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All right, our white label chat module should be the next one that's coming through and we are super excited about it. So we're plugging this straight into GHL. So it really runs a live multiplatform chat system that we've got popping through into the opportunity boards and into conversations. And the difference between this and the difference between this and the chat widget that's standard with GHL is this genuinely becomes multiplatform multi site. Yeah, it's huge. So first things first is that you can actually put it on multiple domains and funnels. So you know how with GHL, you've only got one chat widget and it's the same one, like the same message sequence on every single funnel, whereas here you can have a different funnel. So I might have one funnel for sales, one funnel for support, one funnel for a membership, one funnel for whatever, and I can have different messages sequence starting from here. The other thing is, this is going to be super cool for you guys, that we actually can connect up multiple chat apps so somebody messages you or pops a message, and again, this is for you to sell to your clients, right?

So we'll be the same licence deal. You'll buy a licence and onsell it to your client and keep the profit. Right? So first you can connect Slack, which is so cool. So then we have one channel dedicated for customer connection. You can have all your staff in Slack. Everybody can be answering a customer who's live on your website right now, which is super cool. So you can have Slack, you can answer on WhatsApp, you can have Skype, you can have Facebook Messenger. So the cool thing there, and, of course, you can answer from this dashboard, so you can run this dashboard as a chat dashboard that you can live chat with people from this app. Right? So why is this multiplatform thing so cool? Because, as we know, the GHL widget that's on the site at the moment is a text based, SMS based system. And, yes, you can answer from the app, which is great. I love that, the lead connector app so good. But it's just another place, right? It's just another place you have to go. I might be away from my desk and I use Facebook Messenger or Slack all the time.

And if somebody's on my website and again, think about this from your clients point of view. If you're selling to a roofing contractor, he's on the roof. He's not sitting in front of his laptop and his Facebook Messenger says, hey, can I have a quote? And he's able to answer, but even better than that. So now we can do multiplatform. Even better than that, we can actually do multi staff multiplatform. So what do I mean by that? I can actually assign different staff members. So let me come to not that one, let me go to settings here. So I can actually assign multiple staff members and I can put them into my chat. And what does that mean? So I can say, okay, on Tuesdays between seven and twelve, John is on the desk, and then from one till midnight, Mary's on the desk and John likes to answer on Slack, whereas Mary likes to answer on WhatsApp? And the system will automatically route the message based on who's on shift at any one time. Okay. And again, this is all plugging into GHL, everything visible in the contacts, in the conversations. And the one last wow factor for this is that you can build message flows like you do in many chat.

So we come across to our automation. I think I've got one. Which one have I already got one working on? Let me come. I think it's this one. Okay, cool. Yeah. So I've called this a qualifying chat flow. Right. So, welcome. Are you currently running a business? So that pops up with a message, are you currently running a business, yes or no? And of course I can put pictures there or gifts or whatever it might be, and let's say I answer yes. All right, cool. So what happens when I answer? Yes? Great. Would you like some help? Yes, I would. Fantastic. Great. Please visit this site. Okay. Taking them through to a qualified so you can build this flow? So what if I answer no? Am I currently running a business? No. Okay, no problems. All right. Or am I currently running a business? Yes. Would you like some help? No. Okay, no problems. So you can literally build this to be a question and answer flow. If they answer this, take them here. If they answer that, take them there. So from a conversation point of view, live on the widget, we can have a qualifier and imagine again, think about like a mortgage broker, somebody like that.

Hey, welcome to the site. Do you currently have your own home? Yes. No. Yes. Oh, okay, fantastic. Are you looking to refinance? No. Okay, no problems. How can I help? You best enter and the person takes over and a human kicks in at some point. Right. But you can qualify the person via a live chat widget so that they're taken to the right area on your site. So this is all coming. So Olive's question is olive is so nice to see you. By the way, Olive's question was when will the white label chat system be available? I'm going to say within the next 30 days. So we wanted to really make sure that the experience in leads is right. So we've got all of our dev team on leads at the moment, just making sure that the flow is all good and everything's right there. And then we'll be turning one of our team on to chat, I think within the next week or so, which means it should be somewhere in the next 30 days. Oliver, guys, any feedback? On the chat. Do you want to just kind of unmute say yay or wow or whatever?

If you don't mind, just a quick follow up on that. I just came off an hour and a half webinar with Frank Kern and he's now on GHL and he's doing a great thing. And one of the things he demonstrated was with the automation, but also linking with Facebook Messenger ads and Facebook Messenger itself and how you can get leads into the system. And I just thought, would this link into the ads on Facebook Messenger or ordinary ads? I think it should do if it links into Facebook, shouldn't it?

Yeah. Links into Facebook. So great question. Oliver. Yeah. Amazing to have Frank now coming on board and Billy Jean as well. Coming into GHL, like, just gives so much credibility. So the answer is yes. In GHL, of course, you can run a Facebook ad. They come in via a lead ad, they come into your automations in GHL and obviously that sequence can kick in from there. And yes, this can work in the exact same way. So you might have the qualifying bot on your page and at some point get them to opt in with messenger or opt in like that, and they put them into the GHL automations. So the answer is yes. Olive the direct integration from lead ads in Facebook into GHL is going to be a smoother experience on the Facebook platform itself because they're actually going from Facebook directly into your GHL automation. So that's just wicked cool. This one is like, we bring them to a page, you're answering on messenger, so it's like they're on the web page live, chatting on your chat widget that's in the corner of your window and you're answering on messenger. But, yeah, if you want them to at some point you want them to take this action, click here or type the word yes.

And so they type the word yes and that will trigger your automation on Facebook Messenger inside of GHL if you wanted to.

Great, thanks.

Okay, cool. Olive again, Laura, longtime customer and friend. I love having you with this as part of this group. So so cool. All right, guys, so that is our chat module coming out very soon and we've got a jobs programme coming and there's so much cool stuff. Okay, cool.

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