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I promise. All right, here we go. Sharing the screen, Bill. Thanks so much. So Bill's question is, how do I get the updated snapshot?

Super easy. Just come into your membership area and in your white label suite membership, you will find you've got three courses here. All right, this is our masterclass recordings and who caught Greg's master classroom last week. Man, that was awesome. I love that one.

Talking about how to increase your lifetime customer value. Super, super cool. So to come in here, Bill, click on the white label suite members area, come all the way down to snapshots and you've got two different snapshots. The first one, the leads install snapshot for clients. That's what you're going to on sell.

So when you sell the leads programme with your GHL, you install that on their sub account. That's going to give you automations for cold email opportunity boards, email templates, and they're going to start speaking of email templates, I'll come back to that in just a second as well. So that snapshot is the one that you can install for your clients. Now, you can also install this in your account because it'll give you the email sequence for your own cold lead prospecting, right? But the primary reason that this snapshot exists is to install in your clients accounts when you make a sale.

The other one is the sales resource million dollar snapshot. And that's one that you install in your own main account, the only account that you use in GHL for your own database, your own customers, that's got website templates, email automations and scripts in there as well that you can then customise and send people. You only need to fill in the custom values. Now with that, there are instructions on how to set that up. So in this video, we actually talk about how to set up that million dollar snapshot and we give you the tools.

So how do you get it? Bill's question really was how do I get this updated? Snapshot come into this section so it's in white label suite membership sales resources. The million dollar snapshot just come down here and copy this link, right? Copy the link.

Make sure you're logged into your GHL agency account. You must have an agency account to import a snapshot. When you're logged in, you just literally go to that link and it's going to say affiliates, go high level, blah, blah, blah, all that kind of stuff. And if you've already got it, it's here. So I need to be logged in and then it will show up with a thing that says import this snapshot.

So you must be logged in, otherwise you're going to see the referral screen. Okay? So when you're logged in, you'll see that and it will just say, do you wish to import this snapshot? Just say yes and it'll be straight in your system there. And then there's instructions on how to set it up.

So hopefully that helps billion come into the members area in our memberships. The two snapshots. One is the leads install and again there's a link where you can come and get it. Copy. See this link?

Okay, and the other one is in sales resources. Sales resources and it's the million dollar snapshot. And again the link to it is right here. Okay, cool. Hopefully that's helpful.

All right guys, we're just over an hour into our Q and A session. Hopefully this is value for you.

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