the 23 leads funnel. We actually didn't turn that on because we were too busy. But if you want to do that so guys, your ability to generate these free leads is in your thousand people search. And as you know, you can pick up the wholesale for the 2000 or the 5000 or whatever. So if you worry I don't want to use all my thousand on that thing, then you might put a different allocation aside.

So you might go 500 leads for me for prospecting. Cool. And I'll drop them into my funnel and get them going out and turning them through. And then keep 500 up your sleeve for doing 23 leads sales calls and doing demos and that kind of stuff. And as soon as you've got a couple of sales coming through, you can bump yourself up to the 250, which gives you 2000 leads. And again, then you can, you can double all those efforts. So yeah, don't forget that you're getting that at wholesale. So Trish says the grandfather pricing means that we're locked in forever. Does that mean the other licences we buy from here will also be at the grandfather price?

Yes, it does.

That was one of our deals. So you guys have got some pretty cool stuff there. You'll even see on Whitelevel already that now our retail pricing of the licences has already doubled, but you guys got in, so super cool. By the way, by the way, by the way, by the way, if you know other agency owners and this is my sales pitch, if you guys know other agencybud owners that also run GHL, that could benefit from the White Labour Suite system, use your two tier affiliate link, which is in the affiliate section. And again, I will do my screen share and show you what I mean in the members area. So let's go back to our members area here. In the members area, there's a pink and blue one which is JVs and Affiliates. If you know other agencybud owners that could have some great experience with using the White Label Suite and help their own GHL agencybud grow, come down here and grab the two tier link. What that means is that you refer the agency and they buy in. All right? So they buy their first licence just like you guys did, but when they then sell licences to their clients, you'll also get a commission on their sales.

So not only do you get a referral commission for sending people to us, thank you so much, we love you. But then when they are selling licences to their clients, you're going to get a commission on that, which can be huge. So if you bring agencies to White Label Suite, you're actually getting paid on their sales as well, which is super cool. So that was just my little sales pitch. I try not to do that on these calls, but hopefully that's going to help put some extra money in your pocket. Alright, so stopping.

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