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Two fold. I want to get both folds. Go for it.

I'll be using the snapshot for myself, obviously, for one of my accounts. And I'm thinking, I see that you guys have the two funnels. One is like opt in form. The second is to book a call on the calendar. But I'm thinking if I'm selling something super low ticket, maybe I'll just send them straight to a sales page. But at any rate, regardless of how I enrol them, I was talking to my team about those support docs today and they were like, oh, we're going to put them inside of a course hub on Go high level for you. They already did that inside of my sub account, but I'm thinking of selling to this person. I'm not going to be selling to them from my sub account with this software. Wouldn't I be selling to them from my main agency account? Or again, I could be overthinking this process.

Okay, let's define what we're trying to achieve. So what we're trying to achieve, obviously, is a growing database and we're also trying to achieve sales, right? Yeah. Let me just again be clear. You have a sub account with somebody else's agencybud?

Yeah, well, I'm saying I have a sub account for this software for myself that I'm using for my own business.

Cool. Awesome. That's where you're going to be building your leads, right?

Yes. For the cold outreach.

Yeah. Perfect. And in terms of the sales of the low ticket one, you were worried that you were putting the leads in somebody else's database?

No, I was just saying these leads are going to come in here into this database, but when you actually buy from me, like if they buy your software from me, at some point you have those support docs with videos on it. So what we did was we put those videos inside of a membership on Go highlight, but they put it inside of a membership on this account that I'm going to be running with my cold leads. I feel like that does not go there.

Okay, so you're thinking that it's potentially better if they had that somewhere else. Yeah, you might be right, star so wherever the sale transaction, whichever subaccount the sale transaction is going into would be the right place to put the training membership because that's where the people are going to be signing up. That's where they'll be getting access to that membership. So, yeah, wherever the sale happens, that's where you want to have the membership. Now that may be a split. You may have a JV arrangement there or wherever the money is going. Whichever sub account is actually the one that has the sale attached to it, that's where the membership area should be.

Do you recommend that I have my sales from my main account or following this funnel here, like those links, instead of booking a call or sending them to a calendar? If it's low ticket. I'm thinking, why not just send them to a checkout link?

Hell yeah. Absolutely. So my only suggestion there after doing online marketing for more than 15 years is going to be, why not do both? So one of the things, as you know, or as we all know about GHL is they've got some incredible templates there where you can create a sales funnel, low ticket funnel, and it just literally fill in the blanks, create your own site, unlimited funnels, that kind of stuff. So, yeah, if you're selling, if you're selling a low ticket offer, $27 offer, taking people through an opt in funnel, like opt in to get more info, the only reason you're going to do that is to build your database first. And as a marketer, like, I would hand on heart say that the value of that database will long outstrip the effort it takes. I don't know. I've got 50,000 people in my database, and if we ever run a promotion like a JV deal with somebody else, we can count on that database to bring us thousands of dollars worth of sales. So the value of the list is insane. But I also get the point of, hey, it's low ticket. Do we really need to get an email address and opt in and all that kind of stuff.

The cool thing with GHL, and one of the things that I'd maybe suggest putting into play is that you can do both and build the database at the same time. So, for example, if you wanted to sell it for $27, like as a marketer, what I would do, I would put a chat widget on the bottom of that page, and I would literally go something like $97. Get a $70 coupon when you text the word yes or something like that, fill this, like the little chat widget that pops up so that you're selling it for 27 anyway, but they get a different link to buy it at the $27 price. That way you're actually capturing that data or put it behind some sort of opt in. So I guess which way am I going? The obvious thing is get the sale, right? Get the $27 sale. But at the same time, we don't want to miss out on building that database because the value of that is super, super huge. So why not do both? Which one would I do if my money was depending on it? You know what I would do? What I just said, I would actually put a method of capturing the data before I took them to the sale.

So I would go the opt in route. I'd go get a bonus, whatever. When you purchase this, register now for your free gift kind of thing. So they register, you get the details, and then the next page is the sale. Again. I think not everyone is going to buy today, but everybody's going to buy at some point if you've got the database, it's worth more than the sale.

I see. So basically, if I follow this strategy with the opt in or book a call, you guys are recommending that we probably book a call, pitch them on something, and at that point, when I sell to them, I would sell or invoice them from my main account.

Yeah, so invoice them from the main account. But let me just qualify my comments there about the book a call. Book a call for a low ticket funnel. No, the time that you'll spend is not worth the return unless you've got a really well stacked funnel in the back. Like unless you're taking them through to High Ticket in the back. Sorry, this is just my personal preference. You can't book your calendar for a $27 sale. Right. So the opt in style, I would suggest, at the low ticket level is opt in with email address coupon, that kind of stuff. Hang on. Sorry, Francisco. Just meeting a Devon. So, yeah, don't use a calendar. Booking at low ticket is the end of that. Use just a simple opt in, email address, phone number, that kind of stuff.

Okay. And then the last question to that. Thank you. This has been so helpful. What types of things do you guys recommend for the opt in? Because what I am thinking is I can do the opt in page, and then I can have a tripwire page following up with that. So what is the popular opt in? I mean, of course I'm in the coaching space, but I guess I'm trying to figure out what to give away here.

That would be it's really great question. It's so interesting. That question is so important, and the answer is going to be different in every niche. But there's one thing I can tell you. Every single niche has a pain that they all experience. And I'm going to take this way outside the box. I'm not into fishing, so I know nothing about what I'm going to talk about. Right. But if I was creating a fishing funnel, there is a pain that every fisher person experiences. Now, I don't know what that is. It might be I don't know what bait to choose. The rods are different. How do I know when the waves? I don't know all the stuff that fishermen or fisher people need, right? I don't know. But they know. They know what their pain is. So to answer that question in the best possible way that I can star, I would say go to a couple of groups where those kinds of people congregate, right. And scan for questions that get commonly asked. Okay, so just scan like you'll pick it up in a day or two. There'll be a thread of questions that pop up all the time.

And if you can, you can highlight that. If you can answer that question, the one that kind of popped up in this group and it popped up in that group and then three days later it was here. It's the same question that will get asked in those groups over and over and over again. And if you can pick up on that, that's your giveaway, right? Solve that issue. And again, let's say that in business coaching, the issue is get more clients, right? That is, that is like every consultant's issue, everybody in the world's issue. How do I get more people in the, in the funnel? So if your, if your giveaway was something along the lines of the fail safe three step method to fill your business coaching funnel without spending hours on social media or something like that, then you're going to have the best result. Like, if you know what the pain is, then you can answer it. And then, so then the question is, what do I give away and how oh God, it's going to take me so long to create a twelve page document that I can put into a PDF.

Again, my personal thought on that is if you know that space, right? So if you know, for example, I know digital marketing, I know product creation, all that kind of stuff. For me, I can turn the camera on, hold the phone up, and just like talk for two to three minutes on two to three subjects and put them all on a page. And that's my giveaway, right?

I have a PDF with like action steps they can take to help them get clients. But I also have a three day video training and this opt in page that you guys have built as a template, is there any type of psychology behind the layout or do I just or should I just copy my opt in page? Because I have opt in pages for these already and just bring it on over.

Just bring it on over. So the pages that we've got here so don't forget I don't know if I'm not screen sharing, let me make sure that I am. The templates that we included in this customer snapshot, the one that you can install for people that buy the system off. You really are just vanilla templates, right? They are. So that when you install this on your client site, you can say, hey, here's an opt in page. And they go, oh, wow, that's amazing. Thank you so much. But is it the greatest opt in page that you've ever seen? No, it is literally just a template so that when your clients see that, they go, okay, cool. So I can put a form here, I can put my logo here. Okay, cool. I can make this my own. This is you giving them something of value. So you said you've already got an opt in page, which is awesome. I've done this search so many times in my life, opt in page examples, and I literally just go to the images search and I start to look at the layout, and I pick one that I like that looks interesting.

So I pick one that I like, and I go, okay, cool. Yeah, that's the kind of layout that I want. And Chris will laugh at this because he knows that my design skills are about a .1 out of ten. I'll give this to my team and say, hey, guys, can you build me a page that looks like this so that I can get on and do what I do? But yeah, opt in page examples, you can find some amazing looking examples. You can model what's there. But again, if you've got one that's working, star, I would say categorically, bring it over. The templates that are there are really, I guess, a value stack for your clients to be able to give them something and so that they can make it their own. But if you've got one that you've got designed, bring it on over.

Okay, thanks. And the million dollar snapshot goes into my main agency account. I know you answered that by email, but but I see something putting it in an empty sub account. I don't know if they felt, like, overwhelmed, so I want to just make sure that I'm on the right path with that. And that's it. Thank you.

Yeah, no problems. No problems at all. And guys, this is what this open Q and A is for, right? So to ask these questions. So, yeah, the simple answer to that star is this million dollar snapshot is designed for you as a white label suite owner to install in your main account to bring leads to your main account that you're then going to follow up and sell. Right. So this million dollar funnel is designed with the follow up emails. This is designed for you as an agency owner to promote your lead software, your GHL, your software that you're selling your agency. So, yes, this snapshot goes into your main account and is for generating leads for yourself.

Thanks you so much.

You are welcome. Style. Congrats on your success. Amazing you're having with us in the group. So so cool. All right, guys.

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