How do we convey success when we're brand new

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So Andrew's question is, how do we convey success in an email follow up series where maybe we're only just getting started, or maybe we're just only brand new to what we're doing? So I always use one of two methods. If I haven't got the, let me say the experience to talk from experience, then I use one of two methods and I use either borrowed experience or implied experience. And again, this is from sales training, right? So what do I mean by borrowed experience? If you haven't been in business for a long time, you can still talk about other people that have had amazing successes who have borrowed experience. For example, if I was booking Bot, creating a social media strategy. Now, social media is not something that I've spent a lot of time doing, but if I wanted to talk about success in social media, I would reference Gary Vanichuk, right? So as I'm talking, I would say something like, as Gary Vanichuk says, if you're posting on LinkedIn, you need to be posting 36 times a day. So it's not me with that experience, but I am an avid learner, I read a lot, I listen to a lot, and so I can borrow experience from people that have come into my life, whether I know them or not.

And I encourage you to kind of make a study of people that have done what you do or want to do before you for that exact reason. I've never stood on stage in front of 10,000 people, but I can borrow the experience of that by talking about other people that have been on stage in front of 10,000 people and talking about the feelings and how they prepared for the talk and all that kind of stuff by saying when Robert Kiyosaki was getting ready for his talk, he was shuffling his note cards and going back and forth just to get his mind in order. Now it's borrowed authority. So the other type of authority that you can use if you haven't got a lot of experience is what we call implied authority. When we do our workshops for our new Comet clients, we're talking to them about hopefully that construction noise drops off in the background there. But anyway, we talk to them a lot about creating offers. And again, if you guys want a copy of one of the workshops that we've run for clients for setup, happy to drop that in as well. We talk to them about creating offers.

So if you're doing a cold email sequence, you've got leads in your system. How do I do when I approach? How am I going to prospect them? We get them to create an offer. And creating an offer is not just, hey, we're a great landscaping company and we'd love to do your garden, and here's our phone number. That's not creating an offer. Creating an offer. The example I always use, if you're standing outside of a restaurant. Sorry, you're standing there with a friend and you've got two restaurants, and one restaurant says, we're open, and the other restaurant has a chalkboard that says, free glass of wine with your main meal. Like, I'm going for those guys, right? Even if the other restaurant suddenly popped out and said, oh, we'll give you a glass of wine too, you're too late. I've already made my decision because somebody's made me an offer. I'm going down that path. So we talk to our clients about making an offer, and for a lot of people who are just getting started, they ask that same question. Andrew, how can I convey success in this principle when I really have only just put this training course together?

And I talk about implied success. When they're creating their offer, I talk about implied success. And it goes like this. Imagine when you are able to put this system into place and get these results. Okay? So it's not absolute transparency. Every time we're doing sales, there's nothing that will bite you quicker than making something up by being fraudulent. Right? So absolute transparency. So if you haven't done it, then you need to put people into the scenario of the imaginative. Mr. Klein, imagine if and let me pull on our masterclass guy from last weekend, right? Joseph. Now, Joseph's got 15 years of SEO experience, but imagine if it was day one for him and he was able to say to a client, imagine if every time somebody Googled your name, you were at the top of the rankings and you were getting 1000 native visitors a day, right? I haven't done it yet, but I can still imply that success by putting that forward. So, Andrew, specifically on the million dollar snapshot funnel, what's important is that we look at the structure of how it's written. So, again, coming to that actual funnel itself and again, guys, when we put the white label suite together, we're two weeks into this.

So we literally just took everything and dumped it out. We will redo the million dollar snapshot and create it to be a less comedy branded one. But for now, let me just jump in. So this is our million dollar actually.

I just need to go to the.

Funnel sorry, the folder. Otherwise I will not know where to go. Million dollar automation series.

That one.

Okay. And it is the thank you for Nurturing campaign. And boom. Where we go. So this is, I think it's 20 emails in a follow up sequence, and people are responding all the way through, but looking at the structure. Andrew, so your access is here. And away we go. Please find your access video here. That's our 92nd. Visit video. Now meet Walt, my business partner and co presenter. Right, that screenshot, if anybody zooms in on it, is where we did a promotion and did four and a half million dollars in sales. So it's not a bad screenshot to have in the background. I don't know why Johann took that photo at that exact time, but it worked for this particular email series. So when we look at him and say, okay, well, I don't have a business partner named Walt, and I don't have a screenshot with four and a half million dollars in sales, I can put together a video. But what's the structure of this? It's simply just a thank you and an introduction. All right, so put that framework into your own thoughts. The thank you and the introduction. This email, this next email is the one that people referenced in this entire series above all others.

It's the rum story and the subject line. Grab a drink, let's chat. Rum and business do mix. Okay? This subject line gets us more comments than anything else I've ever seen, which is amazing. Now, again, this is what happened when Chris and Johann first caught up with me and we talked about creating comment, right? So the fact that this is about alcohol and has a picture of rum glasses with ice cubes is irrelevant. What it is is a real natural story of exactly how this came to be. So, again, it's not about the words itself, it's about what it is. This is what happened when we got together and how we came to put this together.


So this is the origin story. The next one. Please watch video ASAP. This one's nice and easy. It's just simply, this is what we do. This is who we are. This is why you should watch. And there's that line. This is the one that turned our company really around. How would you like to generate 1000 qualified prospects in ten minutes for $300?


That's the video. Okay, so then each one of these is based around a framework. And I always say there's nothing new, right? Everything's been done before. This framework has actually been put together by lots and lots of amazing people over time. Like, these origin story emails are part of Frank Kern's playbook, right? But my origin story is not yours. I don't have the same origin as Joe or Francisco or Roger or Andrew. I don't have the same origin story. I've got my origin story. So you can go through and Andrew, in terms of the success, like, for example, Chris, he is the lead generation mastermind. This two minute video that we've got of Chris creating thousands and thousands and thousands of leads is not something that you can reference as having done yourself unless you've done it. But what you can do is you can borrow authority. So you can say, I met Chris, or I've connected with this guy on Facebook named Chris, and Chris was able you can borrow that authority from literally anyone. Okay, again, I'm trying to think of good, I guess, examples of people that are well known. If I wanted to talk about being a great European football player, I might talk about how Ronaldo strikes the ball if I was to talk about being a great quarterback in the NFL, I might talk about Troy Ackman.


And I would say when Troy Ackman throws, the way he winds it back, you can borrow that authority even if you haven't been in that space before yourself. Always be transparent, as I said. Always be genuine. But you don't have to have been a solo, round the world sailor to talk about the experience of somebody who's done it.


So does that help, Andrew?

Yes, certainly it does. I feel like you guys have a much sexier origin story than I do.

I watched a webinar, I signed up.

And here I am.

That's not your origin story, brother. That's really not. It's really not. And that's not what this is about either. This origin story goes back 13 years, right? A long way before we ever got involved in GHL. Your origin story is not that you watched the webinar and signed up. Your origin story is I don't know where you've come from, but I've done a lot of podcast interviews, so let me just start with this. What did you study in college?


You study film, dude, amazing start to your origin story.


So you can actually start seriously, you can talk about your origin story. I started studying film because of these reasons and these reasons. And these reasons. I found myself in an agency bud position because of that.


Again, Kristen Johann and I were talking last night. Our origin story has so many tiny threads of both fortunate and unfortunate events.


Like, one of the unfortunate events in my life where a girl that I broke up with sent me international and but if it wasn't for that girl breaking up with me at that time and me taking that flight, I wouldn't have met that guy who put me in that position, who got me here and that guy. It's incredible to see the threads of our life come together like that, right?


So your origin story started a long time before you saw that webinar. And your origin story, for the reason that you're talking to that client, goes back a long way. You can be sitting in front of that client and genuinely talk about the fact that the reason you're sitting here is because a whole sequence of events has brought me to the realisation that I'm here talking to you for the purpose of growing your business or whatever it might be. Yeah.

Awesome. Love it.

So, yeah, going through the structure of this sequence, the words are not important. The reason why the email exists is important. So we are talking about origin stories. We're talking about creating a dream client.


So what is a dream client? We're talking about revealing the whole system. We've got case studies that are there. We give away a training programme as well. You know, just looking at the structure of the email will help you kind of put that together for yourself as well.

Andrew, hey, real quick, can I ask a real quick follow up? I know I would take up too much of everyone else's time. The 92nd video that you send in your first email, is that the 92nd video that's on the homepage of Comet? Yes.

Okay, cool. Guys, let me stop sharing. Go face to face here for a second with the resources that we've given you. There's the white labelled presentation video in the back that we don't talk about GHL, we literally only talk about leads. It's six minutes long. Rebuilding this million dollar funnel with your own voice. This is what I would do. I would literally go to a city street or somewhere where there's movement behind me and I'd turn my phone on and I would literally just look up at the phone as I'm walking and I would say, you know what? I didn't think it was possible to be able to find 1000 targeted leads in under 30 seconds. And being able to do that for businesses on repeat, on demand, every single time. If you want to find out how we do that, pop your name and email below. There's a six minute video that you're going to be able to watch that will show you exactly how we can do this for you. Hope to see you on the other side. Cheers.

Click right.

So there's a six minute video that you're about to watch that would be the one that I would use from the white label suite tools, all right. That's in your members area, so your funnel can just be you on a camera. Don't don't be worried about that. Like, literally just turn it on and walk and then talk about the six minute video. Get them to watch the six minute video and book them straight into an appointment after that. That's, again, tools that you have in place there. Andrew helpful.

Very helpful. Thank you for your time.

I appreciate it, man. Hey, guys, let me just put my philosopher's hat on for a second. Andrew, thank you for your time. That's a really nice comment, man. And I want to respond in kind and just say thank you for being on the call. We genuinely, Chris Johan and myself, we are loving the fact that we get to be in your inbox, in your feed, in your business and be helpful. This is something for us that's a dream come true. So I appreciate it, man. I want to, again, respond in kind and guys, this time is yours. If you want access to this amazing group and community of people, be accessible and be active and jump in, because we're all here for you.

It does make us feel incredible when we see the community helping each other, right? All in the same boat, like, everyone's just here. Like I said, we're another GHL agency having fun time, trying to sell licences, trying to get businesses, selling licences businesses. We've had some success. We've found them with Practicode and, hey, why not? This is where it all came up with, where it all kind of stemmed from.

It was amazing when Matt Foley, who came to us and said so he saw our Leads presentation, this is the most amazing thing ever. And he's like, can you white label it? And we all went, no, we're not doing that. And then we just went, Hang on, are we doing that? It was like the whole thing just turned around.

It was kind of like a conversation like that. How many businesses are we're in Australia, right? And I know Andrew, you're in Perth, so it must be early to you, by the way, right? But just like, plenty of efficient to see, like, there's no way everyone can possibly get the crossover is going to be minimal. If it ever does happen.

You've heard me say my abundance thing, right? So the very first sales training that I ever went to, the guy was talking about, you're in a room full of sharks, you're in a room full of competitors. And I was like, okay, all right, cool. And he's going, that's bullshit. And I was going what? You're rocking my world right now. And he's like, if you think that this is a scarce universe, you're completely wrong. And then he gave the sentence that really changed everything for me. He said, if we all walked outside right now and stood on the corner of a busy motorway, like, stood on the edge of a busy motorway, if you had the opportunity to get business from every car that passed you by, he said, in ten minutes, you'd have more than enough business for ten lifetimes. And he said, Chris, was the phrase that vega me. There's more than enough business for all of us to have more than enough business, right? And Johann constantly says, in Australia, there's 2300 digital agencies serving 3 million businesses. It's not enough. So when Maddie said, do you guys want to white label this?

Our first reaction was, Nah, no, we don't want to. Like, this is our edge. This is what's giving us the ability to make sales. And then we went, Hang on, there's more than enough business for everybody. I have more than we got together anyway. White label suite was born. So cool. Let me let me click on stop on this little section, because now we're getting into philosophy.

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