How do we stay compliant with the leads program in White Label Suite

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And see the legalities behind that. So I just wanted to ask you.

About that is such a great question. And it doesn't matter that the client has massive clients or if they're just like a literal mom and dad bakery down the road. It's important to be compliant.


So one of the things that we need to let you guys know is that it is absolutely crucial that you follow the law in every territory, country, state, wherever you live it. Right? Example in Australia sorry, in Australia, Canada, and California are the three locations in the world where cold email is. In Australia, you can get by it with business case, but in California and Canada, it is absolutely forbidden. So when we're talking to a Californian or a Canadian business, we put one extra step in that opportunity board. So we're bringing in the leads. The extra step then is we just call it permission. And so we put the leads into the permission step.


And then, unfortunately, it's a phone call. You cannot email someone and ask them for permission to send an email because you're doing the wrong thing already. So what you need to do, unfortunately, and we teach people how to do this, is get a VA to call up and say, hi, I just wanted to send Terry an email. Is that okay? I've got this email address. Okay, thanks very much. And then move them from the permission column to the active column, and now the email sends out. Right. It sucks. But you do need to stay compliant. And if you stay compliant, you're doing the right thing by your client. So what about the legality of these leads and the legality of actually emailing somebody from here if you don't live in Canada? California, where? So, first thing first. There is nothing that the lead system does that is black hat in any way. There's nothing that is broken into databases. There's nothing that's going through people's garbage and opening their bank statements. Every single record that the lead system generates is publicly available, right? The thing about software is we can do it right now. We can go to Google and let's do this together.

We can go to Google and get all of those results.


So let me grab hang on. Where's my chrome thing?


All right, I can go to Google and do the same search, and I get asked this in demos, right? So I go to Google and I go I don't know. Bakery in Seattle. I can do that same search, and I can get bakeries in Seattle, and I can do the map Spit, and I can get all the business records and like, okay, cool. So here are the bakeries in Seattle, and I've got their name, so addresses and phone numbers. And that's the same sort of thing that we're getting from that lead system, right? But here's the thing. I got to go to each one. I got to come over here, I got to get the address that's connected here. I've got to get their inquiry address. It's going to take me 30 minutes to get 100 results, probably, all right? But it's publicly available and there's a really important concept there, which is about the legality of them reaching out to that person. And there was a precedent set, I can't remember the exact case, but there was a precedent set that said simply, if you put your email address.


A website, you can't then persecute someone for emailing you, right? Too many things open. So the fact is that every single record that the leads programme finds is compliant, because we use the APIs provided by Google, provided by LinkedIn, provided by these guys, right. So the other part of that is every single record is publicly available, which means I could sit there with a pen and paper, go to that site and write it physically down, go across to my email programme, type it out and send that guy an email. It's just that the software automates that process. So there's nothing then that is black hat, grey hat, any side of that line that makes that questionable. But I do come back to my original statement. You need to be compliant for the state and territory that you work in according to the spam compliance laws. When I get asked often, is about GDPR, anybody come across that term? GDPR? Yeah.

Same with that. Same last company. That's actually what triggered that thought.

Cool. So GDPR has a really the history of GDPR. GDPR was never put in place to stop businesses doing business. GDPR was put in place to stop individuals getting spammed.


It then became illegal to send to an individual without their consent. But there is a clause in the GDPR legal side of things that says if you are reaching out to a business from a business with a legitimate business reason for doing so, you're absolutely fine.


GDPR was built to protect the individual, but it specifically says if you have a business case reason for sending this email, you are allowed to send that email. So that is the one to stand on when you're talking from a GDPR perspective, business to business. And there are spam compliant things that you need to do every single time, and there are five of them in the US, and it pretty much covers the rest of the world as well. You need to you need to have an address on that email. You need to have an opt out link. You need to be what's the wording is, something like you need to be transparent in who you are and what you're saying. So don't email saying, hey, you've won the lottery. If the next part of the email says, sign up for our free trial on GHL. No, you need to be transparent. And the last one is the last one is you must honour all opt out requests. So if your opt out method is, hey, just reply and we'll opt you out, and they reply and you don't opt them out, then you're not compliant.

So those five things will cover you for most of the things, but please make sure you're compliant. It's worth checking. It's actually worth checking because you can use it as a sales tool. Mr. Client, I've done my research. This is what we have. This is where we're at. It's all on our side. It's in our terms and conditions. And this is how you're protected. We're protected, and everybody's making sure that's right. So we don't sell the leads programme as a spamming tool. We sell it as a business connections legitimate reach out tool, which is, again, why we don't do a D Seven database for 140,000 records. We go it's 1000 leads a month, 50 emails a day. That is a business transaction creation of a relationship that's not about spamming the crap out of 147,000 people that want to get does that help Francisco?

Is that solid? Solid more than what I needed. And it was just that. And I'm so glad that you brought up GDPR, because that was like when I was working there, I'm talking about maybe like four years ago. That's when it really started to affect our business because we have European clients. So, yeah, I think I'm good with that. I did hop onto the call a little bit later than when we started. I wanted to ask you because I kind of heard you all mentioning about you helping with the presentation, because I feel like with that client, I would really love, and the fact that we have oh, I say we, but that company has a lot of folks in that Southeastern Hemisphere. We are so used to doing that. I'm in Florida right now, so my work starts at 11:00 p.m.. And then you have to hop on morning calls. I got five, so I'm used to that. But what is that like?

I heard you can't unfortunately, there's just not enough hours in the day for everybody to say, hey, I've got a client meeting on Thursday. Can you jump on and help me?

No, we can't.

What we can do and this is an offer that we've made in the group. And I think if I'm looking I've done this for Joe. I've done this for Joe. Who else have we got on the call that I've done this for? Where we actually will do the demo for you, but we'll do it as a generic demo. When I say generic demo, you add me as an admin user to your demo account in GHL. So let me drop my email address in here. So this is So you add me as an admin user. It has to be admin so I can get your API key right? So you add me as your demo account whichever account you use to demo, add me as a staff member. So go into settings. Team Admin, right? Add me as an admin user and then make sure you've got the leads in your menu. So follow the instructions, make sure you've got leads in there. Patrick SaaS, the demo video is great. Hey, thanks, man, I appreciate it. And Patrick, can you just tell everybody, did I talk you up? Did I make you look good?

Yeah, that was perfect. You did make everybody look good. Very good. It was a great video, very energetic, very good pitch.

Thank you, sir. I will do the demo for you in your GHL brand so you will have your dashboard. I will use your company name. I will say what I actually say on the demo is, hey, my name is Walt. I'm part of the behind the scenes team here at Francisco's company. I know that I couldn't be with you on the call today. I'm so sorry about that. But I know Francisco and the team are going to set this up for you. They're going to run through this with you. Francisco is amazing. Francisco, I'm going to talk you up and then I'm going to do the best demo that I've ever done, and I'm going to you in your branding and your thing, and then you can use that in every single interaction that you have. So, guys, we were talking on the car ride in here and of course we got stuck in traffic, so we had a bit more time. We were talking about a Facebook Messenger sequence that Johan is using to close deals every single day, where he is literally just sending them the 92nd video. Then he's sending them like, the six minute version we obviously did in our comment dashboard as well.

And then we're saying, if you'd like to know more, like, either book in or let us know. And he's actually having people say, yeah, cool, I'm in. Just sign me up. We are finding that the ability to generate leads for people is what every agency is employed for. Whether we're doing it with SEO, whether we're doing it with Google AdWords, whether we're doing it with video marketing, whether we're doing it with Facebook ads. The client doesn't care. They just want appointments, they just want leads. That's what agencies get employed for. And so we found being able to present a system that gives them leads in an automated way that shows them results, then we can literally close that deal without needing the fanfare. So the lead system is, again, just purely from our side of things, the best way that we found to be able to get a deal, close a deal every single time. I'll happily do that demo for you. Just follow the instructions of the group. Let me just finish this off. Follow the instructions of the group. So the instructions are simple. Admin is an admin user.

All right.

I will get that email from GHL that says, hey, you've been added to such and such. Here's your username and password, which is cool. But what I want you to also do is then go to our support desk, which Comet Suite, and just drop in a ticket. The reason I need that is because we're working through them one at a time and finding them in an email inbox is hard. But more than that, I need to know who you are. So sometimes you've been added to XYZ Marketing's GHL account. And I'm like, cool.


And I'm trying to find who the hell owns XYZ Marketing, but the company name doesn't line up with the email address. And so I get on the demo and I'm happy to do it. I'm happy to do the demo that goes, hey, I'm here working with XYZ Marketing and we're all good. But I would really love to say your name. So if you tell me who you are, it lets me say, hey, I'm here working with Andrew, Roger, Dave, and the team at XYZ Marketing and it makes them go cool. It's just nicer. So create me as an admin user, drop in a support ticket, and there's about a five to seven day wait time at the moment, and I will do a demo for you.

Walt. This is Frederick. How are you doing? Is it possible for you to put the support link in the chat? Because I think I did the first two things, I just didn't do the content because I've seen your what you're doing with the others, and it's awesome. It's awesome.

Thank you. Actually, Frederick, I think I've done. What's your company name?

Lead Blitz Real Estate Marketing.

Lead Blitz. No, I haven't done yours yet. So drop it in and you will be in the queue there, man. I look forward to it. I have fun with those demos. I enjoy doing them.

It shows you have fun doing it.

I'm glad. It's value that honestly becomes an asset that you can use again and again there. So cool. Hey, guys, let me jump across to questions. I come.

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